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I want to freeze myself at ripe age of 24 and wake up 1000 years from now. I genuinely think we live in one of the most idiotic times in human history.

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If you think now is bad just wait a year until the economic collapse

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Wtf this was the meme from last year

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1000 years from now where your money and investments now will be useless? Where things would be so different you’d have the equivalent of someone with 20 IQ today? I dunno man, just sounds like you wanna kys so why don’t you do it now?

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Profiting from idiocy is so fucking simple though.

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and you are very smart and very much unlike the others amirite

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Le based redpilled warcel tranny with xer epic based redpilled warcore maymays about wars she never fought and conflict she will never experience

time to masturbate again sister, get a move on!

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Inhale the dip while others are fearful.

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Absolutely. I have zero faith for the future generation and this is a part of why I no longer want children. I'm frightened at what the world is going to look like in the next two decades. All great things face an end, in time.

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I am.

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It’s a shit state of affairs to be in. You’ve got the Russians and Ukrainians killing each other, inner city violence creeping into suburbia, and climate instability encroaching faster each day

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Would you rather live in a time when if you didn’t get up at 5 am to plow your field you starved, where your local lord had a right to deflower your wife on your wedding night, or if your neighbor told the church you were a witch they burned you at the stake? You all are gigantic pussies. We live in one of the most peaceful and easy times ever. Literally all you have to do is walk away from your screen but your dopamine junkies so you won’t.

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linear progression of history niggercattle lie propagaytor

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Some diversity hire will unplug your tank in 2052 tho

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Don't bother. They are too stupid to even realise how depressed and addicted they are. They are also stupid enough to believe other losers with no experience of the real world on the internet and think thst they can have it all figured out inside their heads with no real life experience.

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The future will be horrible, once AI takes over nearly every job plus population booms. Imagine the unemployment rate.

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Just one more year, eh? Been hearing that since 2008

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Even if you're 4 years old and intend to freeze yourself our cryotech is nowhere near good enough. Expect to be defrozen within 30 years and thrown in a mass grave with 20 other cryo enthusiasts.

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It's only gonna get worse over time, zoomie.

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Sounds like someone has a pop culture understanding of history - that whole "right of the first night" does not show up in any actual medieval sources, only stuff people wrote hundreds of years later (ie, bullshit). And if you were accused of being a witch, going to the Church was the best option; they regarded most witchcraft accusations as peasant superstition. You were more likely to get convicted of witchcraft by a secular court.

As for working hours, during planting & harvest times the serfs would be working their asses off, sunrise to sunset, and then maybe a bit more. During the rest of the year, things were a lot more sedate, with much less work to do & lots of church holidays.

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Retard in 100 years we either live in the matrix or in fallout 3

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Kek truth

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I would prefer that over my current living situation desu. Fuck reality big time.
>inb4 "reality"

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“I’m going to the future now”
>freezes self at 24

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Imagine your thaw date set for 3000 BCE. They’d definitely be able to recuperate and resuscitate your body