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There are guys eating ass right now, while I'm refreshing my portfolio and watching Chinese cartoons.

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i generally combine eating ass and watching my portfolio for maximum day trade efficiency

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Imagine living in such a twisted society where people have been reduced to desiring to put your mouth where someone excretes their waste.

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imagine never having received analingus and realizing how incredible it feels.

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We’ll since you’ll do anything that feels good I’m sure it doesn’t matter who does it then. Thanks for telling me you’re a gay pedophile without actually telling me you’re a gay pedophile.

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made me spit out my beer fuck lol

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>being jealous of people eating shit
For fucks sake man, Japanimation is way better

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I haven't had sex with my gf in almost a week and I just finished jacking off to tranny porn

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>he thinks being a gay pedophile feels good
yeah I'm think the butt licker has less problems than you

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Yawn not reading nice try though faggot

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they all have intestinal parasites driving their deviant sexual behavior

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Fucked my girlfriend twice today, now checking my crypto portfolio and watching anime.

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And you can barely tell who's who

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I’m 41 and can only cook once every 3-4 days

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I think blacked started it desu, never seemed as much of a thing before niggers started desiring it

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I liked my wife's pits and are her pussy today and sucked her tits today

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The first post is still true

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Did you sex?

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right just blame the blacks for everything that’s gotta be the answer

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im black though lol

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My dad works at Nintendo, and he says that’s how you get Monkeypoox.