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>they don't know about Shemitah

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This year is a jubilee shemitah or something like that
cope boboid

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This. 7th shemitah means new financial system (LINK). 49 years ago debt based fiat system was formalized in 1973 after proposal in 71. Nothing new under the sun. Buy LINK and move to cold storage before Smartcon

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Everybody knows about shemitah, because there is a shemitah every-fucking-year.
I'm reading about shemitah in September since 2015.

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>every fucking year
Retard. Shemitah is once every 7 years and jubilee year Shemitah is once every 49 years

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what happens to link if eth goes up in flames?

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Yes, and every year there are retards like you saying it is "this year", and they post a infochart showing crashes from years before.

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>up in flames
Do you mean pump or dump? Either way not very important in the long run considering it’s blockchain agnostic

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Anyone who says shemitah is every year is equally as retarded as you. I don’t understand their retardation either. A quick google search is all you need

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You did not understand, retard.
Every year there are retarded bobos like you saying "shemitah is this year" and fudding everything around September. It happened last year, 2020, 2019 and so on.

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I’m a mumu you fucking asshat. I’m saying that Chainlink is going to moon. Fix your god damned reading comprehension

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Two more weeks to staking.

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On top of that, why would it even matter what anyone is saying - mumu or bobo - in a non-shemitah year talking about shemitah? That’s why this year is different.

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Unironically probably. Cant wait

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You guys are taking every day about it, how should someone not know about it

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if eth stops working
as in if you go to use the ethereum network and just nothing happens
how would your link be recognized on another chain if you can't get it off?
get what I'm asking?

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how would anyone not know about this if there are 10 Shemitah threads up at any time

fuck you kike shill

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>this year is different
Like in the last year. And the one before that.

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Chainlink already exists on non-ETH blockchains anon. Its middleware is agnostic to whatever chain it’s running on

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yes but my chainlink is on eth and requires eth to move it
do i need eth working to move it to another chain? or would i hypothetically be able to get it on another chain even if eth doesn't work
that is my question

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your jewish ass shows up in every thread saying that.
the shemitah is every 7 years, nobody says otherwise, kill yourself.
snopes tier faggotry.

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this jew posted the same thing 4 (four) fucking times. didnt even notice

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1901-1902 Year of Shemitah – Stock market drops almost 50%.

1916-1917 Year of Shemitah – Stock market drops 40%. United States enters WWI. Germany, Russia, Austria, Turkey and Great Britain suffer economic collapse.

1930-1931 Year of Shemitah – The Great Depression. The worst financial crisis in modern history.

1937-1938 Year of Shemitah – Half of the stock market collapses sparking a global recession.

1944-1945 Year of Shemitah – End of German Reich and Britain’s hold on territories. Establishment of America as world’s superpower. Bretton Woods Conference giving the U.S. Dollar Global Reserve Currency status; diminishing gold’s influence.

1965-1966 Year of Shemitah (*Super Shemitah Year) – US Stock market drops almost 25%

1972-1973 Year of Shemitah – US Stock market crashes almost 46%. Global recession; US oil crisis. Change from gold backed to fiat system in 71-72

1979-1980 Year of Shemitah – Global recession.

1986-1987 Year of Shemitah – “Black Tuesday”; US stock market crashes by 33%.The biggest Wall Street crash of 1987

1993-1994 Year of Shemitah – Bond market crash.

2000-2001 Year of Shemitah – The 911 terror attack happened a day after Shemitah in 2001, September 17; stock market falls 700 points. 37% US Stock Market Crash and Global Recession. Dot Com Bust. Indian Market also carshed.

2007-2008 Year of Shemitah – On the last day of The Shemitah Tear, September 29, the stock market drops a record 777 points. Lehman Brothers filed for bankruptcy. 50% of US Stock Market Indian Stock Market Crashed.

2014-2015 Year of Shemitah (*Super Shemitah Year)– Chinense Market crash by 50% Monday, Aug. 24, 2015 The S&P 500 opened at 1965.15 and within minutes fell to a low of 1867.01, a 5% decline.India Market crashed 6% in Single trading session. Greek/EU bailout

The year 5782 on the Shemitah Cycle starts from Sept. 7, 2021–Sept. 26, 2022

Rosh Hashanah Sept 25 - 27 2022
SmartCon Sept 28-29, 2022
Yom Kippur Oct 4-5, 2022

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Literally everyone does, go back.

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Grand Jubilee schizo anon here. I know what you mean, you just worded it not perfectly. But I know what you mean. Kikes/those under the influence of kikes (knowingly or not) do this thing EVERY year where they say shemitah is this or that year to confuse goys, so you get a certain percentage of them saying it this year every year. It's to demoralize and confuse you. If you google shemitah/Jubilee, the main results will say they don't even practice it (kek, yeah okay shlomo). That is another way to get you rattled of their ancient schedule that all jews follow like it's the law.

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This shit is black magick using kabalah. The world is cursed. Repent.

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So we think we should just lie down and take it?>>51400565

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It's every 7 years, you stupid uneducated fuck

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>every year there are retards like you saying it is "this year"
Are you fucking retarded? NO ONE mentions this shit until we are actually IN shemitah, dumbass. Stop making shit up to save face.

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5+7+8+2 = 22
this year is '22
happening confirmed for 22/22/22

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Prayer is more powerful than black magick

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A jubilee occurs the year AFTER the 7 year Sabbath cycle ends, here is the real chart for the curious itt

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Here is the key

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Jews gonna checkem

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go on one of the archive pages, it's been talked about all year

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Why do doomers actually seem to want a financial disaster to happen? Thoughts influence reality, and all doomers do is feed into the negativity. You unironically serve the jew by peddling fear.

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Thanks Satan.

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its called pattern recognition and its anti-semetic

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Do I buy or do I sell inside this window?

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I think they just want to rip the bandaid off quickly and get it over with.

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Also search "Is masturbation good for you" and all the top results are lies that say "yes." Thanks for the info. I believe you.

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This dosent add up for past dates of Shemitah

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The Jew fears the educated white man.

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because those dates you've seen are wrong, i have the real chronological timeline of every Sabbath cycle and Jubilee since the creation of Adam fren. if you want to browse it yourself, ill try to find a way to upload it somewhere

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The last Sabbath cycle happened in 2020, which ties in clearly to the economic, social and spiritual suffering that occurred around the world

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you may be right but what do the false chosen who aren't adamites and larp as jews say the cycle ends cause they're the ones in control

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You smell like jewish fag

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Yes please, a big thankyou if I can get a copy.

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Sexual release is healthy. Holding your urges is stupid /pol/ bullshit. There is a reason if you go long enough you experience wet dreams.

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Only correct chart I’ve seen on biz. sabbath year is every 7 years, on the 7th and final year of the cycle. Jubilee occurs every 50th year, or after 7 sabbath cycles. The jubilee year (year 50) is also year 1 of the jubilee cycle itself to ensure the 7 sabbath cycles equal 50 years of total time including the jubilee instead of 49.

Last sabbath year was in the rough timeframe of 2020, anything that says otherwise is not correct and created by rabbis who do not want the Goyim to know the real timelines they work with.

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Here you go brother, screenshot from the file on my drive to correlate with the file uploaded or safety concerns.

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Because I want to invest my money so it doesn’t get inflation’d but I don’t see much point in doing that when shit looks like it’s on pins and needles no cap fr

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all jews are going to be smited from the sky. Hail Jupiter. Death to Saturn worshipping kikes

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The only reason we have wet dreams is because you kikes poisoned our subconscious mind with porn and by doing so allowed demons (succubus) to enter our dreams and suck out our life force (wet dreams). Death to all kikes

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Nice, thank you for sharing, haven’t seen this pdf before but I’ve seen a similar timeline.
The crash of 2020 happened in the spring time because that was the start/end of the year for the first people. The ancient calendar is Nisan based on the start of the year being in Spring (Not fucking middle of winter) The Jewish cycle I can assure you does not end in September. It’s not supposed to make sense on purpose, the Jews are fucking with you idiots who look into this stuff by ensuring the dates you find online are incorrect.

SEPT (7) - 9th month?
OCTO (8) -10th month?
NOVE (9) - 11th month?
DECE (10) -12th month?

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Awesome. Thankyou.

Would you be able to give me a summary of what else you know that might correlate between the joos and /biz/ please?

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2001 WTC
2008 market crash
2015 Baclava, trump, division
2022 game stops
your dates dont check out. anyone saying its not this year is retarded

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Nothing happened in 2015 and you know it.

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Nothing happened last shemitah because people started picking up on it. Nothing will happen this shemitah either because everyone already knows. The goyim know, they shut it down. Expecting market making jews to go through with it despite it being widespread knowledge amongst even retail traders is just naive.

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that's why it will be a trend reversal since we are heading into a jubilee year. Everyone and their grandma's have set put options. What happens if the market doesn't tank and instead does a face melting run up. It brings the prosperity of what is promised in a jubilee while liquidating retail and making it near impossible for retail to catch up further increasing the divide of the rich and poor. MSM will call it a miracle while poor and middle class not even feeling a tiny bit of the miracle.

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>nothing happened last shemitah
2014-2015 Year of Shemitah (*Super Shemitah Year)– Chinense Market crash by 50% Monday, Aug. 24, 2015 The S&P 500 opened at 1965.15 and within minutes fell to a low of 1867.01, a 5% decline.India Market crashed 6% in Single trading session. Greek/EU bailout

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wrong guy. But his argument >>51405531
>nothing happened last shemitah
is a cop out since skeptics primarily reference ONLY US Financial Markets. IE nothing happened in the USA so the nothing happened for the shemitah.
To add, Shemitah is not only tied to financial markets but also geopolitics. So for shemitahs that feel like nothing happened to the economy. Look to world events, did politician die, did a country have a massive overhaul in government, or did a union of countries come to be?
>Shinzo Abe
>Queen Elisabeth II
That's three significant people in geopolitics that died, though Shinzo Abe is not as significant as those two.

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Ok so why are saying there will be a trend reversal , there is no way man , it primarly stinks of black swans around october 4th and 5th ( yom kippur) .

All of this BS i would have never in a million years expect to find religion in finance desu.

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> i would have never in a million years expect to find religion in finance desu
nigger. Christianity and Islam prohibit usury, unlike the other (((one))). To say religion is finance is not feasible then you're just a midwit.
Like I said, I doesn't always have to been a world catastrophic financial crash. It can be a paradigm shift. Queen Elisabeth dying this year and in this month is on purpose. She literally shook hands with the new PM after Boris bowed out a few days before she died, which need to happen as a symbol of changing from one paradigm to the next. The end of the EU is on the plate, or if not the EU proper the EU ideals of socialize everything. The shift of our current financial mechanism is also in play to shift to some form of CBDC, you may think that's crazy but it's also crazy that most nations use a reserve currency that shifted away from the gold standard.

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So whens the next jubilee? It says 2020-2021. But it has happened yet, is that what 2022=2020 meme come from

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>But it has happened yet

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>biblically accurate shemitah

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''but it has happened yet''

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Are not talking about XRP moon?

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Are you suggesting we currently are at year 6022 and not 5782?

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holy kek
buy xrp folks

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when to buy then?

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