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bump for fellow sufferers.

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This moment will determine whether or not I continue breathing.

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Better cash out a bit and go to SAE having some fun whilst waiting for another 3 years anon.

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Remember this. One conference, three locations.

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There will be some interesting talks and link will dump. ATH 2024.

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We are literally in the end game
2026 is when you can anticipate SWIFT to actually pilot though.

We went from breadcrumbs and FUD over toilet presentations to DTCC and SWIFT attending fucking smart con

I really, really hope you guys have the balls to hold on. This isn’t even a “moon boy bag”, it’s literally infrastructure these guys want to use badly.

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More talking about how good Chainlink will be if it was running.

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It's the SmartCon. Thanks for you funds.

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Two planes 3 Towers

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don't get your hopes up
it won't pump the price

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I literally don't have a plan B.

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So iso20022 is just a meme? Swift gpi oracle, project ion, fednow, liink all will take another 4 years for go-live?

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R3 what is the other?

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They're attending just talking about the future of markets in general, still nothing about any work they're doing in blockchain or with chainlink. Because frankly there is none.

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If link is your plan A, you don't need a plan B.

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You're in good hands. Although if you care about the short term PA I have bad news for you... Smartcon (aptly named) is going to be another sell the news event like the merge was (and actually it's still on going).

Eth target $600
Link target $2

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this seems based. theres also Converge22 and token2049 happening same days, Cordacon 2022 has 1 day of overlap

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big if true

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Is this why they changed the smartcon date?

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then you are fucked lmao

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emit event markOfTheBeast()

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its all copium anon. 99% none of this projects will ever utilize link. You have to understand these instituions don't want to have anything common with crypto.

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>moderator Sergey Nazarov
Anon I...

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They did not even update the text.
Also it is a presentation interesting maybe it will be something more than just talking.

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Based on what exactly, anon? why not 2045, or next month? Let's hear it.

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Well they don’t call it a suicide stack for nothing. Imagine having been gifted 50k at the top allowing you to buy anything you wanted during the mega dip before the 2nd bull run and making it.

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Ask me how I know you're wrong

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That is not good anon

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Based time-traveller anon here to prevent anyone wasting time watching the conference

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So what? Look who's presenting at XRP conference and we all know xrp is a piece of shit. A lot of high level people from top banks.

Much better lineup than Smartcon.

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>So what? Look who's presenting at XRP conference and we all know xrp is a piece of shit
I just had a look and agree they've got some big names presenting there. Is XRP really a piece of ****? I haven't looked into it much.
Anyway, in Chainlink's defense, I can say that there is at least some sort of relationship between Sergey and SWIFT, beyond just inviting the SWIFT guy to talk at Smartcon every year. I don't know if Ripple's relationship with their speakers' organizations is the same.

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So far nothing official besides the PoC from 2017.
What I do not like is the neverending teasing withouth showing hard facts about a collaboration or project.

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>What I do not like is the neverending teasing withouth showing hard facts about a collaboration or project.
These things take time. We're talking about a paradigm shift in the way society runs. Blockchain technology was a meme until oracles became a thing, which was ~5 years ago now. Once it started to have more practical applications is when traditional institutions started seriously looking at it. Chainlink has been laying the groundwork, but there's still not enough for tradfi to get onboarded yet. Once we have CCIP+DECO+FSS, it should be another 1 year for the tech to get consolidated in the tech world (ie. innovators will make novel applications using it) and THEN we're going to see mass-onboarding of traditional and legacy institutions.

I follow a lot of medical/drug research and this kind of timeline+delays is normal. When you first hear about a new treatment, it takes ~2 years from discovery phase (academic research findings) to a commercial company even progressing the knowledge to some novel application and making clinical trials, and then it takes like 4-5 years for clinical trials, and then another year or 2 to go to market. So 10 years overall, from academic discovery to making a practical application and going to market. So I expect some kind of similar thing for Chainlink (but shorter, since they don't have to do clinical trials haha), starting from 2017.

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LMAO. Now Link is a biotech stock. Pretty much all of them fail which shouldve been your last sentence. Its over

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Good perspective.
>I follow a lot of medical/drug research
That's neat do you invest using your knowledge I assume? Can a non-science person get into this field, identifying opportunities before the market?
Can you give a hint what you like so I can reverse engineer your approach (or try to).

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There are more banks under SWIFT than wallets with over 1k LINK.

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>So far nothing official besides the PoC from 2017
Kek you know that isn't true

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What's true then? Show us proof anon of anything more anon.

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My future depends on this.

I'm going to hell for my degeneracy.

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hold for another 35 years anon.

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God's blessing is on those brave enough to do this kind of shit anon

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because you were going to kill yourself anyway

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Less than two weeks…good God I’m so excited

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Forgive my ignorance but isn't medical/drug research famously difficult to bring things to market for human consumption as any fuck up could kill or disable someone?

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should i hodl or sell

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If you need to ask then maybe you should sell

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Do the thing you left off your multiple choice

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Hard pill to swallow. Probably all of this wasn't worth it after all. It's not too late to change course and recreate ourselves. That would give some meaning to this. Making it money wise will never bring any meaning to anyone of us. Thanks for the reminder anon. It's been a rollercoaster with all the ups and downs, but in the end it's just that, a meaningless ride. If there's something to it maybe we had to go through this to peel one more layer off the illusion. Friends, it's time to let go. Don't fucking sell your link of course, but forget about it, there's nothing here other than money for you. Let's go anon...

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It honestly feels like there's about 5 linkies left on this board now.

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you future depended on you selling chainlinks permanent all time high in 2020.
if you couldn't handle it, feminine minds should stay out of finance.

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Our time is coming

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That's fucking crazy bro. You just blew my mindpenis with raw hard facts.

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