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>interest for LINK has almost completely died down
>positive/negative threads barely get any replies
>price moves up for no reason
>suddenly, the board is infested with muh Huffington appearing on SmartCon, price prediction threads, breadcrumbs, relentless shilling
>couple of days later, LINK predictably dumps to hell, becoming once again one of the worst performers in the entire top 50
daily reminder to short LINK whenever shills come out of the woods

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>link "pumps" to 7.9
>massive bobo dick appears down to 7.3

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you forgot about the CL team getting exposed for lurking and shilling on this board as well
this thread was posted from a CL employee, basically admitting they lurk here, they saw a thread about pisspoor SmartCon attendance and they immediately posted a tweet to comfort the holders lmao
most obvious scam ever

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There is only one certainty in life: Sir gay WILL betray. But seriously is anyone still holding LINK at this point?

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>you forgot about the CL team getting exposed for lurking and shilling on this board as well
90% of fat Sergeys come from the CL team

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What am I missing, why did this guy >>51397588
suddenly claim that particular OP was proof of CL employees posting on here?

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Who cares if they post here?
Technically it does count as marketing so it's bullish for Link.
I'll be scooping more during the dips!

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you will own chainlink, and be happy because you own nothing.

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They pay me to do this.