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>I lost my girlfriend to the street Few weeks ago,
>my Mama still sends me money and
>I have this Big dog named Bunny who looks up to me for cookies.

This is my life spelled out in a short line.
I’m done crying over my bloody Portfolio, for the next bull run I just need to make it right and make mama proud.
What will be the next trend

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Go and play a game especially free to play ones, they are gold mines

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let me know when you find out please

how about P2D? people pay to die ;o

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Start to learn coding anon. You will have great opportunities in the defi space as a developer.

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L1s are the real deal now. Don't repeat same mistake jeet

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Meta, Google, Microsoft is working on metaverse projects so start to hunt on that.

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Everything in crypto is web3 retard. Are you a newfag? There are good projects being released everyday

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You forgot to add crypto payment projects. They are gaining traction as of late

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Axie infinity did a lot at the beginning but started to fumble when it got the hype it needed

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Everyone isn't cut out to be one

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I have been hearing Binance pay, then Cronos and also Utrust

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This metaverse is being built on SAND right?

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Kek. You must be retarded

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That's true. You get to save a lot from boycotting the middlemen which made traditional payments very costly

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Ok, it's CDBC and the wallet to interact with the government crypto, look for kyc and low fee, this is the path forward. Good luck fancy pooh poster.

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Cosmos' IBC (Interblockchaincommunications) allows all chains to talk to eachother and write smart contracts on one another plus so much more. The Babylon Chain looks promising, it's going to leverage BTC's PoW security on top of Atom's PoS and with IBC the Atom network will become the most secure network attracting fishies.

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I use many decentralized crypto payment gateways bitpay, zoidpay, utrust to avoid the middle man issues.

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There won't be a next trend, crypto is dying slowly

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Faggot. Crypto is being adopted and even merchantsa are ready to accept it as payments in many countries like US, SPAIN, PORTUGAL, FRANCE, ITALY and Dubai.

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The cashbacks from using these projects were huge incentives

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A survey conducted in the US recently showed that more than 70% of merchants would want to use crypto payment solution from next year

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We can buy houses in these countries with crypto which is convenient and comfortable.

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What's CBDC doing here? It is still centralized. I'll choose crypto payments anytime over it

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Us is a tricky market even if 20% of the people use crypto it's going to be a huge adoption. Microsoft, Apple and Amazon would be huge if they start to accept crypto as payments.

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Kek.... I would rather prefer my funds to be in my control. I can do anything I can even buy a fucking tesla with Crypto desu.

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I love the idea of metaverse the most

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There is also an incentive for merchants called merchant yield farming that will be introduced soon by Utrust. Other crypto payment projects will follow suit after this happens

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> Wow new promising project number 5 billion that promises to be the best thing ever
> [Coin] partnering up with [company] !!111

I have heard more of this bullshit than I can stand for the past decade.
It's all BS.
If there was a good project, even ONE, we would see it.
The public would be using it.
But all this is just hype.. nothing more.
Until the public has one singular use for all this shit, it's all just hype
And does not effect the price of BTC in the LEAST.

If Elon musk were to tweet "BTC stands for BIG TRANNY COCK" the price of BTC would jump by 10%.
Because price is based on hype. buzz. stupidity of the masses. nothing more.

All these millions of news of "BTC ATM in Venezuela!" "[Coin] partnering up with [company]!" "Microsoft accepts BTC!" "New crypto project!" "[Government] partners up with [coin]!" has absolutely zero bearing on literally anything tangible.

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This also has several staking options on Maiar DEX

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> Buy more crypto. Stake even, the gods of the bull will reward you in due season.
>Don't forget to give your mama a lot of money, else the market will take it back.

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Stake, mine, provide liquidity or do what ever you want. But do that. Passive income is the best possible way to stay afloat always.

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Maiar is good for passive income. Through metabonding I get weekly weekly payouts for just staking.

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Just make sure the Defi platform you are staking doesn't get hacked. I lost some good money in OptFi. I'm not staking in just any random platform anymore.

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Web3 is the future. And I personally feel web3 crypto payment is a perfect solution to make our transactions faster and secure.

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Sounds like some new platform for normiefags. When did this launch?

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Ripple is already proving you right. The banks just don't want to accept it. Solana, Elrond and Lightning network are there too.
Web3 payments are super fast and cheap.

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Loop ring is the answer for everything. Or just fuck off.

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I wouldn't touch lightning network desu, I've read bad stories about it.
Solana is ruling the world of crypto payment, but Elrond is catching up quickly.
X day is coming.

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>Faggot. Crypto is being adopted and even merchantsa are ready to accept it as payments in many countries like US, SPAIN, PORTUGAL, FRANCE, ITALY and Dubai.

no it isnt. maybe a few desperate restaurant owners accept it here and there.

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Don't forget gaming too. It's going to be a big deal come the next bull run. Much entertainment coming to the industry.

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New games are entering the space and it's best to watch out for those. Gamestar+ is one of such.

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Playing board games can be fun and entertaining too.

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Start a Coinmetro account. Look into FLUX and THT

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Forget her OP. She belongs to the streets.
Work hard and invest your money. She will come back begging, but you will reject her.
Not bad. The APR is huge 25%, but I trust it.

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I trust it because it was built by Elrond itself. Never been hacked by anyone since existence. Good place for OP to check if he can stake.

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Normiefag detected

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Polygon and cosmos have already taken a large share of blockchain games. In the near future, it will be possible to use crypto to play any game. Maybe they will also add cashout options for crypto.

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Redmagic has started accepting crypto for its phones. I was surprised to find that option when I was ordering.

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>I’m done crying over my bloody Portfolio
No, OP, you're not done crying blood. Crypto will bring you more tears.

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I sold my Bitcoin for ETH and EGLD.
I've been staking EGLD in metabonding and earning all the ESDT tokens on the platform.

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>cashout options for crypto.
Twitter already did this with stripe. I think payment platform that allow crypto are going to receive a lot of adoption from institutions.

Since when did Elrond start moving into web3 payments?

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Op needs a break first of all to get his mind together.

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Nice one anon he should not be a dirty asian pussy,as the web3 payments platform has alot of juicy shit,like I just got myself the new iPhone 14 promax,a new Tesla car and book for my flight tickets and pay with crypto using that,it's such a wet pussy experience faggot

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Crypto payment platforms like Utrust and the likes will lead the next bull run
>More Web3payment adoption spreading really fast

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Just take your time, and research properly before Jumping to any conclusion.

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Denm this nigger got some fucking shit I think he fucked the right pussy, they have been consistently adding merchants, now successfully entered the US market.
I'm really look forward of them going global with time, the got me dick horny paggot

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Bring it on, flaunt your wealth, at least you don't have to work for anything like the others. But what will a rich faggot like you need Cashback for anyways

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Holyshit Wtf is this swine saying,with more than 10 thousand plus merchant, that has earned its own recognition over the years. as a user I have now fuck at all. The make crypto payments fast secure and cheap, especially the gas fee demn it's feel like getting a sweet blow job from and asian girl

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Shut the fuck up faggot your such a rekt ass,go get useful, as you can invest in real-estate,do some shopping go for vacations and pay with crypto using any of the web3 payment services, go get some sense anon.

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Get fuck off dudu go kiss you ass in shame,ETH has been doing great just q little push the bearish season will soon be over and u will make mama proud.

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Lmao, so yall are wise enough now to make payments in crypto because of the cashback
I prefer Utrust, It has good cashback

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Nice one anon but you sound retard lol the passive income aspect of web3 payments platform has really encouraged my investment level, I staked my assets knowing fully well my ROI keep increasing with time upto 25% APY. this is really juicy fegs

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>I lost my girlfriend to the street Few weeks ago

Quick rundown?

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Real estate In Cyprus is really booming, my plan is to buy a house there soon using Crypto.
>My boss has been looking to Fuck me lately, so I'm gonna Quit

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Haha this sound like a fucking preacher, Like for the first time merchants will get additional profit for their payments instead of losing on fees. Reverse Staking & compound yield are coming soon this can help him get his dog some good food.

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Quick question, are you Asian
I bought a house from Kensington, one of the biggest in Cyprus and it accepts crypto.
Quick question, are you Asian

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Yea anon and it's hitting hard on the pussy, by staking it on chain I am getting upto 15-35% APY and in future I will get cash back upto 5% on all the transactions. more than anything I can pay with it.

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I think L2 get the game right as it has so much to over check out the Ethereum and SOL it got some huge growth

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I Earn 1.5% using Utrust, I haven't tried Binance pay
I don't have the money to afford a house yet, My Son Just got into the University

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Yea anon,as Utrust will facilitate the crypto payment side of the UREEQA platform, allowing users to pay for services, collect payments for their creative work, and buy work from fellow creators.thats so juicy dude.

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That's on Elrond, stop bitching and do some research, I have been staking UTK for weeks now

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Projects that encourage crypto adoption via payment services like bill payment, hotel, NFTs and etc have the potential to make you rich,go get your ass some UTK faggot

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>You speak like you are wise, but we both know you are retard.

Over 75% of merchants agreed to start using crypto payment 2 years from now in a survey conducted recently, and even right now over 10K Merchant uses Utrust, Imagine how many more will use it in the 2 years time frame