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I always expected that american McDonald's was the best one.
> https://twitter.com/lilgnar/status/1571547429555605504

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mc donalds chicken wings fucking suck

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Nah American McDonald is pure poison for the goyim.

Atleast here in Europe they have the decency to use local meat, here in Italy McDonald isn’t bad at all desu

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mcd prosperity burger from sea region is the best

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>I always expected that american McDonald's was the best one.
Every country's McDonalds is carefully tailored specifically to the tastes of the people of that country. Look at Japs McD for instance.

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american mcdonald is filled with chemicals that makes people die, in europe it's regulated and safe

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Kek, Amerifats are probably seething uncontrollably.

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Australian here. Ive tried mcdonalds in most of the countries ive visited. american mcd's is uniquely shitty. It compares unfavorably to some 3rd world mcd's.
I wish I knew why. My best guess is that corporations in the states try to create preferences in the populace rather than cater to them (and of course they want to create the preference for poisonous cheap slop) and/or other countries having stricter food production laws
McDonalds tailored to american tastes would look more like diner food with a bunch of different regional specials depending on where the store was located.

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The only time I see an American stop talking is when they're stuffing goyslop down their throats

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mcdonalds is so fucking disgusting I can't imagine overseas mcdonalds are much better, wouldn't eat it either way

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Food prepared by black people is objectively worse in every regard. Show 'em the foot lettuce pictures, Lenny.

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lol why would you think that? American fast food is unregulated chemical cocktail.

EU has better food across the board because it's actually regulated to be REAL food

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They use meat from Fiorucci if I’m not wrong? Pretty decent quality meat too.

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obvious stealth marketing. OP is either a bot or complete retard

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Yeah its a mystery why the US sucks.

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American McDonalds is literally the worst one.
America has the worst food and safety laws of all developed countries.
You're just eating chlorinated chicken slurries with high fructose corn syrup.
American bread doesn't taste like bread - bread's not supposed to literally dissolve entirely in your mouth.
Meat doesn't taste like meat - tastes like soft plastic with flavor enhancers.
Lettuce/Tomato - literally has no taste.

Compared to Europe which has probably the world's best bread tradition, best food and safety laws, food that is locally sourced, sensible agricultural practices that value taste, tradition and health over exploiting every penny you can.

Any European McDonalds is probably gonna taste better than the best burger you can find in all of America.

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Have you been to any McDonalds where guys bring out hatchets and threaten you or get killed from serving cold fries? That’s American.

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That's about 25 euro's worth of mc Mcdonalds in europe.... who the hell would wanna do this to themselves?! Go to a fucking real restaurant! It's such a scam for dumb people

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It's only so expensive because the retard added three sides, a dessert and two drinks. You can get the burger+fries+wings+drink for 10€ right now (there's some savings campaign going on). I'm not saying McDonalds is good value for the money, but it's not THAT terrible. I've been ripped off at proper restaurants way more.

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I just ate McDonald's in Lyon. It's the same.

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yooo. who painted this. wtf. sad.

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its for when you're really hungry and want a lot of calories in a hurry

if you work all day doing labor are you really gonna go to a sit down place? or grab a burger and some beer on the way home

think anon, think

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disgusting goyslop.

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French McDonalds sources their chicken locally and it's free-range, no hormones, chlorine, or antibiotics.

American chicken is corn-fed, caged, pumped with hormones, antibiotics, and chlorine

Prior to visiting America, I never knew that food could have such little taste. Lettuce is just paper (and colored green that washes off), tomatoes are just water with no sweetness or acidity, and chicken and beef.. just doesn't taste like anything. I get why Americans have to add high fructose corn syrup and flavor enhancers to everything they eat, including steak. Cuz otherwise the food has no taste!

But if you say in your experience they're the same - guess I don't have an argument. It's all a matter of taste really.

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>I always expected that american _______ was the best one.
yeah most americans do until they go abroad.

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For me, its the double mcspicy

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>GoySlop thread
GoySlop thread
>GoySlop thread
GoySlop thread
>GoySlop thread
GoySlop thread
>GoySlop thread

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It really isn't.

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I bet, this is very important to everyone.
the ones on the news?
It's called eugenics and we're fine with it. chemical fertilizers and food additives are for the poors.

>you peons talk a lot of shit for barely being able to keep the lights on

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What did she mean by this?

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Fuck niggers.
Fuck niggers.
Fuck niggers.
t. God

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It's hilarious because they got all this hygiene and regulations that make selling street food unprofitable for small vendors but at the same time they'll let corporations and franchises sell literal posion.

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my funny story visiting american afew years back:

>be 16
>walk into mcdonalds
>ask for strawberry milkshake
>wagie says sorry we dont have those atm
>but we do have smoothies, but they contain fruit
kek had to warn me that a fricking smoothie had fruit in

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rBST is banned in Canada so they stopped selling Blue Bunny Ice Cream and Reddi Whip here >:-(

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Some raw fruits are common allergens.

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da reel art

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I'm American so I don't know but doesn't most of Europe have laws about food quality? Like I've seen memes of comparisons between two of the same brands of food in US vs EU and the US one is like 40 different things that starts off with high fructose corn syrup and the EU version is like 6 things.
US is the goy slop nation

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I live on the west coast and went to the grocery store recently where there were a group of international east Asian students buying food. they got to the chicken breast, picked it up, and laughed at it. These breasts looked like they were injected with steroids and couldn't fit in the packaging. the asians judged hard when some whiteys came and bought the chicken.

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it looks the same except they give a salad, wing dings, some gay ice cream, and fucked up french fries that look like they cut a potato into 6 pieces and fried it.

they can keep it.

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Because in the US you can legally poison people who eat your food by feeding them 'pink slime', high fructose corn syrup, s.o.y. based products, seed oils, preservatives, trans and polyunsaturated fats

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Its crazy how the ingredient list of most things are like 4 things. A friend brought back cookies from the UK and it literally was just flour, sugar, eggs.

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Had the pleasure of eating food overseas, and it is in fact better. Some of the people I were with got sick because their bodies were so used to eating processed foods. Granted if you eat healthy in the states you'd be fine eating overseas

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>seed oils
You get seed oils just by eating the original seeds, no? Is there something particularly wrong with consuming seeds or is there some special alteration made when making oil out of it?

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Burger King too. I was shocked to see Japanese people on twitter say that they liked BK, then I realized they were talking about the ones in their own country.

They have an entire culture based on good service and taking care of things. What do we have? A culture of non-white ghetto rats who destroy everything. Obviously BK and McDs is inedible here.

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>Australian here. Ive tried mcdonalds in most of the countries ive visited. american mcd's is uniquely shitty.
Can confirm.
Why do you Americans put sugar in your buns? Its so unnecessary. But you probably think its normal because youre used to it.
The only good thing is the larger portion sizes with drinks.

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Nah we don't even get mcspaghetti

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can confirm that uk mountain dew also tastes like shit

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It's a slave republic. Only the smart successful people are allowed to eat real food in America.

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I think putting sugar in shit is premised on sugar being addictive. It's not about quality.

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Americans are slave cattle.

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As an Amerilard, I would literally never eat wings from McDonald's. I don't care how fantastical and Europooriffic their foreign McDonald's supposedly are, fuck that. McDonald's wings just sound like they'll inevitably be PINK INSIDE and give you salmonella.

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May as well post this here.
American lobbies successfully allowed the use of butyric acid in the EU a few years ago so some poorfag brands started using it and it does have an aftertaste of vomit.

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>My best guess is that corporations in the states try to create preferences in the populace rather than cater to them

this is the United States in a nutshell

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>you probably think its normal
smart people don't. the rest of the world bases their understanding of Amerimutts on what they see on tv or the occasional tourist.
>Why do you
it all goes back to the 80's when corporations cemented personal rights, and the 90's when corn production was so plentiful they had to find more uses for it.
>Its so unnecessary
the cattle need to eat, who cares if the poors dies faster
>The only good thing is the larger portion sizes with drinks
you're retarded if you regularly drink soda or alcohol

t. amerimutt

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> this is a pizza hut in China

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Because the food wasn't prepared by niggers.

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it's what happens when there's no niggers in the kitchen or buying. Even goy slop looks good.

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Americans have tons of alternatives in terms of burger places though. Stuff like In&Out/Five Guys/Chick-a-fil looks pretty fucking based.

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correct, retards are priced out of organic produce and that's the way it should be. roundup has such a fitting name considering the ancillary impact. the issue is getting away from the geographical areas that have been decimated by petroleum fertilizers and glyphosate, as it is in the groundwater and can be transported via precipitation.

not going to lie to you, I just had Five guys over the weekend and it was great. the one I go to if the kids want burger shit is elevation burger.

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Lol, no they aren't, give me a break.
>No really, our hands are tied! We have to use chemicals and corn syrup! Think of the, uhhh, strawberry allergies!

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seed oils are those seeds compressed until they pop out the juice. regular seed oil consumption is cofactors for mortality

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shill me some good swiss chocolate brands. I've been buying lingonberries, dried & jam from sweden and they're incredible. long live White Europe.

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maybe but i just found it funny i was ordering a "strawberry" milkshake and they warn me a smoothie has fruit in

(also the fact who doesnt know what a smoothie is)

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A lot of these are just semantics or different laws on how granular you have to be. The US is a lot more stringent about specifically enumerating the ingredients.

For example, those ketchups are likely identical. In the UK you do not have to call out specifically if your sweetener is sugar, corn syrup, cane sugar, dextrose, etc - you can wrap all of those under "sugar". "Spice" is another vague umbrella term that is less strict in the UK.

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whats wrongs with goyslop?

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>look at this meal bro
literally just looks like McDonalds...those are the mighty wings and wedges are terrible, sorry.

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They had a really special spicy bacon burger in Germany several years back. That shit was boss.

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Then everyone clapped and then yoy woke up
Go outsidr for once bro touch graas

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The best McDonald's I've ever had was in New Zealand, the ingredients were Five Guys quality

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American McDonald’s is catered towards niggers and illegal spics. The only thing worth buying there is the coffee for 99c on the app.

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SE Asian McDs is the best, you have the normal stuff plus whole load of Asian-style food.

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No one has replied to you out of pity, but my regard is more like contempt, so I have no problem telling you that you're objectively wrong and will continue to be until white people learn how to use seasoning. Every black BBQ joint, cookout master, and Ethiopian restaurant dabs on you simultaneously, rocketing the shredded remains of your body into the sun.

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In America we're not surprised by this at all. It's low quality food.

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Pic is probably the best chocolate I've ever tasted. Also look up lindt chocolate, not sure it's swiss but it's amazing too.

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Niggers overuse seed oils/spices/sugar to the point where you can't taste the flavors of the food. Ethiopian food is literal diarrhea slop.

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this retard obviously doesnt know what he’s talking about. cold pressed aka ‚extra virgin’ oils like olive oil and coconut oil are great, cold pressed seed oils in general are healthy in moderation
the problem is when seed oils are treated with high temperature or chemicals to render it and make it
1. solid at room temperature
2. smoke in higher temperature to use it for deep frying or
3. to make it more stable as additive which means the oil will not separate or spoil taste/smell in the final product.
those processes is what makes these oils unhealthy, and they’re used in oils used in most processed foods and fast food chains

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Ching chong ling long fellow asian anon

>> No.51514224

>this retard obviously doesnt know what he’s talking about. cold pressed aka ‚extra virgin’ oils like olive oil and coconut oil are great, cold pressed seed oils in general are healthy in moderation
Whenever I see people discuss it they usually lump everything together and treat it as if you're drinking liquid poison.

Just on an intuitive level to me it seems like a weird position to take as if the oil is poisonous then that means you can never have peanuts, sunflower seeds, olives, etc. as they apparently all contain some demonic poison. Sounds like a fad diet scare like how people used to tell you eggs were terrible for you.

>> No.51514277

>I wish I knew why
They use chemical synthetics

>> No.51514320

Yup. I live in Frogistan and Mcshitnald is half my diet becuz i'm a lazy fat fuck. I visited Commiefornia and my first meal was at a local Mcdo. Not only the taste was awful and the consistency out of this world (you don't even need to chew your burger), but i thought i'd literally die few hours after. I was feeling the poison slowly entering my veins to destroy my body, my stomach was agonizing. And i felt like complete shit for 3 days straight afterward. Dazed, nauseous, low energy, depressed.

No wonder your food is illegal over here. It's not food, it's only designed to genocide the goyim. I probably wouldn't have survived 2 more meals like this.

>> No.51514410

I'm from Eastern Europe, never been overseas so I imagine junk food over there is possibly even more disgusting. Anyway the way you described food culture in Europe makes me kek hard, goyslop here is beyond disgusting too. Idk about regulations but many western type street food places opened in the last few years, most of them being this generic indistinguishable literal goyslop (better than McD though). I kind of imagined american food like this. And there are the older local pizza etc. places, that have always been shit, but somehow survived because there wasn't any competition for decades. So if you think it is decent here, then you are clueless or US is worse than i could have imagined, which is really something. Btw I live in the EU not some third world shithole, still would only eat McD at gunpoint.

>> No.51514499

When I take my kids trick or treating I swap out their score with quality chocolate because the hershey/mars stuff tastes ghastly. I feel my body heat up like a diabetic when I eat it.

>> No.51514519

I dunno about UK, but explain to me why when I go to Japan, Korea, or even France I lose weight and feel better without even trying.

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Why does that burger look like a whopper?

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UK literally have the worst food in the world, that's nothing to brag about. Should have compared with France. Here we are far more stringent and laws are super stricts about it.
You'd never see the kind of shit enumerated there. Gmo : illegal. Corn syrup : Illegal. Most artificial flavour enhancer and colors : illegal. Saturated fats : illegal. Too much sugar : illegal. Olestra : illegal. Brominated vegetable oil : illegal. potassium bromate : illegal. whitening powder : illegal. BHA, BHT, E9xx, E5xx, etc : illegal. Meat grown with growth hormones : illegal. Etc...

You literally put arsenic on your chicken wings and feed plastics to your pigs, it's a depopulation agenda at play. Stop with your copium making it look it's all semantic lol. Your jews are simply poisoning you to death.

>> No.51514589

this, unless you're talking about ingredients that are cancerigens (the ones marked in red)

>> No.51514609

Crappy tourist pizza is miles better than american fast food

>> No.51514625

Because the diets in japan/korea vary extremely with what people eat in the US?
Also if you're vacationing you might be walking a lot and so on.
There are many variables involved. You need to have the same environment to compare just foods.

>> No.51514648

In the US it just explains what's in the flour lol

>> No.51514663

>copioom level : shart in the mall

>> No.51514671

Because when you're on vacation you're not sitting around eating Doritos all day working a shitty job

>> No.51514697

Read this
And let's see what your intuition tell you then

>> No.51514739

Nah I'm not even american just playing devil's advocate.

>> No.51514839

This sounds rude but is a relevant question, but how old are you?

>> No.51514843

Americans are really afraid of natural "dirt"but celebrate all chemicals

>> No.51514896

Seconding Lindt, it's great. Milka is pretty solid. It isn't the best of the best, but it's the best milk chocolate in it's (low) price range.

>> No.51514919

paternity tests are also illegal in france you gay cucked frog

>> No.51514931

why is there no outrage, even in /pol/, over this disgusting goyslop. Literal poison.

people give shit over baseddrinks but this shit is just as insidious.

>> No.51515072

pizza hut is more of a proper restaurant elsewhere. There were more like it in North America in the past but almost all of them are gone. American Pizza Hut is the worst pizza on planet earth, by the way.

>> No.51515091

Because they are fat and it courses them to introspect which they don’t want to do

>> No.51515221

they just found chemicals used for nitrile gloves in the food of McD, Burger King, and Taco Bell. The average person here doesn't even eat properly due to the special interest groups that help sponsor the food pyramid.

>> No.51515223

I’m comparing eating at restaurants in a place like Korea to cooking at home in America. That’s how obvious the difference is.
>and trips are for work

>> No.51515274

I don’t think he was warning you retard. I think he was saying “The closest thing we have to a strawberry milkshake is a strawberry smoothie which uses real fruit rather than flavored ice cream”

I hope they spat in your food

>> No.51515276


The worst pizza is Papa John, people wanted to eat there because the owner was """based"""

>> No.51515278

No, this shit all started from some twitterfag shitting on seed oils, but was found to be a swinger MD that was advising a synthetic cooking oil start up, which he didn't disclose.

>> No.51515326

Maybe. Cardboard vs. Gooey slop. The winner is whoever isn't eating them.

>> No.51515350

Literally nobody does that you redditor.

>> No.51515369

I used to think God freaking out about idol worship so much in the OT was silly, but I get it now.

>> No.51515386

I see you’ve never had Hungry Howie’s

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> Every black BBQ joint, cookout master, and Ethiopian restaurant dabs on you simultaneously

>> No.51515513

> i suffer in china

>> No.51515515

>chicken wings fucking suck

>> No.51515541

You shouldn't be eating either version.

>> No.51515557

Fuck russia, I'm rooting for china to win the culture war

>> No.51515825


>> No.51515945

American McDonalds is the way it is because its cheap.
International mcdonalds cost the same as a fucking restaurant so might as well go somewhere else

>> No.51516592

ahh yes the lovely seasoning of the mcdonalds quarter pounder
freaking idiot

>> No.51516757

Japan has the best run fast food chains.

>> No.51516795

over priced trash that bacteria wont even eat lol

>> No.51516876

Other countries have laws to have actual meat used in products advertised as meat

>> No.51517728

>Having a white stomach
>Muh mental illness (racism is a mental illness)
Mickey D's food isn't made in the actual restaurant idiot lel

>> No.51517862
File: 444 KB, 670x437, muhculture.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Seethe forever

>> No.51518353

>I get why Americans have to add high fructose corn syrup and flavor enhancers to everything they eat, including steak. Cuz otherwise the food has no taste!
the dry beef n ketchup mistery is solved

>> No.51518991

Pizza but lost it's rank for a reason
Papa John's once gave me food poisoning
Little Caesar's though has never disappointed in taste though its paper thin pan pizzas are a joke to my stomach

>> No.51519135
File: 68 KB, 714x574, 1554547457457.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Branches are fucking disgusting holy shit mutts don't even know how real chocolate tastes.

>> No.51519504

so youve never seen groups of asians shopping for groceries before? perhaps it's you that needs to get out more. what a stupid ass response you had to a post about people avoiding modded food in the grocery store

>> No.51519707

So taste of American people is disgusting cheap cancerous goyslop?

>> No.51519756

This is literally because they don’t have to list ingredients as exhaustively as in the US

>> No.51519811


>> No.51520271

Accept goyslop, receive goyslop.

Americans accept the goyslop religion christianity, so naturally they're already primed for eating goyslop too.

>> No.51520331

Based Americans and Brit’s.

Funny people think they are racist countries and only kill brown people when they were burning white women and children alive 70 years ago

>> No.51520381

>stop by mcburger
>havent had goyslopburger in a long time
>order the 7$ meal
>luke warm patty
>you have to pay for extra mayo and ketchup
>forget to add some to my order
>end up eating dry ass fries
>burger is complete shit
>remember that the last time I ate here couple years back was the same shit
>repeat every 2-3 years
no idea why people eat this dogfood

>> No.51520462
File: 601 KB, 1534x1534, bbb.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

all i ever want from maccas

>> No.51520628

only subhuman jews have allergies, fuck off

>> No.51520634

wish UK had this tier breakfast

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File: 501 KB, 1599x1390, 1663443866166280.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Yuroid’s Law:
As a discussion on the internet progresses, the probability of a yuropoor obsessing over american foreskins approaches 1

>> No.51520711

I heard Montana and Amadori's chicken. Not bad.
Murrica's McDonalds is possibly the worst.

>> No.51520747

It’s actually because mcdicks is pretty expensive in 3rd world countries so it needs to be of a relatively high quality. Imagine if a cheeseburger cost $10-$15. It better be restaurant quality.

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File: 2.90 MB, 480x480, nigel.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.51520871

then recommend one Sven.

>> No.51521309

i dont trust mcdonalds because the shits and farts smell the same as the food going in no cap.

>> No.51521659

I can understand making these noises with your mouth as a nigger, but imagine writing that

>> No.51521687

Yes. Mystery meat for mystery meat people.

>> No.51521692

mcdonald's in the states changed about 10 yrs ago it doesn't taste the same so have some other big name burger joints, the "meat" definitely isnt what it used to be but people keep eating it kek

>> No.51521704

McDonald’s in poor countries is for the rich. Only they can afford to eat there.
McDonald’s in America is for the poor. They can’t afford to eat anywhere else.

>> No.51521778

Can confirm. Went to pizza hut in Shanghai and they had marble floors, winding staircase and also had waitresses and a menu. You can get a large black truffle and chicken pizza for the same price as a large cheese in America kek. China pizza hut mogs U.S. pizza hut.

>> No.51522553

European Fanta curb stomps American Fanta

>> No.51522620

That's gotta be at least 2500 calories
I wanna see a picture of this fat fuck right now

>> No.51522766

Age is irrelevant, he's just telling you the truth. Those seeds oils are bad for health and even carcinogenic when the same oil is heated multiple times (like McDonald's does).

Go educate yourself on this topic:

>> No.51523275

the cheese isn't even oozing DAYUM DAYUM DAYUM

>> No.51523493

>welcome to America

>> No.51523549

oy vey we're substituting actual fruit with fruit-flavored corn syrup for your safety!

>> No.51523578

how much for the girl?

>> No.51523642

Simply a lie, you coping amerishart. We have laws and minimum quality thresholds that our foodstuff needs to respect. Olive oil, for instance, needs to be actual olive oil, with no additives. Many substances that are ubiquitous in your "food" are straight up forbidden here.

You burgers can't even sell your "chocolate" as chocolate here, because it doesn't reach the minimum amount of actual chocolate so it cannot be called such. It must be called "chocolate flavored" candy.

>> No.51523684

>It's called eugenics
It's called "poisoning your customers because you consider them just cattle".
>and we're fine with it
Because you're cattle.

>> No.51523724

Shut the fuck up, nog. Your food is shit because you're shit people with no culture, no taste and no intelligence.

>an actual fucking monkey daring to lecture white people on food
>as if the best food in the entire fucking world wasn't all white.

>> No.51524554

>implying we don’t make chocolate
Europoors can only afford Hersheys. He literally has never seen real imported American chocolate because he is poor.

>> No.51524578

>American spelling
Fucking larping schizo kike. How is the weather in West Hollywood queer?

>> No.51524610

>best I've ever had
>goyslop quality

>> No.51524619

Americans do in-n-out burger.

>> No.51524763
File: 85 KB, 1471x925, mcdcks.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Fuckin whatever, only my opinion on food matters as it also likely goes for almost anyone else. So tell me where MCD is going, i dont know so tell me, give me something special.

>> No.51524801

>McWings (aka McNuggets with Bones)
>Mundae looking burger
Do foreigners really think any of this slop is somehow better than American McDonald's?

>> No.51524989

never had 5guys stfu pls

>> No.51525040

american culture is so watered down to appeal to everyone to ensure maximum profit
can't have anything with too much flavor at McDonald's because it'll turn off too many people
can't have any potato chip flavors that aren't completely basic because the default taste palette of americans is a 12 count box of crayons

>> No.51525081

Your moms had 5 guys

>> No.51525155

Oh shit, I actually just ate a Domino's pizza last month that tasted so plasticy I had to spit it out. Can I sue?

>> No.51525262
File: 348 KB, 2048x1536, EF3F8E2B-32E6-4000-B546-9A4677DD1F46.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Black Americans are unironically the GOAT cooks. Oxtails over dirty rice with green beans from South Carolina.

>> No.51525296
File: 295 KB, 2048x1536, 113E2AFD-F4E7-4C07-9B81-FA825FBB60F2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Actually that’s just normal rice. Here’s dirty rice.

>> No.51526152

>niglets dump salt and butter on everything
That’s not even nigger food. That’s southern cooking. All Whites from the south cook like this. That’s where nigs learned it from you fucking cuck. It’s literally salt, butter, and bacon grease.

>> No.51526346

Bear market got me like I forgot which board I was on

>> No.51526386

I ate at mcdonalds in Mexico and it was easily the best MCD I've ever eaten. I think it's because MCD has a little more prestige as a restaurant there and it's not as cheap compared to local fast food restaurants there.

>> No.51526925

so which is it, is it '''southern food''' created by white people (Blacks were the ones cooking the food in the South because of slavery) or is it salt butter and grease?

>> No.51526927
File: 411 KB, 2560x1344, 1663657775361.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Have se- mean, burgers.

>> No.51526988

This shit right here is exactly why I cut out all goy slop from my diet. If the ingredients have anything like red die 40, hfcs, sodium dehydrate whatever the fuck on the label I won't eat it. People wonder why Americans are so goddam fat, sick, and why the life expectancy is going fucking DOWN. This is it. Fuck this shit and fuck the jews

>> No.51527273

This is retarded dude. A bun recipe calls for sugar and salt... this is like a retard who hasn't figured out sweet cookies contain salt.

>> No.51527320

Im sorry bros. I live in europe and it's not great but yes the food is better. The stuff you guys eat literally kills you faster and makes you sick. It makes me sad. Not everything here is A+ but yeah. I suffer from digestive problems already. If I was born in USA maybe I would be dead.

>> No.51527330

When I used to live in Atlanta the local Pizza Hut was a sit down restaurant like this with waitresses and the whole bit. That was 15 years ago though

>> No.51527348

>trusting farm equipment with your food
lmao, retard

>> No.51527373

thats slave garbage food

>> No.51527378

Based parent. Good job bro

>> No.51527424

That's a small value meal in the US

>> No.51527441

You can sell almost all of that outside of the US retard, at least do your research on the chemicals used in the US that are banned elsewhere, like sodium benzoate

>> No.51527505

mcdonalds uses the bare minimum food standards to save money so of course in america, that has the lowest food standards by law of the entire developed world (literally) it's fucking awful

>> No.51527615

He wasn't talking about black-owned restaurant or something, he was talking about Wendy's hiring a 60 IQ past-felon drug addict nigger who can barely be considered sapient.

>> No.51527655


>> No.51527671

USA has two different sets of standards for real restaurants and for fast food joints.

>> No.51527776
File: 1.25 MB, 380x336, 1663665717997.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I stopped going to McDonald's ever since niggers started work there and the Mexican women left. You get ill eating from a nigger run place.

I mostly eat at chipotle, subway, and Taco Bell ran by white college students. Niggers run my local Wendy's, Arby's, KFC, Burger Kang, and McD's.

>> No.51528023
File: 930 KB, 3036x4048, americans child size soda serving.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.51528117

McDonald's is still considered junk food in France. It's not exactly unhealthy except for soda, but you can eat better for the same price just about anywhere else. I just go there because sometimes I don't have the time to eat properly when I work.

>> No.51528134

Someone I know went to china and said all the fast food places were disgusting except mcdonalds which was the same kek.
He couldn't eat any of their disgusting food so he had to settle for mcdonalds constantly.

>> No.51528158

Can I buy all this with crypto? I hope they accept crypto Visa card from Hold.
>Fuck the US poison.

>> No.51528322

Uk is still 60% obesse . Just as fat but with no excuses.

>> No.51528384

This Novita looks fucking beautiful. I always love McDonalds when I'm in Italy actually as a bit of a break from "eating good" - but really I know the food is also good quality there. I spent a month there eating pizza, pasta, drinking a bottle of red wine every night and I lost about 10 kg of fat.

>> No.51530301

I was in the philippines and McDonalds fucking served spaghetti of all things.