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I’m sick and tired of following the fucking “hot takes” the new “big 1”. These fucking gay storylines have brought to my wits end. I’m at the point where everything pisses me off. I’m so triggered… unironically. I walk around this planet seethed out Bc I just know how much bullshit everything is

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Same, just become a nihilist.

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the newest zoomer abbreviation is god damn? gd? i mean why not just speak entirely in abbreviations at this point? im a zoomer myself and i cant stand this shit

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Don’t listen to this anon. Find a way to make it through the day without going insane doing something worthwhile. That’s what I’m trying to do. It’s been 8 years and I still havent given up. I’ll keep trying until I’m bankrupt or something sticks

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Out of everything have you actually took the time to humbly read or listen to the words of our maker and actually read the Quran the only religious scripture which has factually remained unaltered in word? If not you should do so asap. And then you’ll experience true joy

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Fuck off with your faggot god and pedo religion