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How do all these people that are my age range (18 to 24) can afford to go travelling around the world, afford to go to expensive restaurants, go to clubs and bars every weekend , wear new outfits everyday while I can't even find a shit part time job while in college to buy a new pair of shoes. Its not just 1 or 2 people its almost everyone. Where tf do they get this money from??

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credit card debt

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Whoring out
Using someone else's money
Bad financial sense

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Credit cards and their parents

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Social media isn't real life.

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Daddy's money. Fuck it anon. Focus on stacking your bags of ETH and MATIC. They'll travel now and get their shit pushed in later. not us king.

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There’s a few ways, debt, slowly saving extra money every month to blow it all, parents.

I used a thing called ef spring break once when I was early 20s. You give them 300 a month and in 18 months or so I went to two different countries with guides, hotels picked, everything ready for you. It was fun

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have you thought about sucking dick OP?
highly rentable business, your mom is raking it

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Parents, bad financial decisions, whoring out or using someone else's money

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daddy's money

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money that isn't theirs or they have no bills

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They are lying to you
They post 2 trips that happened months apart at the same time
Do you know what they did in the time between?
They did nothing.
They lie about their lives, they lie about their happiness, and in the end, they accomplish and experience nothing.