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>tfw you’re balls deep in your super secret hiding strategy, and one of your node operators just spills beans everywhere

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We made it

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holy shit ari just flew over my house

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Custodial Chainlink staking

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>staking is coming

Been hearing that since 2019

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>staking is coming

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Source on APY percentage?

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5% in link

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horse rimmer bros gonna get burned three for free kek
>bancor haircut
>celsius exit scam
>lpl nothingburger

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>the tweet is real

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thats right dear,, our lord vishnu give you two ears and a diary to write down your sounds so you dont do the forgetting

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Why the f did I invest in linkpool when it’s not even the best platform to stake on despite Linkpool literally devoting it’s entire project to being the best staking platform??? How could literally whos do better. Fuck this Earth

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WOW more breadcrumbs. Pathetic losers. Imagine getting excited for the 15th announcement of an announcement this year. Real staking doesnt come out for at least another year, probably two, and the baby test version comes out by this dec at the earliest. You maybe get a 40% pump in price on testnet, which we all know will die off within a week and you’ll be back in single digits for two more years.

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why not? vidya fags have been excited for the new version of skyrim for over ten years now and es6 is nowhere in sight

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those are their node stats retard, nothing to do with staking

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Why would you need to stake an unneeded token?

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To get more the token, which “secures the network”. Now if we only knew why the network was needed. My internet works fine without made up tokens

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You stake on nodes dumb faggot, obviously the best nodes will have the most stake

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So stake an unneeded token to get more unneeded token. Anyway its dumping lel.

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You're saying the token isn't needed? Do go on, oh brave lone voice in the wilderness?

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checked and its unneeded. arbitrum works fine without a token. pos eth is unneeded. everything is free just like star trek. chainlink is also unneeded because if you want people to believe a lie you make it big and keep repeating it. its the jewish way

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> Sergey, 2019:
"staking soon!"
> P2P, 2022/3:
"staking soon!"

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We're excited to announce that we're currently getting ready to finalize our initial implementation of the proof of concept for staking and have plans to release a road map soon for a new white paper describing how staking could theoretically work on a beta testnet, more announcements coming Q3 so hold the line link marines!! Oh and we're also gonna dump 1 billion this week and also I converted to Islam and I'm pregnant following my beautiful encounter with a Saudi sheik we're expecting two lovely twins, praise Allah.

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This is SO bullish. If the bulgo fudders at celsius who are dumping bitcoin saw this they would seethe so hard! Me? Im just buying more

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Thanks for your concern for my financial well-being. Just sold my 4 remaining Chainlink coins.

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I have 10k LINK and 1 BTC. Will I make it?

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>thread instantly fills up with furiously seething faggots
>only one person bothers to check trips
Oh yeah we’re at peak disillusionment. It’s time.

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thank you frendo and welcome to financial freedom

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WOWWWWWWWW. Man I was on the fence about this investment until I saw that graphic. Look at all that value secured!!!!!! Dude this token must have been pumping nonstop because everyone knows, token price follows TVL. Let me just pull up the char—ACK!!!!!!

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>dude just buy after the value secured is reflected in the token price!!!

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DUUUUDDDEEE just invest in the next Mark Cuban scam just get excited for the next hyped up nothingburger that goes nowhere dont buy what the whales missed out on and are activately suppressing DDDUUUUUDDDEEEEE avoid the best team in the space with ecosystem defining releases and tech DDDDDDDDDDDUUUUUUUUUUDDDDDDDDDEEEEEEEE WOWWWWEEE A NEW ANIMAL SCAM FUNDED BY VCS APE IN







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kek this is the only good fud pasta in circulation right now

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dude i know it's sooooooo good

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lp will be running eth nodes as well. i wish i got more then one at the time but was a broke dick. spent 9k for that one

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classy way to flush your money down the toilet tho

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do you think that you will just be staking on linkpool's node?
what about all of their managed nodes (framework for example)? what about naas? what about nodes that will use their staking infrastructure?
i think you have no idea what you bought
the main thing you have bought is a cut of revenue

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eh im up 60k. selling it is a whole other problem. fuck bancor

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checked. WAGMI NFT funtime I'm so glad holding DASH for sol long as paid off

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>he thinks 916 is better than 777

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Oh look I can stake link on my PSP while I watch Underworld and play Tony Hawk's Pro Skater on my way to school.

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>duuuude we are the ONLY PEOPLE in the world who know of le segretttt investment. Were literally insiders bro, they didnt want us to know about it!!!!

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>duuuuuude we have the best team ever, because WE JUST DO ALRIGHT!!!!

>duuude this is a serious project, if you want quick dog coin gains, go buy shib, doge, or our main sponsor coin, VOLT INU


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Reminder to ignore paid fudders, don't engage them and give them no feed back.

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>My internet works fine without made up tokens
Your internet works with tokens you absolute retard.

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based. linkpool good

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big steak comms

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we're at the final evolutionary stage of the fud where the fudders just screech incoherently. wagmi

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How much do you think I can make monthly on staking 3k LINK? If I sold all my ETH for LINK I could get a 10k stack but i’m thinking of just staking my ETH alongside my link for some passive income.

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Can these custodial staking services be trusted? What are the chances of these custodial staking services pulling a Bancor and stealing everyone's linkies?

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You won’t be able to stake unless you have been holding since early 2018

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What about when staking is in full force for plebs? I was late on the LINK train and just been stacking the last year or two

Atleast I have 32 ETH

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yeah but that will be well into next year

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No, guaranteed.

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if the node you're staking on fails to perform then you can have your link slashed

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Look how unhinged the fudders are getting. Reminds me of Sergey’s pre-Consensus post.

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And remind us what happened there exactly? A “pump” that lasted a few hours and is long gone? You are losing grip on reality. What is wrong with you?

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From henceforth it shall be known as stanking.

Get the word out.

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I wonder if the fidders will continue fudding after we all have our link staked and are becoming increasingly wealthy? Or will they dry up and disappear? I like to think they'll hang around for a while so we can mock them, but that's probably wishful thinking

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create a thread with capped fud posts that anons can search the archives and add to for lulzy link fud collage

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Take this down

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Pay 7.7k usd for 1k link now, have 1m eoy, and earn 5% yield on that forever? Cool. Sign me up.

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that'd be so nice

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Price didnt move an inch lmao

Should one buy a bag now? Seriously

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It’s not a mega millions or a power ball ticket yet but it is a good start in the right direction.

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should have been accumulating since may

>> No.51404759

go back to 2018 and 2019.. 18 months of crabbing
if you don't have a bag this is when you should be acculumating
like back then most people will be too dumb or simply just get distracted by shiner objects

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Linkpool 777 link per day. Nice

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Didn't even notice that at first. Great eye. Jonneh is quite the jokester if you ever met him. t. Had a pint with Huxtable

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More like

> Sergey, 2019:
"staking soon!"
> Sergey, 2022:
"staking this year!"

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>Look at all that value secured!!!!!!
How does BTC secure value?

>> No.51405565

>super secret hiding strategy
>literally announced initial implementation of staking along with details on the amount of tokens that will be staked

>> No.51405595

Where is the based fockin’ Jonneh postah anyweh?

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fuck i wish i was you rn

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1k per LINK just lol

2 more weeks man

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Now don't be sad (don't be sad 'cause)
'Cause two out of three ain't bad
Now don't be sad ('cause)
'Cause two out of three ain't bad

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holders were screeching first though>>51400339

>> No.51406530

He was making fun of >>51400260

>> No.51406613

the post he was making fun of was much more coherent than his shitpost
don't you agree? look at this deranged shit>>51400339
>inb4 but le fudders!
you are equally deranged anon, and it's hilarious how you don't even realize it

>> No.51406677

He’s deranged for pointing out that you’re wrong? Are you retarded? That was a rhetorical question

>> No.51406682

>the post he was making fun of was much more coherent than his shitpost
Isn't that usually how it goes? One upping each others shitposts, ad absurdem? It is pretty evident that >>51400260 started the bad faith "ACK!" posting, all because a graph that displays objective easy to verify data. Why this data would elicit such a reaction is the real head scratcher here.
>you are equally deranged anon,
I just pointed out that it was not that anon that started the "duuude!!" exclemation posts. This is my 2nd post in this thread. Are you confusing me with someone else, or are you deranged yourself and projecting?

>> No.51406702

you (the shills, supporters, holders etc) are equally deranged with them ( fudders, bad actors, jaded holders etc)
two sides of the same coin

>> No.51406704

>holders were screeching first!
>ok so fudders were screeching first, but they were much more coherent!
>actually both are equally deranged!

You're flopping like a catfish on a redneck's arm.

>> No.51406718

just stating some observable facts, sorry for disturbing you I guess

>> No.51406722

>observable facts
But you keep contradicting yourself.

>> No.51406731

there is not a single contradiction in my posts and I don't get what you're trying to accomplish with low effort trolling
I'm terribly sorry for insulting and equating (You) with the god forsaken fudders1!

>> No.51406735

>holders were screeching first!
>ok so fudders were screeching first, but they were much more coherent!
>actually both are equally deranged!

These are all contradictory.

>> No.51406753

yes, if that post right here>>51399342
is considered incoherent screeching, then this post is definitely the same>>51400339
the contradiction exists only inside your brain
keep harping on about my contradictions instead of the actual argument though, that clearly paints the picture you're "winning" the argument

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You tried. It’s time to give up and move on

>> No.51406956

>you (the shills, supporters, holders etc) are equally deranged with them ( fudders, bad actors, jaded holders etc)
That's not what you said though. You said:
>you are equally deranged anon
This was directed at me. All I said is that it was in fact not the holder who started screeching first. You and me both hadn't posted in this thread before this interaction, so it would be impossible for you or me to infer any allegiances about the other. Yet you did, and by doing so you made your motives very clear.

Work on your logic friend. You dig holes for indefensible positions, like wording of posts made not even an hour ago. Don't do that if you want to win an argument.

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>This was directed at me
you all are deranged
all of you
you is both singular and plural

>> No.51407091

>yes, if that post right here>>51399342
>is considered incoherent screeching, then this post is definitely the same>>51400339
"The same"? But you said it was worse. Which is a contradiction.

You also said >>51400339
was first, which it wasn't.
That's another contradiction.

>> No.51407101

thanks for proving my point, absolute nonsense
if this isn't a post from a deranged mind, I don't know what is

>> No.51407107

>you are equally deranged anon
>you, anon
I don't get it. Do you get off on being wrong? Is that why you keep doing this?

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Stinkers are going to make it with 100 Link
lpl chads, well they are now gods

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I'm all in, 150k link, is this enough to live on staking for 10+ years?

>> No.51407564

if you maintain an oatmeal diet, yes

>> No.51407675

If you don't mind being marked by ((them))

>> No.51407939

I only have 10k links, and with the estimation of $3/link/year gains with staking. I don't think I'm gonna make it.

>> No.51408250

Why would it ever be a flat $ estimate? It's all based on %

>> No.51408321

you replied to a bot

>> No.51409125

A while back there were anons doing calculations and estimated that number taking the apy % and price action. The lower the price, the higher the apy and so on.

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>> No.51410343

>the main thing you have bought is a cut of revenue
nobody ever discusses what the cut of revenue is, or what the rewards are as a % of earnings. Anons holding LPL will be tied into taking whatever they're given under that system. Elsewhere, I'm betting staking providers will be in fierce competition with one another to get anons' tokens on their nodes. I'd hate to be tied to Linkpool, and unable to shop around for better deals elsewhere. It's going to be a massive market, and I have no idea why you'd spend good money on LPL instead of the token that actually counts, Link. Linkpool could easily become irrelevant quickly when faced with competition from industry giants, desperate for staking customers. They'll probably even run at a loss to get people onboarded, while Linkpool holders get some crummy reward rate and an equally crummy share of revenue.
I may be proven wrong on this but i'm still glas i never went down that path.

>> No.51410869

you guys suck, this post was good

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>chainlink staking confirmation leaked?
>domp eet

>> No.51411102

>Sure it'll be 10usd SOMEDAY
fuck man... wonder where Dknw/zpo is now...

>> No.51411740

he probably khs

>> No.51412678

someone post the lilnkpool staking page where I can see my LPL?

>> No.51412714

found it https://app.linkpool.io/pools/linkpool-owners/claim

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I am cumming.

...and shitting at the same time.

>> No.51413864

5% is subsidized (gauranteed minimum) by Chainlink for v0.1

>> No.51413945

Linkpool signaling poolers that our time is near.

t. delusional pooler

>> No.51415534

I'm pretty sure it was maximum of 5%, not minimum

>> No.51417137

>but i'm still glas i never went down that path
at ico, 25k lpl was $400

>> No.51418009

>at ico, 25k lpl was $400
What's your point? I bought 5000 Link tokens at ICO for $500. I'd do it again in a heartbeat. I think Linkpool is redundant before it has even started. I suppose there is some chance of it succeeding, but it's in my very-high-risk category. I feel exactly the opposite about Link, however. It's a no-brainer for me.

>> No.51418281

how is it redundant?
chainlink won't provide a way for retail to stake trustlessly on nodes
>Furthermore, node operators can create or use a delegation system, serving as an additional avenue for community members to stake their LINK.
then you have all of their other revenue streams (managed nodes, naas, market, eth staking) which you get a cut of

>> No.51419485

You're talking about one organisation giving you a cut of their revenue. Who's to say what their revenue will be? What makes you so sure that the compensation you are awarded by Linkpool for being an LPL holder is going to make holding their token worthwhile in the first place? It's such a vague model.
I said it's redundant (maybe a bad choice of word) because you have to own the token before you can stake with them. That seems like a bad model to me. Incidentally, how much Link do LPL holders have, anyway? Has anyone figured this out?
I think Chainlink is going to be absolutely huge, and I think Linkpool will probably do okay, but I have serious doubts they'll be able to offer anything better than emerging competition who don't require some dubious token in order to stake with them.
LPL just seems to me a token for some derivative product, not tied to the inherent potential value of Link, and therefore unlikely to be as good an investment as the Link token itself.

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>Staking is coming
>Staking is coming
>Staking is coming

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>In the Chainlink context, “staking” is the ability to collateralize job requests as a Chainlink node operator in order to be eligible for jobs that require it. That means that there will be a very specific demand for LINK collateral, and once the demand is met, the rewards won’t increase despite increasing the LINK collateral of a certain node. This applies to any Chainlink node operator. That is the main reason that inspired us to create the LinkPool Allowance token, in order to provide the ability to any potential LINK staker to secure their ability to stake LINK in the LinkPool node and those nodes participating in their trustless staking microcosmos.

>> No.51420510 [DELETED] 

Trips and I’ll have drink my urine

>> No.51420549

>3rd party Link Staking Pool 1.14%
Well, I doubt they'll be getting many customers for that. SN already stated we'd be starting at 5%, and he never mentioned LPL.
Also, you have no idea what the competition will offer. What if Google or someone come along and say "Here's 7% for staking your Link with us"? Where would that leave Linkpool? There are so many unknowns.

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>Down a dollar since OP post.

>> No.51420636

>There are so many unknowns.
We know that lpl will cover slashing fees and allow you to maintain control of your staked link. That's enough initially to grab a large share of the link pie, and when better competition does emerge we can re-evaluate. For now though. It's lpl.

>> No.51420902

that is the subsidized staking for v0.1
do you actually understand how staking on chainlink will work? i think not

>> No.51420960

It’s over

>> No.51422416

>you have to own the token before you can stake with them
where did this misinformation come from and why is it repeated every single time linkpool is brought up

>> No.51422478

I don't feel like a god bro, I feel like an aging loser with thinning hair and no money.

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>actual ChainLink discussionsbonly happens when mutts are asleep.

Thanks for the thread bros

>> No.51425459

LPL bros... how did we get BTFOd so hard?

>> No.51427565

Staking my RAIL tokens is preferable because it makes me a DAO member with voting rights in addition.

>> No.51427624

big if true

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I'm literally crying, on the verge of throwing up. I don't think I can take this any longer.

>> No.51428191

bottom is $3

>> No.51428352

I guess this is a privacy token.

>> No.51428522

For you retard

>> No.51428542

This has to be a an Asian fag

>> No.51428603

It is a privacy focused project that isnt token gated, meaning, you don't have to hold the token to use the platform

>> No.51429407


>> No.51429588

What's the point of posting exactly same thing everyday across every board. Are you fucking nuts?

>> No.51429602
File: 64 KB, 1080x834, 3846494339364.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Kek, privacy coins to the moon

>> No.51430165

To begin with, it is obvious you did nor read through the article. It mentioned delisting privacy coins and not privacy focused projects like Railgun. You clearly lack assimilation

>> No.51430443

Good to see so much attention being paid to privacy. It cannot be stopped or slowed down. This might as well be the perfect time to invest in PriFi.

>> No.51432841

Is it? It seems they deleted it

>> No.51432933

They did not delete the tweet. Still there.

>> No.51433244

checked. Pardon. I have no twitter account and thus was being blocked from scrolling to the post. Now I see it.

>> No.51435336

Not gonna happen

>> No.51436956

Just checked the blog; you are indeed correct anon.

I do not feel so good about v0.01 staking now....

>> No.51438368

Nothing ever happens, what is your point

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>WOWWWWWWWW. Man I was on the fence about this investment until I saw that graphic. Look at all that value secured!!!!!! Dude this token must have been pumping nonstop because everyone knows, token price follows TVL. Let me just pull up the char—ACK!!!!!!

>> No.51439387

Checked but it's gonna dump to $2 after Smartcon

>> No.51439907

No one cares

>> No.51440180

>156 replies
>no one cares
Hahahaha hahahaha hahaha

>> No.51441797

I eat chuds like you for breakfast

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>that mirror

>> No.51443103

Lpl is the next bancor

>> No.51443395


>> No.51443403

About 12-13 link per month.
What is the value of that? Nobody knows because nobody knows the future value of the token
At the moment it would be $60-$70 a month.
Lower token liquidity will change the value.

>> No.51443472

how you calculating that? we have no idea really

>> No.51444271

5% was announced as the expected return just because you have no idea it doesn't mean no-one does

>> No.51444669

I'm calculating it by what we actually do know.
I can't calculate it based on what I don't know like future token value.