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we warned you that its the standard

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5 years it doesn't move

holyfuck fucking uninstall yourself from your body

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>why is XRP pumping like a shitcoin?

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The founders pump it every once in awhile. Total marketing scam. The PowerPoint presentation with the imf was hilariously bad.

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It’s pumping to suppress chainlink, they’re gonna dump it and transition all of ripplenet into CCIP and arbitrum

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>why is xrp pumping ?
>why am I having a heart attack ?
>why is this jew planted a huge dagger on my back ?
>why is this nigger destroying my car ?
neck yourself

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It is clear to anyone paying attention that the SEC has no case so it is no longer an issue. Combine that with everyone knowing it is the standard and you have a new moon coming.

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Because it is a shitcoin