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if eth after merge dumps then it is probably going to drag the whole erc20 ecosystem along with it, including chainlink. what are some good plays to make considering we are close to the bottom now anyway? bnb and bsc ecosystem is looking very strong right now but maybe there is something else to watch out for too? what do you guys think

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That female is not real

Its an AI generated image

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can AI generate real people so we can just go to the shop and buy an AI generated girl?

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I'd cum on those
Anyways I am very cautious of btc specifically. I'm not a news trader. I am in alts, but am out of btc until an official reversal on the macro (it's actually very close to reversing, but until confirmed, it can fake out again and I have a bad feeling jews are plotting something retarded). I'm basically just hedging.

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Ik this is a shitpost, but this is a genius idea. AI only fans. People would never know!

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I was thinking about that before but after thinking about it I do not want to make my money peddling smut and have that on my conscience and have to pay for it one day

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Whatever the muslims are in to because our maker has blessed us in this life and the hereafter الْحَمْدُ لِلَّهِ now go listen or read some Quran

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That female is also not a female
It's an AI generated man

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Come to think of it I don't think I could do it long term either
Realizing how I'm making the world worse, the world I live in. People would tell me I'm an idiot, "you can't change how people are bro if you don't sell it they'll find it somewhere else" and you know what, good, go find it in the real world you fucking incel.

Put the fucking phones down you fucking sexless virgin carrying a computer around in front of your face all day.

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fake booba, didn't save image, didn't read

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>MFW even the fake women aren't real

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Everyone says eth will dump after merge, so no one is buying. This is actually bullish.
I dont like eth, never did. Vitalik is a child, but i think i should buy some more of this boomer shitcoin

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really? lots of normies and nft bros hold eth now its practically as mainstream as btc. Once it changes to POS what is the difference between BNB and other centralised crap coins? except having higher fees and lower throughput at least initially. how does this make the merge bullish

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After? Its dumping now

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