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wake up and Chainlink is hovering around $770 USD. WHAT'S YOUR NEXT MOVE?

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sell half
withdraw to bank
leave biz forever

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Buy the top

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Same except I’d still be on /biz relentless ridiculing and mocking those that missed out.

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>still be on /biz relentless ridiculing and mocking those that missed out

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>Selling half your stack at $770 when eventually the price will be 81k

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Maybe, but rest assured that if LINK ever reaches ATH again the smugness will be off the charts. Especially after the abuse Linkies have suffered for 2 years. We can only hope it never happens, this board would become unusable. We punished their hubris but in turn got too cocky ourselves.

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I’m never going to let anyone live it down. I’ll lose friends and probably have family members stop talking to me. But I’m never going to stop rubbing it in.

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my next move is selling my link and buying bit instead, trying to hold as much as possible before bitDAO build their own network that will assemble the top builders and will power web3 innovation

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One of us is going to buy 4chan just to delete it

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i would sell 2% of my stack to pay myself for a few years and let the rest ride yolo motherfucker

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not a nolinker. my man, you'll be wasting your time and poisoning yourself by being so spiteful. it is not a life worth living, fren

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Sell just enough to get by neeting for a couple of years.

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Maybe I’ll retire my momma. She deserves it.

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wake up and cry myself to sleep hoping I can go back to the dream

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>masturbate into a sock
>go get a cup of coffee and smile at the qt behind the counter
>sneedpost in a bait thread
and then see what happens from there

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I'd have a couple hundred thousand $$$$. I'd sell about 5k and move it to my bank and pay some bills and live off that for a bit. not sure what i'd do with the rest of it. that'd be alot of money and it'd be life changing for a scrub like me.

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Ok Conor

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no idea who conor is but you should spend less time on 4chan if you're seeing shadows in every post.
I have a tiny ass stack of 421 link so not sure what your bitch ass is on about. maybe you got confused trolling in a bunch of threads and posted to the wrong person

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Probably upgrade my security a bit, make sure my will is up to date, and maybe sell some tiny amount like 1k.

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How long are you expecting to live off 5k usd?

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quite a while since I live close to my hobo tier life in spending monthly even with a place now. I spend so little per year 5k would last me a couple of months paying bills/house/gas with it. food could probably be included since alot of my food is also grown and I hunt and have a stock of food to live off.

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>the price will be 81k
Yeah, maybe that will be the price in 2033. Meanwhile, I'll have literal millions in cold hard cash to live and play around with until then.

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based and gonna make it

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Absolutely based and Gonna Make It

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Selling half below 1k is just a bad move and could be the reason you never hit a NW above 20 million. Why sell in bulk for cheap like that when you could just be frugal and take out a few hundred K to start other forms of passive income while your major hold stays relatively intact? Seems like poor planning

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was going to ask how new you are

But this is just based

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Why the fuck do I need 20 million I just wanna buy some land and cows you dolt. I need like $750k for the property and another few hundred grand in the bank and I’ll never think about link again

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No, you have to have self-defeating delusions of grandeur so that you baghold forever in a state of perpetual daydreaming, dumbass. Listen to the zoomer. How else will you afford a wardrobe full of tacky Gucci outfits?

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>double check that I have all the multiple redundant hidden seed phrase portions
>take ledger out of lead and wax tube buried in the wilderness
>sign a transaction just to confirm all my link is under my control alone
>sell one single LINK on Coinbase and withdraw the cash, just to make absolutely sure everything is working
>reset cold storage protocols
>check price again next year

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That’s would like 2 million for me

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>Not securing a stable financially DOMINANT future for both yourself and your children
>Just need muh cows and muh land (oops had to sell the rest of my stack for property taxes and various expenses)
>I'm going to listen to >>51492020 yeah these bags really are heavy, time to sell half my stack at 15% global adoption!
It's just a shit plan. If link hits $770 you have to admit that you know it is going much much higher barring total societal collapse and/or human extinction. Why in the world you'd sell such a huge amount is really just an example of your own misunderstanding of how long your runway is and/or you never have sex and have no future generations to take care of.
Go ahead and call me a dolt for trying to persuade you to hold more of your stack, seems like you have it all figured out with your future cows and land. It's almost like you don't even own any significant amounts of LINK at all.

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>selling a Link

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I’d create institutions that repress women, blacks and Jews.

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whats your take on diversification? if 99.9% is in one asset its a risk. or do you would use the staking inclme to buy other assets?

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literally opened 4chan

today i smy birthday and i was going to kill myself tonight

thank you for thi spost. it made me laugh

> t. anon that lost $180,000 in chainlink this year

dont buy at the top and get fucked on voyager

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It’s not that complicated. It just sounds fun!

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you will be wealthier than many 10k stacklets in due time

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Chad move.

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Happy birthday faggot here's to another one around the sun. Cheers.
Let's just hope the staking neetbux are gonna be good. I'm 100% in link since 2018

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Happy birthday

Don’t do it fren

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Happy Birthday anon please don't kill yourself I love you and wish the best for you unironically

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I would start worrying about tax and how to cash out a decent amount without getting ass raped.

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There is a meaning behind every life experience.
Zeno of Citium was a wealthy merchant who lost everything in a older generation boating accident.
After losing all his wealth to the sea, he went to a library to learn and founded Stoicism.

You got to experience the same life changing event as Zeno and have been changed to become a modern day Stoic.
There is something important for you to create after having learned from this experience.
Don't give up and keep looking for the path of awakening to discover your own truth.

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Happy birthday!

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Sell 1k Link and buy a house if the housing crash has happened.

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Our lives are finite.

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Happy birthday.
We are all destined to lose everything in the end. It was always the deal. Let it go and live anon.

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>wake up and Chainlink is hovering around $770 USD
Why is it 770. Is it operational? If that is the case.. well I don't do anything as things seem to be going as planned and maybe 1000EOY. If staking isn't operational and its just spiked to 700 overnight I will sell ~15% of my stack to ensure my family is taken care of indefinitely even if link were to go back to zero. Then get on with life. I would buy some trinkets for my wife and gf. Maybe treat myself to some new gear but otherwise things are good and don't need to change.

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Beyond based

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Nothing unless staking is out. I'm never selling my base stack irrespective of price. My kids will get my cubes in my will.

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have a toast in the honor of my fellow linkies while we have a chuckle and forget about the existence of the anons who will forever lead miserable lives remembering how they were warned and yet still missed out.

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Regret selling the 470 I had back in 2018

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Sell, sell it all today. I’m telling you this is it, this is it

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Idk i don't hold link i have a gf instead

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link is owned by 60% by 1 single company and 100% controlled by 1 single guy, cardano is pos and hence algorithmically a plutocracy by default.

both scams and both memes of the neonazi site because the retards will buy anything just because it's "white and american" on the ads.

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Link is owned by 60% by 1 single company and 100% controlled by 1 single guy, cardano is pos and hence algorithmically a plutocracy by default.

both scams and both memes of the neonazi site because the retards will buy anything just because it's "white and american" on the ads.

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link is owned by 60% by 1 single company and 100% controlled by 1 single guy, cardano is pos and hence algorithmically a plutocracy by default.

both scams and both memes of the neonazi site because the retards will buy anything just because it's "white and american" on the ads.

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Link is owned by 60% by 1 single company and 100% controlled by 1 single guy, cardano is pos and hence algorithmically a plutocracy by default.

both scams and both memes of the neonazi site because the retards will buy anything just because it's "white and american" on the ads.

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Get a big mac?

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honestly I'd slam market sell like it was coke through a 14G

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wake up again, look at the real chart, laugh, be happy to not have any part in this delusion

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I'd only sell small amounts as and when I needed cash. I only want enough to stop working and do things I like. I have a lot of Link

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I rush to /biz/ to post FUD

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Anon, there are no nolinkers on this board. Every fudpost was made by a linkie, with a bigger stack than you no less.
If you come here to dunk on retards after LINK's price corrects upwards, you're the retard. It's that simple.
Also lol at my captcha.

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very based, keep stacking

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>>wake up and Chainlink is hovering around $770 USD
>haha cool
>opens up hitler video folder

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>Implying you can leave

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Buy a car and go to brazil to fuck some bitches & libe like a king

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Keep my Job, Slowly withdraw a few thousand out and transfer over to an RRSP. Make sure it's less than 10k for the year. Pay Taxes on my first batch and see how badly cashing out all my Crypto could be. Use that as reference when meeting with an accountant for my next tax year.

If LINK drops from 770 to 500 I'll just hold. If LINK pumps from 770 to 1000+, Sell all at 1000 and store as USDT.

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If it's a run to $770 with no pull back based on speculation like a firm staking date or whatever, then I'll sell half into stables and swing on the inevitable 80% pull back to recomplete my stack.
Then, I'll have a few million in cash to put into some hard assets, and my full stack that will ride forever through generation after generation.

The pump to $50 will seem minuscule compared to what is coming.
We could see a peak of $2500 in the next couple years if apply some basic TA.
Link is going to be the biggest wildfire asset of all time

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why so conservative?

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Do you think it would be allowed to have a higher mc than apple?

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Same as now
Nothing, just keep buying

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>open biz
>check out the wtfwt threads
>go back to bed

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The trick to achieving happiness is being happy where you are right now. I like your styles anon.

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Apple, FB, and the rest of the big MC companies are on the way down.
the iPhone 14 is going to be the biggest failure to date for Apple, and Facebook has oversaturated the market so much that they're actually looking to put free internet in the 3rd world to be able to have access to a billion more users.

Link will absolutely be worth more than Apple in the near future.
The same way Apple overtook GE's market cap after the dotcom bubble, Chainlink is going to be the first thing people think of when they think of the wealth generated by decentralization, web3, and blockchain.

Chainlink CCIP/Staking will be the same level of catalyst that the iPhone was for Apple.
Mark my words.

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What are you talking about, 'allowed'? Why would the value of the Link project be dictated by the unassociated value of a retail electronics company?

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immediately start masturbating

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>withdraw to bank

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the absolute state

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kek not in this life linkie

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>We could see a peak of $2500 in the next couple years if apply some basic TA.
Kek, clown

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it's true. trade you captchas

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>$770 USD

Unironically meds