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What are your friends and family saying about crypto right now?

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All quiet on the western front

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friends.... family?

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Parents said they'll give me a small loan of $300,000 if bitcoin goes to 4 digits, but they wont buy it themselves, but are willing to loan me the money to give me the risk.

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Father is telling me I'll lose everything I put in crypto
Is he wrong?

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Merge is a sell the news event.

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heh... good one anon

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Which is great
The time for DCA is approaching

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>At bar
>Mention crypto
>Everyone proceeds to tell me it's a scam now
>"S...so you wouldn't buy...."
>Why would they buy something that is just transferring dollars around?
>"So wait I put dollars into the app, I get crypto, and then I sell the crypto back for more or less dollars?"
>Sounds like a wild ass ponzi scheme to me anon

They aren't wrong guys what is the point of any of this it's just dollars back and forth with a made up dog coin representation in the middle but really it's just "dollars with extra steps"

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My dad said btc is going to 3k lmao

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Are these all your friends and family?

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Must be nice. Good luck

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i don't give a shit would keep stacking more of what i got on Sylo dApp and when the bulls are back change my circle.

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No I'm just gauging sentiment for people dumb enough to comment on ads i.e. NPCs

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They better be saying buy shib. They better be...

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Lol niggercattle can still surprise me.....

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Goys gonna goy. Last one, thank you for viewing my presentation

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No literally just pick any random public crypto post and check the comments.

Normies hate crypto, all but written off entirely. The fact that people are still in this game is insanity. The IRS is literally coming for some of you in here. Some anons are gonna have to go rogue soon.

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They just memory holed the entire year of 2022.

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Are you new too or just doing satire here?

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Based pmg-Chad

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To be fair bitcoin is the only coin that has an iron tight use case. If you understand why you can convince them its not a scam but whats the point, most people are like cattle

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Everything I say on the internet is a lie
A fabrication
Sometimes I tell the truth but for the most part I lie about everything
I like to think the FBI watches me, thinks they get close, and then I make this comment which throws a wrench in the whole thing.
Everything I say on 4chan, Reddit, YouTube, everything, it's all lies. I nonstop lie all the time. I intentionally tell people wrong information or lie about how violent I feel about something. I probably don't care at all.
I have no idea why I do it.
Sometimes I have an identity crisis and forget who I even am.
On the internet I'm everyone. I'm the guy you walk past on the street, the guy driving 4 cars back behind you, the homeless guy who needs his junk juice, maybe today I'm a big wig Fintech rep, or maybe I feel like being honest with the world and I'll make a post down to specific details, sometimes even using real names.

So in any case no I'm not being satirical at all crypto is definitely a scam.

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Thanks for all of those >>51403954 sounds like it's time to buy back in

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Everyone's stopped talking about it

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According to all of the normies I work with, crypto has absolutely bottomed and anything under 20k is like printing free money
I even know one person who is bullish about the ETH merge, and thinks BTC will go back to ATH shortly after it happens and the bull run is back on

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i don't have any friends
discord niggers don't talk about crypto at all

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Then they stayed poor, fat, aged terribly due to alcoholism, and die of liver failure

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This mostly

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- 'Waiting to buy at 10k'
- 'Lmao no we are in a recession'
- 'I follow textbook recession protocol, you should do the same'
- Silence on any financial news and implications
>>> Silence on sharing returns

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Outlaw it

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>Bobo niggers and /pol/chuds on the same level as faceberg normalnigger golems
HOLY FUCKING BULLISH. Bobo niggers I hope your little brown butt holes are lubed up for the big green dildo.

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Too complex for them, especially the old guys. I guess it's a big deal dealing with several keys and seed phrases for different assets.

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what they saying ain't good, but I already have 80% of my bags in DAI staked through Spool, where I get returns in a safe condition.

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Yea he's wrong, the only thing he knows about investing is from watching the Enron movie and a documentary about Bernie Madoff. Many such cases

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That is arguable, considering the number of on-chain applications built on other blockchains. The extent of use, sponsored by account protocols that are making it easier to take control of their identities is an evidence of this.

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Fucking retards I hate all of them.

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scam or don't understand.

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What they say doesn't bother me, after all I know crypto better than they do, and I believe in DeFi,especially with what AllianceBlock are pushing.

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Everyone is getting along. They are waiting to by GSTAR since they started playing the gamestar+ games.

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>Direct them to ENS or ORE
There are better ways to manage seed phrases, dumbass.

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lmao you are leverage trading with your parents

nothing. one mention from family during the dump to 17k, normies are AFK on it. If you haven't been buying you should start now

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Aand here's the other kind of bots

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My dad watches fox news and he asked me to invest 5k for him in shib while the price is low. I told him he missed the boat but we can put some in there and the rest in eth.

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please post the link please

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My company is super bullish

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They're asking me if bitcoin is a good company to invest in and how much each share is

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actually I found it, it's a post from The Atlas Society

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>friends do not mention crypto anymore, last time was more than a month ago just mentioning it to say it died while shittalking musk
>tranny forums and discords actively celebrating crypto and NFTs' death
>coworkers acting smug about the fact they knew it was a scam all along
>dad (bought the top @50k) and talked to me last week about selling at a 90% loss on a $1k "investment"
I bought back in last week with half my stack just in case

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Based presentation holy shit. That is legitimately shocking.

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My dad puts 10% of his check into crypto

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My F&F are now adopting crypto, but begore then, it wasn't an easy task to convince them

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He must be a genius

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How were you able to convinced them to adopt crypto, because my family and friends are adamant, calling crypto a scam

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My mother wants to start dcaing at 9-15k range. Mostly because I convinced her so I guess you could say that doesn't count

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I only know one guy who’s also a redditfag and he’s just holding, he’s kinda excited about the ETH merging. Boomer coworkers think it’s going to zero or getting taxed so high it might
as well be zero

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he's right. once you put money in, it's gone.

>> No.51411293

I invited them to join a crypto games where we played together and earn crypto, that was when they gradually got acquinted with crypto

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Nothing, same as always

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He was wrong to have you but he's right about Bitcoin

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> My dad is a tard
> Asked me to "invest a paltry sum"
Trailer trash bag holders

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I’m a normie from Reddit. I think we are going to be bullish next year. Stocks like GameStop will go down to zero but everything else is going to go mega bull. Bitcoin will go to $100,000

>> No.51411373

What did he say when it dropped 50%?

>> No.51411377

why would GME go to 0? they have 0 debt and don't the rate they are losing money they dont need to issue debt nor print share for another 2 years at least

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"i todja so", 93%
"Ponzi scheme unraveled", 68%
"institutional selloff", 2%

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> Actual retail store with real estate will go to zero
> Bitcoin will go to 100k
Go all in my tard

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Couple of people mentioned on a poker table that they have PLC which is a MLM ponzi lmao

>> No.51411441

> Asks someone who's mum is making lunch why it would go to zero
He doesn't know

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Family still thinks it's a scam, friends don't even know or care about it.

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Ou, sounds good, what games is that if I may ask?

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Yea, mine are convinced after seeing me spend more money than my web2 paycheck
Family feud and Scene it on gamestar platform

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Hey guys I come here from /smg/. Is he right?

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I'm wrong, I'm a paid shill, go balls deep

>> No.51411706

Die pajeet shill
Learn how to use a vpn jesus

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The normie e-thots were right and /biz/ was wrong, welcome to the recession where not even crypto will save you. Once again you neets have been flexed on by superior savvy women entrepreneurs/investors who can't stop winning whilst you seethe and post sad frogs.

>> No.51411982

>well... we want to be able to take credit for his success if we're right, but we also want to recoup our money if he turns out to be retarded
Your parents are fucking kikes

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They’re saying Craig Wright is Satoshi, and to buy BSV.

>> No.51412170

They're all screaming BUY BUY BUY BUY and hyping up the merge like it's the second coming of Jesus. This is the biggest top signal I have ever seen.

>> No.51412220

My stupid friend said that his Soccer World Cup Stamp Album that cost him 100USD will be more valuable in 10 years than 100USD of today's Bitcoin

Imagine being that fucking retarded

Also a bunch of other stupid people I know go around saying mining is not even profitable because electricity
Those fuckers can't even do their own research, they just repeat what they hear online

The highest payrate (for top electricity consooomers) in my country is fucking 0.15USD per kWh... Even mining the shittiest coin is still worth it, even at this shitty bear market prices

I can't wait 10 years to see them cope and seethe while I retire

>> No.51412348

It's the Scene It board games on Gamestarplus, a platform that aims towards bringing entertainment into blockchain

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My dad hates crypto, but my brother lured me into it, and i made good profit on my first investment, then i blindly invested in sylo after a colleague told me about it and still have no regrets on that as the project in itself has a lot to offer.
>from web3 to metaverse as well as NFTs>>

>> No.51413239

Do they have any token yet, what's their token?

>> No.51413243

Trade “””Gurus””””” are shilling stock-trading seminars on boomer radio stations. Pharma medical supplies are running short across the country.

>> No.51413262

you realize if you lose the money they'll hate you forever or even sue you kek
but if you make money they'll want all of it

>> No.51413268

They hate me. They talk shit behind my back. They see me as a leech.

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Not yet, their token; GSTAR will be launch by Q4 2022, investors are getting whitelisted for a slot for the token sales

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Normal people are in but also getting rekt.

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Parents don't care
Grandpa says ignore crypto, buy land
Uncle says ignore crypto, buy real estate
Great-Uncle says ignore everything and invest in businesses with solid principles

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That crypto is dead and it's all over for a fag like myself who believes and all sort of stupid coward saying. Forgetting that we play family feud on my phone together courtesy of gamestarplus streaming app which give us the opportunity to earn while playing. They don't know that it's blockchain based and also revolutionizing board games. They are simply illiterates about crypto/blockchain so I don't give a fuck

>> No.51413624

Even those Youtube and Twitter influencers who influences the normies are getting rekt. Best is to play-to-earn and have peace.

>> No.51413871

How can I get on the whitelist anon?

>> No.51413920

Buy the dip!

>> No.51413923

I laughed with my parents about how I've lost over $100k this year and about how my dad wanted me to buy him some Bitcoin at around $50k (I said no). Otherwise it's mostly mockery.

>> No.51414396

Dad said bitcoin hasnt done anything in months… i dont know what he meant and i changed the subject. Hope that helps guys

>> No.51415144

Even my father is a novice
my cousin made me invested in crypto
SLT, One and BTC are my only holds

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ive been buying every now and then
i'm already in Ethereum and some other better coins
>>vet, sylo, ada, and vfox, but in small amount, coz i needed to pay my rent

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based and lonewolfpilled

>> No.51416208

You have to jump to their website and fill the form, do KYC and you will qualify for the a whitelist spot

>> No.51416487

which website is this?

>> No.51417070

This. And if a piece of media still brings it up, it's always just a punchline to make fun of loser nerds.

>> No.51417156

Volatile and dangerous. Unregulated.

>> No.51418630

best and most succinct post in the thread

>> No.51418659

n-word used

>> No.51419011

"We told you not to place everything in crypto and FX but yet here you are taking cereals daily."
And I'm like fuck the FEDs and the stupid market manipulations IGMI, I saw solid fundamentals in my holdings and imma stick to it and that's on period.
You see that BTC, Eth, Kadena, low cap Sylo, Vra and FLD, those are my fucking babies to lambo with and no one gonna tell me otherwise. See y'all with my assets locked till 2024.

>> No.51419390

My dad knife caught some avax and eth last month. A dude at work told me he dca's regularly after I said "get rekt cunt" to a news article of some crybaby who got rekt ln crypto. A single mum I shagged on the weekend was trying to show me her yield farming on meta mask and has no idea wtf to do with it and couldn't tell me what she held and where it was staked

>> No.51420152

Nobody even talks about it. The one person I used to talk about crypto with sold like 6 months ago.

>> No.51420219

wants to buy eth at $1500 specifically

>> No.51420567

Definitely not, nothing is currently in the sell phase because the institutions are still terrified about investing. During the last bull run there were such events because there was a lot of money around and the world was more stable so positive news alone drove prices. What the institutions are waiting for now is for crypto to make good on their claims, whichever projects do that and prove their value will skyrocket.

The days of dog coins and cumrocket moonshots are over.

>> No.51420774

None of them talk about crypto.
Except one, who is a lawyer. He said he puts about $50 into ETH every week, and has been doing it for years. No clue what his portfolio looks like.
Everyone else is trying to secure a house through the power of being DINK couples. Most have succeeded, even one guy who makes like $45k annually and his girlfriend/fiancee is a veterinarian.

>> No.51420976

he's wrong, you'll only lose 99% of it

>> No.51421038

>mentally ill nazi scams his audience
>called out for scamming his audience
>his only defense is to scream and shit his pants
doesn't get old

>> No.51421852

radio silence especially the retarded axie slaves

>> No.51422870

my friend said crypto is dead and never getting close to all time highs EVER again

>> No.51423003

I'd like to say crypto is not a scam but after successfuly withdrawing 450kusd I've been shadowbanned from kraken. Since then impossible to create accounts on crypto and I have to buy BTC IBKR but leverage is very low there (which is good for stocks but bad for cryptos in my strategy)
So actually crypto is a scam it doesn't mean you can't make money but making real money will he difficult indeed

>> No.51423074

take your meds anon

>> No.51423118

that's what they said after the first bull run lmao

>> No.51423155

>normie sentiment check
By this metric I'm insanely bullish. There is absolute 0 interest from normies and most of them will instantly laugh at or fly into a rage about how much they hate crypto if it ever comes to their attention.

>> No.51423158

My family doesn’t talk about crypto but my boomer neighbor is into it

>> No.51423181

This anon's posts tell the whole story. He also got 4/15 digits, so way above average.

>> No.51423499

kek'd irl

>> No.51424199

>>"So wait I put dollars into the app, I get crypto, and then I sell the crypto back for more or less dollars?"
Is that not all investment? Don't bother trying to reason with golems.
And to be frank, even if it were a Ponzi scheme, as long as you come out with more money than you put in its not your problem.

>> No.51424228

>Ukraine flag

>> No.51424493


>braindead normie retards are unironically smarter investors than /biz/

>> No.51424566

my brother in law told me to sell all my eth on fathers day when it was at $900

>> No.51424716

Haha the normies are the real chads

>> No.51424733

You must have done something they deem suspicious. I'm guessing you were running pnd scams?!?

>> No.51424757

>The days of dog coins and cumrocket moonshots are over
You say this but I'm certain that human greed and stupidity will make these things skyrocket again and again every cycle. It might not be called dog/pregnantbutt/cumbunnie whatever but there will always be some iteration of this shit.

>> No.51424803

I showed the BTC chart to a bunch of my students (normie Nip salary men/lawyers/business owners etc) as we were discussing how to talk about statistics and trends, they all unanimously agreed they wouldn't buy the BTC chart and that it's going lower. Do with that information what you will.

>> No.51424810

Always have been

>> No.51424843

>ackshully, crypto doesn't have any actual value
gee, i totally didn't know that
this cotton-paper is totally more valuable

that's why a single bitcoin is worth over 20k

>> No.51424867


Thats a good thing. Time to accumulate.

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File: 14 KB, 373x179, Screen Shot 2022-06-15 at 7.18.21 AM.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

have you tried not lying all the time and fucking up your personality? You are what you consciously practice

>> No.51426298

based dad
statistically he's right
for every crypto millionaire there are a thousand losers like you

>> No.51426402

just like everything else

>> No.51426506

Asked my normie school teacher gf, what she thinks of crypto “ it’s a digital currency “
Do you think crypto will drop any lower? “No I think it will stay at this price for a long time”
Do you think it will go to all time highs!? “No it will never go that high again”

Is she based??

>> No.51426640

Crypto millionaires are just a little fraction of crypto holders

>> No.51426651

That is just some random guess, not based.

>> No.51426684

These aren't normies, they're boomers. Asking the opinion of a boomer is as worthless as consulting the gum on your shoe.

>> No.51426871

Everyone loses at some point anons, I once got scammed when I had no idea I could hide details of my transactions from the public view. Now I know.

>> No.51426994
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normalnigger npcs remain retarded
they still fall for jewish tricks in the year 2022
nothing changes

>> No.51427147

Privacy focused projects will perfectly do this for you, I mean hide your transaction details as a result reduce your exposure level to the barest minimum

>> No.51427189

Everyone I know thinks the ponzi is over. So I'm buying.

>> No.51427266

>what is the point of any of this
One guy will buy into it with $100k and walk out with $50k. Another will walk into it with $100k and walk out with $150k. You're betting that you'll be the second guy.

>> No.51427349


>> No.51427396



>> No.51427400


>> No.51427406


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These ignorant plebeians laughed in my face and briefly apologized shortly after when I explained to them what a shitcoin is. I will have the last laugh when QOM booms. They will see my inner rage. I am a wolf.

>> No.51427464


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Chuds btfo.

>> No.51427475



>> No.51427492

Bitcoin's usecase is still very debatable unlike Ethereum plus several other projects with usecases such as Asset management, Privacy and security.

>> No.51427506

Might be right.

>> No.51427507

>sell the news
not predicting but rather jewish conditioning for as long as they exist to make people sell in masses until it is not plus insider knowledge and easy market manipulation
you both retarded niggers

>> No.51427531

They wished I was never born , I pushed my family and friends to buy eth when it was around 3k, and some are planning to hire contract killers to get a hold of me but I am told them they can make money buying public sales of gamestarplus and some sol avax and doge and shiba

>> No.51427546

Defi is the future of finance and privacy is the tool for security and freedom hence why regulators are mad at it but it will survive.

>> No.51427547

I would have wished the same dickehead, merge is the best time to buy some.
Is this the gstar the same project steve harvey been promoting on family feud for a while now.

>> No.51427566

It is very quiet, very bearish.

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I don't give a fuck what they're saying anon. I know what I'm invested in. I know Ethereum and Polygon are going to carry me to financial freedom in the long-term. Shit doesn't matter right now.

>> No.51427578

The only thing where I have been making money is playing games, it the rewards would have been awarded on my PC I would become a millionaire already

>> No.51427585

There are better ways to diversify desu, buy across different niches and market caps, your folio should look like this
>30% BTC
>30% ETH
>10% Lowcaps(SOV,OGN,RAIL,UDO)

>> No.51427605

I miss trump

>> No.51427619

Absolutely nothing.

>> No.51427656

Since privacy is a human right in and of itself, I prefer Railgun because the team is constantly improving its technology. In order to give its users access to onchain privacy while on the go, it recently launched a mobile version on Android and iOS and I find it really user friendly.

>> No.51427666

A solid family time works.

>> No.51427742

Nothing - but those in the know are keeping an eye on the markets to not miss the next bull run.

>> No.51427844

Last night:
>"hey mom US stocks crashed, so I bought Bitcoin"
>"Nice anon..." "I heard there are now credit cards that operate with Bitcoin"
>"Oh yeah they are pretty cool..."
Friend told me to buy while in a voice chat call with another friend. The other friend is just a simple guy but hates all kind of digital assets so he proposed to buy gold instead kek. Not gonna lie he's based.

>> No.51427863
File: 6 KB, 225x225, index.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

They are hunting down gems anon. Are you? Pay attention to payment solutions. The run for it is coming.

>> No.51427891

Nothing about crypto, but they're all REEE'ing about the stock market right now, which I've found to be a great buy indicator in the past.

>> No.51427892

This. Npcs can only think of things they’re directly told by the authority (media) and the media are silent on crypto.

>> No.51427900

>Normies hate crypto
Nothing new there. They'd fomo soon. I don't care tho. Passive income is my forte now. Still slurping Xpress and waiting for merge.

>> No.51427959

Definitely, playing some board games in Gamestar has been a good way to create awareness to my friends and family into the cryptosphere.

>> No.51428099

It get easier, I guess you cant make such mistake again with based wallets like Railway.

>> No.51428159

Its all about security I believe the a vast majority of people will buy into crypto if its relatively safe and they can keep their transaction private from public view.

>> No.51428277

Not again, more so, it is now available on mobile making it really convenient fr me t o use

>> No.51428613

Chad lawyer. Wouldn't be a surprise if he's the first to invest in projects with payment solutions. Keep him close.

>> No.51428631

they've said that it's worthless ever since i tried to explain it to them

>> No.51428634

What about payment gateways anon? Those are gaining adoption. Binance pay is setting the pace and CryptoXpress is following closely behind.

>> No.51428666

>don't have friends
>coworkers have stopped talking about it since last christmas
>family frequently send me articles written by people shitting on crypto and gloating how they knew it was all going to go tits up
so normie sentiment is non existent

>> No.51428920

Try explaining to them how the dollar is no longer backed by gold, all paper money is worthless, and the banks keep printing it like it's going out of style. Gets them to shut the fuck up real quick, especially when they notice inflation.

>> No.51429161

Speculations about payment solutions everywhere, yet privacy, which is the most important feature to make it happen is yet to dominate the space.

>> No.51429199
File: 169 KB, 450x289, 25374659e75.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Railgun setting a standard in PriFi
Good one. On-chain privacy on the go

>> No.51429219

No shit will lead you to financial freedom. Go get a job, asshole

>> No.51429231

How can I contact Mrs Debra Hunson? I only heard good things and want to invest with her.

>> No.51429233

It is either you are dumb or they are, crypto is the future of finance world. Identity management projects like ORE ID has made it possible to manage and secure wallets across multichains with just a password. This is just an example out of loads that the blockchain technology offers.This isnt possible in tradfi.

>> No.51429248

No, that one sucks

>> No.51429251

I'm not racist, antisemite or misogynistic, BUT

>> No.51429283

Have friends who bought btc or shib at 24k and are now mad that they "lost money" (from their $100 coinbase purchase) and think it's over and have no concept that itll go back up.

>> No.51429295

can someone tell me how the next bull run will beat these past prices?
we had a fucking lockdown and stimulus money pump shit beyond the moon.

tell me how next run will be different. i can't see it.

>> No.51429298

The numbers should be much more than that, if not for the ridiculous high barrier of entry. Good thing that efforts are being taken by account protocols such as Open Rights Exchange to set it down

>> No.51429413

He’s retarded?

>> No.51429429
File: 34 KB, 700x700, 1643928601416.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Pay attention to private coins. They are getting delisted on some exchanges but I'm bullish on them regardless. Anything privacy related will pump like fuck in the next bull run

>> No.51429475

what's good to mine? help a bro out

>> No.51429556

Won't take long before RAIL transits into a mid cap considering the rate of development it's exhibiting in H2 following the release of its privacy system.

>> No.51429586

on-chain apps have been considered a bad idea since 2017 due to the load it puts on node operators.

>> No.51429595

What sucks?

>> No.51429783

I rather focus on privacy focused projects like Railgun than privacy tokens/coins.

>> No.51430376

The load on dApp users is quite notable as well which is why it is quite important for authentication processes to be made easier to a reasonable extent

>> No.51430982
File: 11 KB, 236x177, 638a35155f9cca5d57fc4f122179b5e2--meme-humor.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I guess the security implications of having all transactions publicly visible without restrictions is gaining a lot of emphasis. I won't be surprised if the demand to stay anonymous skyrockets over the next couple of months.

>> No.51431751

n-word used

>> No.51431908

Mum just told me to slurp le dip. We have a long way to go

>> No.51432027

>I'm not racist, antisemite or misogynistic
Not gonna make it
Mega cringe

>> No.51432042

Still dont get why they needed a avax pair

>> No.51432103

Unfortunately this is the answer. The whole world economy is going to crash with no survivors.

>> No.51432311

I live in france and am working class and most people I know don't even understand what it is. They don't even understand that its not a company and that they can buy and sell whenever they want and when I try to explain it to them they give me that sceptic look like its a trap ans im trying to scam them or sometimes they give me the empty fluoride stare and also sometimes they tell me about sports bets or casino or mlms.
During the 2021 top i remember some young guys (20-30 yo) where i worked were into mining and one kid kept making leveraged bets and kept losing

>> No.51432446

Facebook nocoiner boomers are not the normie sentiment you should be watching. You need a good sample size of reddit/twitter/discord people with a total of 100k invested between them at least. For example one of my canaries was calling the bottom a few days ago and many of them are very bullish on KDA.

>> No.51434565
File: 8 KB, 225x225, 1653482425449.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

They think I'm crazy for investing. I don't care though, I will continue diving deeper

>> No.51434578

Absolutely nothing. Bottom is in

>> No.51434693

This bear market is a time of get your eyes down and follow good stuff, not always asses and boobs.

>> No.51434840

The blockchain-based game streaming platform is a good one

>> No.51434859


>> No.51435103

No more fools left to put money into this Ponzi scheme bud

>> No.51435165

Gamestar+ is the only one I know for now.

>> No.51435376

>cool, more for the stack

>> No.51436071

Same here. Father fanatically hates crypto. Want to make it just to laugh in his face. Its my main motivation.

>> No.51436403

>Stake it

>> No.51437817

It's not time to DCA yet? I have been DCA'ing into SYLO for some time now.

>> No.51438994

>crypto = Amway without the soap

>> No.51439142

let’s be real: if these people are stupid enough to comment on an ad, let alone think their internet opinion matters to anybody, they also don’t have money to invest

>> No.51440188

insane, i literally thought this EXACT same thing when mtgox crashed btc 90%

>> No.51440268
File: 124 KB, 960x756, screenshot_20220914_201300.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I think facebook fags are literally niggers, but your normie tier onions boy redditors have made some bottom statements lately.

Basically the thread was about dcaing but retail unironically cannot afford food and shit. The market's at least close to bottoming

>> No.51440413
File: 148 KB, 1052x740, 1631073947282.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

One of my friends just asked me if Eth will moon when the merge happens so he can sell at break-even. He bought at 3k lol. It seems to be out of the minds of everyone who was never really into crypto