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What was /biz/ like before crypto?

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Japan anon was right russians are just white niggers. Also to answer your question /biz/ was created as a crypto board you newfag and yes it will always be a crypto board. The stock and shiny rock faggots are just a small minority contained mostly to their threads.

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It was nice, lots of threads about making money online, affiliates, seo, sales etc. etc. crypto ruined biz imho, they should’ve just created new /cr/ board or whatever.

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Kys larping phoneniggerfaggot zoom zoom, /biz/ was made because of all the doge and btc threads on /g/.

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Me on the far left.

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As a fa/tg/uy I take immense offence at the insinuation my nipples aren't pink.

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Was created as response to Dogecoin spam on mainly /g/ back in early 2014.

Afaik the board used to be very slow so from day to day the treads didn't change that much.
People were much poorer and most were students or in the very earliest stages of their career. Only OG Bitcoiners had made significant money from crypto. (Only after 2017 there were people who had made it with Altcoins).
No corporate marketing shills.

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holyfucking saved ahhaha

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lurk more newfag /g/ always hated bitcoin
bitcoin only got popular on biz because of silk road, board went to complete shit after that. It was our eternal september.

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How new are you

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Read my post again you niggerfaggot. I wrote it was made because of all the btc and doge spam on /g/. We all know that /g/ faggots are just seething poortards.

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was great, but the board moved very slowly, i think it was the slowest moving board at the time

are any of my CERU mah niggas still around?

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> How make money?
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