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>lost interest in crypto after the crash
>wasnt paying attention
>didnt transfer my eth over for the merge
>its now useless

i lost 10 eth just like that. my whole life savings. fuck this stupid shit fuck crypto

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digital gold

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but you don't need to do anything for the merge. your 10eth is still there.
Can't you find something better to do than make a shitty bait thread

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its frozen on the old chain. i tried selling some to buy my mom a ring and got the error message

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Checked. >>51441083 is probably a Hebrew whale utilizing false narratives to turn your wallet into a burn address.
Sell your ETH NOW

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Still 3 hours until the merge tardbrain

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I just founded and claimed your eth on the new blockchain sry

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this is happening to alot of people

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imagine this theory
>vitalik and eth controlled by globohomo
>merge is so bad the entire eth blockchain old and new is inoperable
>poof goes billions of dollars without recourse or recovery
>nothing personal goy now eat ze bugs you are poor

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eth is not mean to be money, it's meant to be centralized (PoS) way of keeping track of everything on the blockchain. if you wanted money you should of bought litecoin or bitcoin though both are doing fuck all.

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Is there any purpose in running a node without staking 32 eth as a validator? I set everything up but never got around to actually doing the last lil bit...

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You just had to put your life savings on Bitcoin and by the next year your money would be 5x higher than it was..
But you were a fucking brainlet and choose a literal king shitcoin to put your life savings on, stupid frog.

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did you get any poookachino tho?

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quit being mean. i literally lost everything and you think its funny?

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do you have the AI generated version of that meme

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>10 eth
>whole life savings.
Got me there for a second

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cause ur either stupid or a liar lol

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I have no pity for you because you choose the most fucked up cryptocurrency to put your life savings on.
Why couldn't you listen to the anons here? Come on man also don't even need to be a genius to realize this, listenin to me right now!!:
Bitcoin has been here for over 10 years now, if you were to buy bitcon 10 years ago you would still be able to use your bitcoin.
Exactly. bitcoin is the proof of work, it's the place where you put your life savings because it NEVER changes, it's base layer money.
Now on the other hand CENTRALIZED ethereum is always changing, creating new forks and all that making it extremely unsafe to put your money on it, why would you do it?
Because you didn't search up.

Do the right thing this time, I'm only offering you the truth.

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my ethereum is stuck on the old chain and you think its funny. you are making fun of me.

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>the future of finance

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Bitcoin is king shitcoin ethereum is queen shitcoin

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Should have bought bitcoin, you stupid moron!

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You just gotta claim it on the ETHPOW chain anon. But hurry up because nigger scavengers are already out claiming other people's coins.

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>>poof goes billions of dollars without recourse or recovery
This actually nearly happened to Cardano when Charles tried to rush a network update
The fact that PoS is that vulnerable to catastrophic failure should be a warning to anybody investing, but people never learn

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You had enough warning, anon. If you didn't make use of the bridge while it was up for months, you have nobody to blame for your worthless ETH 1.0 coins but yourself.

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