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Can we please have a discussion about this?
After years of delays, the main promise made by the devs starts to come live and it drops a 20%?

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It didn't drop 20% because of the merge you retard, look at the rest of the economy. We're in a recession, shits going to go down. Also, shit always sells off after a big event.
Just buy it on sale and wait or stop complaining and go to avax like the rest of the people who hate money

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The Merge is a WEF-sponsored major downgrade to the security and decentralization of the network. And now nobody knows when stakers will be able to unstake...
Thanks for playing.

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This, "merge is finally happening" hype gave people a narrative to buy. Now that narrative is gone, even though the merge was successful. So it's falling back in line with things like BTC that were hit harder by the overall economy sucking.

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>Can we please have a discussion about this?
As if this is the first eth post today..

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uh oh stakingbros...

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Multitude of reasons, but mainly:
>Market is shit
>Overwhelming amount of people see the merge as a speculation opportunity and do not give a fuck about the use
>About 1.2 billion $ was transferred to the exchanges by a couple of companies
>Ovrleveraged futures
>Miners dumping
>Stakers dumping
I may be wrong though

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Stakers can't dump yet, see >>51534354

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>Shanghai fork

Imagine still getting China hustled fucking newfags

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Buy on sale? Loooool I'll buy it after the dump of the unstake. Not touching it again till then

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Who wants Christmas cake after Christmas?

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Yeah, exactly... in the meantime every single wrapped-staked-ETH to ETH pairing will be drained of the latter and stakers will be left holding the wstETH bags. And then, when Vitalik does finally get around to implementing unstaking, there will be mad dash to dump the real ETH too

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i was thinking of buying more crypto in general, what are the negatives of ethereum :-0

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It's because the merge is shit and full of bugs and spaghetti code. Nobody had any use for ETH and even less so after now.
You can't even fucking withdraw staked ETH for god sake.
The future is clear, sell your ETH and leave the staked bagholders with the bill.

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>withdraws have no ETA
>there is no significant urgency to allow users to remove their stake from the network
>we are decentralized and secure
how retarded are you, stop coping, seriously, take a hard look at why you believe what you believe and who swayed your opinions

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We were all looking for something big but got our surprise. I only got fu*king 10 ETHW at the end. We got served like a newfag but will send it to Mexc, lets see if i can play smart this time and get from their 2,000 MX

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Then more pain is coming

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lol this mothafuck neva herd of sell da news

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Not so sure. Stakers will get their ETH back in like 6 months to a year, and they won't get it all at once. I doubt unlocked staked ETH selling pressure will be any worse than miners selling before the merge depending on how staggered out it is. It really depends on the overall market over the next year.

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hmm let’s see

>has shit distribution mechanics now because PoS encourages hoarding
>vulnerable to long range attacks, see “nothing at stake” problem
>vulnerable to majority capture
>possible sec reputations coming that make eth and pos chains securities
>vastly larger and unpredictable attack surface with pos
>70% premine
>centralized validators

awww geez dude!

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except in PoS validation is based on coin ownership, so this actually fuds eth more.

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>Unspecified forced holding period
Holy shit. This is a literal desperate pajeet pumping tactic. Are people still taking ETH seriously?

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Now say it again without crying and in xrp language.

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hmmm, who to believe
official information virtually everywhere or some random wop on discord

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Just sharing the info btw, not arguing anything. Still thinking about it myself. Worth noting Lido isn't really one entity either.

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A lot of miners wrapped up operations and sold last of their holdings simultaneously within the span of a few days.

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Devs are all broke ass niggas, they've got no future pajeet.

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Do you not know about the offchain spending bug that caused it to immediately drop?

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no, qrd

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Why do they count whales as one entity? what a retarded graph

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what part of sell the new don't you retards understand? the markets spent two months pricing in the merge.

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Did Ethereum 2.0 ever happen?

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also note that single entities could spread their stake into multiple validator nodes

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pos is a scam, pow is also a scam but atleast you can claim theres something backing it.

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And you subtract 10% of the whales and you get >57% of eth controlled by 6 entities still? The whales out of the graph does not solve the issue here, you fucking retard.

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initial stake in PoS may be similar to
buying an ASIC in PoW, but mining a
chain has a real cost (electricity) in PoW.
In PoS there's no cost to mining, so
validators have an incentive to stake all
possible forks. There's no way to have
consensus on the correct chain, because
real resources haven't gone into building
one up.

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you seem very emotionally invested in crypto for being a fucking retard that cant do his own reserch.

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>not listed as a member of the ETH org
>not even listed as a contributor to the codebase
who the fuck is that guy?

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What did you retards think would happen? An immediate giga pump because of the emission reduction? It was obviously priced in. Look at gas fees right now. There is no demand for ETH so there is no supply squeeze. The merge will have much higher implications during the next bull cycle, particularly if we get another on-chain explosion like defi. SELL THE NEWS

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No, the merge is never coming. Haven't you followed /biz/ for the last months?

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Gee. It's almost as if PoS is superior to PoW. I mean who wants to cash out their crypto when the shit hits the fan anyway, r-r-rite? Just DCA and HODL LMAO

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Why don't you explain or name what this is at least for fuck sake. Crypto language more like fucking hell. It not cool to be seen in some hive mind you babies.

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Stop insulting AVAX you mongoloid negro

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Cope you fucking faggot. My crypto investments aren’t down like piece of shit Eth is. People are realizing Ethereum is garbage.

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sec controls it now - nodes all in us on amazon and amazon will get fucked
better get your stuff to the internet computer as soon as you can

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Eth had an ico, Eth is a security. The lawsuit for ripple is about to be over. IFYKYK

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Sell da news + this civilization is literally collapsing?

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shanghai upgrade not until 6 more months, kekekek you should have listened faggots

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I don't like ETH going to PoS, that shit is centralized, I sold half my bag for QANX and ALGO already

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The merge didn't cause an increase in value because everyone knew about it. It was already priced in. Either the merge failed and value would plummet or it worked and it wouldn't change.

HOWEVER, people bought ETH before the merge thinking it would go up and they could sell. Lots of idiots were doing this and everyone knew. Everyone also knew they would sell off immediately afterwards. So the price dropped. And on top of that, the US stock market had a terrible day. You can complain about it, or tell me all about how it didn't use to! But it won't change that crypto currently(and for the foreseeable future) follow the US stock market.

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Fuck all fags holding this security. You can all suck my dick. You have talked to much over the years, and it's fine time for this centralized shit coin to get rekt.

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Literally who?

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The SEC is a joke, the missed the boat to regulate crypto like 5 years ago. Now there are hundreds of coins that are technically unregistered securities, but the SEC can't just shut them down and make hundreds of billions of dollars retail and big banks/institutions have invested in them vanish overnight. They've backed themselves in a corner, any regulation would have to grandfather in existing tokens.

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>After years of delays
That's the point. 5 years and it doesn't really accomplish anything practical besides making it more centralized and less secure. Will be another 5 years before they fix gas fees. Ethereum are incompetent, merge is just an excuse to make an exit since whales aren't interested in waiting 5 years for anything significant all over again.

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retard. miners could only sell gains. stakers can sell gains + initial position (the staked position).


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Kek stay salty my guy

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It dumped because you always should sell the speculation, No matter how many "post-realisation" newfag traders claim it's priced in.

Also i like Avalanche regardless of my love to Ethereum, It's a net positive protocol for this space, Next time try to use a genuine vaporware to prove a point

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kys zoomer scum

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Because now JP Morgan is dumping hundreds of millions of staking rewards on you while shorting perps. Thanks for playing. Try the barbecued roaches, a delicacy in Africa.

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Oh and if you touch any other crypto or Uniswap or Pancake Swap or anything else you will face 20 to life for securities fraud for each token. But not JP, not Nasdaq and not Blackrock.

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PoS- favors the whale, makes Validation uneasy for average Joe, it becomes centralized
PoR- Picks Validator randomly and not by stakes, it's Decentralized and Ecofriendly
>Compared the two

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Kuri more retard

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mining is what gave ethereum value.

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everything got fucked up so fast that I'm reconsidering what I do, there are even memecoins like vinu that have a better chance of surviving nowadays

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Why do you think the US government wants jurisdiction over eth 2.0? Taxes for the airdrop lol.

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>people can sell what they're holding
Brilliant deduction anon, that's somehow new to PoS right?

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Not with the rate at which wallet security is becoming standard. There are many ways to secure your assets such as keeping control over everything from a single access point

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Far from it newfag. Too early to judge Ethereum considering the number of quality protocols being built on it and how easy wallet creation experience is becoming, thanks to identity management systems.

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HEX is now Proof of Stake

The first best and most environmental digital certificate of deposit

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Not the language, everything can be quite complex and complicated for some people, especially if you're not tech savvy. More reason why protocols such as ORE making efforts to make it simple for normies are well positioned for a big boost

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Having one secured and universal account to manage multiple identities while trading is a big deal indeed

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nah, they'll just go after the largest ones at the time
ones that have died theyll go after the leadership/preminers privately and ruin them

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the entire purpose of hex is that it's never going to launch, it can't.

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He answered the call.

..will you?

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its not all about price you know…
the entire global market is shit, you can expect ETH to pump like crazy
>what happened
what happened is that it migrated to a much more flexible new beacon chain. what this will do is enable new upgrades that were available for the PoW model
The most important one right now is sharding since it will give L2s a shit ton more throughput
I personally got my bets on MATIC cause they’re the only ones that have a data availability scaling solution and an open source zkEVM

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he's been developing for a while

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because ETH just does not work because nobody wants to utilize it for anything but holding garbage NFTs. ETH didn't work when it was a POS because all the copycats latched onto it and caused major congestion which isn't sustainable and ETH doesn't work now as a PoS because nobody is going to stake this shit a year from now LMAO. 6-12 months from now or whenever vitalik allows the stakers free from bondage, they'll bail the tf out and ETH will dump to fucking $30 like ETC. it's over

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because ETH just does not work because nobody wants to utilize it for anything but holding garbage NFTs. ETH didn't work when it was a PoW because all the copycats latched onto it and caused major congestion which isn't sustainable and ETH doesn't work now as a PoS because nobody is going to stake this shit a year from now LMAO. 6-12 months from now or whenever vitalik allows the stakers free from bondage, they'll bail the tf out and ETH will dump to fucking $30 like ETC. it's over

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The retards blaming the merge and POS are ideological subhumans and have some of the worst arguments I’ve ever seen. The reality is that the merge didn’t change much of anything (though fees have been lower since blocks have been much less random now with POS), and the global economy is still shit so this was a massive sell the news event. And frankly targeting eth specifically for being down makes no sense when EVERYTHING is dumping hard. If theres 1.0% rate hike very likely you see 13k Bitcoin again but the low IQ trash that genuinely believe PoW means a coin is “backed by electricity” will be focusing exclusively on the $700 Ethereum or sucking government cock calling it a security.

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Because we live in a Godless world, it should have went up instead it fucked everything, I legit think non of us are going to make it

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>it should have went up
No it shouldn’t have you retard. The fed CPI numbers showed that inflation was still rising which meant JPow is very likely to raise interest rates more than expected. The merge isn’t a counter to that nor is it anywhere near as significant.

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Also if you didn’t make it with eth already you never will. Shit’s the number 2 coin, time to find a low cap altcoin that can grow like ALBT.

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the only reason to buy ETH was because of the anticipation of it improving and upgrading. Now that the improvement/upgrade has already happened, there's nothing to hold out hope for anymore

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I have 119 ETH and will continue to accumulatemore biweekly until mid 2024. Within a year or two I will either be rich enough to quit slavery or it doesnt work out and I see what else I can do besides killing myself. Think about it, my worst case is living like everyone else (not a good option tho)

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> why do coins dump after a massive build up and sell-the-news event, during a bear market
> I honestly can not comprehend this, can we have an 85-post thread to explain it to me

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Time to move on to other things, or at least broaden your horizon. Multichians have been getting all the attention. Start from there.

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And you'd miss the buy opportunity cos you're not seeing it. Dca always works. Been on Eth and Geeq with that. Fingers crossed.

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Devs do have opportunities these day for instance now they can code smart contracts in any programming languages using the QVM which launched recently.

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Smart I would say. I have been dcaing on a few alts too. Of course ETH, metis, qrdo, TEL, matic and QANX recently.

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You have a point there anon. Blockchain space is evolving. Multi-blockchains seem to be taking the leading. Watching from the sidelines.

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Based. Geeq for staking rewards and blockchain fundamentals. Can't go wrong from here.

>> No.51547451

Dca and staking work well in times like this. I do mine on assets like Imex, Ride, Crt, Evmos, and Near which have shown good prospects for the long run.

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>the quality poster pajeet

>> No.51548146

defi means "decentralized" finance. there wont be any more of that on eth

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>Blockchain space is evolving
The most vital development, I guess, is the enablement of private transactions despite the pseudonymous nature of the blockchain.

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Unless ethereum devs add privacy to the blockchain, everything is gonna be shady like railgun. "Always withdraw to a wallet you've never used before" and shit like that.

Ultimately, a private blockchain is required, and the we are already seeing the prisons fill with criminals who trusted anything besides Monero.

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>Market is shit
Indeed, market is shit and that's probably the primary reason. Ideally, I expected a major boost after Railgun enabled on-chain privacy on the chain. The merge is way more than a speculation; the long-term effects will reflect overtime.

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>everything is gonna be shady like railgun
Shady like railgun? Funny that you refer to a privacy protocol built on Ethereum mainnet with no node, no validator, no multisig or admin key to be shady. I wonder what your definition of trustless and absolute decentralization is.

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Alliance Block is the white man’s coin

>> No.51550143

>ETH drops 25% on "bullish" news
>bitcoin and everything else only drops 10%
Why is ETH so much more affected by macro events like this recession than everything else?

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Monero is outdated and you know it. How can you shield a private balance of ETH without swapping it to XMR. Its token-gated structure is a limit for scaling privacy across multiple chains unlike the 'shady' alternative you're inaccurately referring to which is non token-gated.

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Eth also pumped by 100% when Bitcoin only pumped 25%

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Railgun and Monero are BOTH great you subhuman maxipads. Just remember maxis do not and never will make it

>> No.51550812

ETH lost its monopoly and its first mover advantage. Its one among many for a tech that is likely to be used most for permissioned networks

>> No.51551015

I strongly believe that privacy enabled across multiple chains is key to mainstream adoption of crypto

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vinu is performing quite well and looks like a good memecoin for a short term pump

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Chuck Hoskinson here. Just a friendly reminder to buy into Cardano (ADA) before you get priced out.

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*vishnu, poo in loo.

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Time stamp and i’ll buy

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Can't, I'm driving

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a based fudder

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Surprisingly chad picture of that balding cherub-cheeked butterball

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fuck off, retard

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Thanks, I've been growing my beard out!

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Hope you enjoyed paying for that faggot Shuelers Louis Vitton and Prada buttplugs.