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Why would you want this?

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i'd pay 5 btc to never see gta v be released again

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gta v was fucking shit and i say this as a zoomer the older gtas had more soul and passion this one feels like commercial garbage and that’s the sad but honest truth
t. 25 year old boomer

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It's going to be uploaded to the blockchain as an open source NFT based multiverse. The only blockchain network that is capable of hosting this is the NNS on ICP. Act accordingly.

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Looks like the Bitcoin blockchain to me.
Don't know what your smoking lol

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also based

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I don't know probally you can breach and exploit all versions of the game

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I hope 6 source gets leaked and put in a ledger so anyone can access it freely forever and rockstar can lick my pasty white rim

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snail pussy....

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to make cheats, and to circumvent their anti cheat.

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Giga brainlet here
What can one do with that? Is that like the code for the game to function?

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Meh gta v source code is shit anyway.

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Nigger admin banned me from this telegram

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This is not worth 100k.

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It is if you sell cheats. Also pretty sure there’s places you can buy/sell gta money with real money

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That depends too much on what version of the source code they have is.
Rockstar can easily fix exploits and change things. Source code isn't fixed on stone, especially for an online game.

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"Source code" is programmer speak for "the readable text of a program". It's the thing programmers write that turns into executable files for you to double-click on.

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They are using it to train an ai military drone
GTA has gotten so lifelike that they can use it accurately to train artificial intelligence. Could be musk buying it to train the Tesla lolbot or his self driving cars, could be military dark project, could be google. Could also be mega buying it to pick and choose which elements to add to the meta verse. Musk or military is most likely, and yes I hold xrp

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All the GTAs are shit. I say this as someone who was ~18 when the original one was released.

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you think you’re a zoomer at 25? kek…

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zoomers are 25 now...

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Someone who wants to make a heavily customized RP server and will ask for a fee to be able to play in it.

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working on the code for other people's games is literally my job
it's interesting enough. the money is ok
i don't think i'd pay to do it though

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you fucking retard, they took down mario.

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They aren't shit, you were too old to enjoy them to begin with.

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No, you’re just dumb.

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I see you are still larping about the importance of any of this

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Free for you:

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retard using BTC instead of monero
it's a paki

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if you dont remember 911 youre a zoomer, simple as

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I paid 0 BTC for the reverse engineered GTA Vice City source code and added a bunch of stuff to it like a THPS-like way of doing flip tricks or a flight sim, remote control, ghost riding, tons of cheats, increased the draw distance and build a map of where I've been. What a time to be alive!

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