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EU starts hiking rates this week until April 30.
EU will take the fall also for US.
US will not enter recession until midterms to the least.
FOMC tomorrw will raise 75 BPS.

Next FOMC meeting will be just before the midterms end, hard to predict of what will happen because of too many variables converging and some really fucked up things can happen till 2024.

My advice would be: don't be greedy, inflation will go up long term, I won't fuck up selling the bottom or trying to time it, this is a good entry and fuck jannies.


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>the most bearish conditions the world has seen since 2008
>"good entry"

You're a faggot.

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Buy low right?

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You don't have the idea how inflation is going to rise until everything goes belly up for real. Faggot.

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You buy high and sell low yes?

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He's probably a redditor with this s.oy pseudo aggressive behavior, not one of us

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He probably got in stables on sunday

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op double digit iq confirmed

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>good entry
nigger bulltard

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ummm sweaty do you not see all the bobo euphoria? that means we're going to fill the CME gap at 3.5k.

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Stay unironically poor

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CME gap is actually at 3k

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bitcoin trades 24 hours

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Shemitah ends on the 26th
If nothing happens between now and then, I will buy your bags