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Fuck you all.
Cardano is literally THE best L1 chain.
>best staking, no lockup, no bounding, no slashing, auto compounding
>extended UTXO model (BEST IN CLASS)
>native tokens
(Ethereum tokens need a smart contract and you can only send one token per transaction; yikes, how embarrassing)
>gigabrain developers writing Haskell smart contracts
>clear scaling solutions with Hydra
>based libertarian founder that is not afraid to call out the Rothschilds on stream

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There's a shitton of dApps lmao

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Having a blockchain with apps written in Haskell is one of the most retarded things I've ever seen

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Cardano is the ultimate biz filter

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DEXes are live
wait for the Vasil hard fork on the 22nd for more like M*LD (* = E, the ticker is banned on /biz/ because some autist made one thread too many), AADA, Liqwid, XRAY, and so on

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I got a coin called IAGON on Ethereum, I heard it is a native Cardano token. How the fuck can I bridge that shit back to Cardano network? I've been trying but can't find anything.

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How did you get that IAGON on Ethereum?
You should probably check their site on how to bridge it. (if it's even live yet on Cardano?)

I only got some from the Genius X ISPO, though their site looked a bit lackluster, so I switched to the 100% GENX pool instead after a while.

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I got it from the nomad bridge

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>No dApps
>No DeFi
>No NFTs
shut the fuck up with your trash coin ETH and MATIC will for ever be on top.

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OPs a tranny

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try arguing mETHead

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Muesliswap, Minswap, Atomic Swap, Sundaeswap, etc
>no NFTs
Higher volume than Ethereum in January for 1/500th the fees. Pic related

Cardano will always make midwits seethe because media hates Charles for publicly shaming the WEF, the Rothschilds, CBDCs and the vaxx mandates.

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to be fair, volume is often measured wrong due to eutxo
I don't even know how one would go about measuring it accurately

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Just by marketplace volume.

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>implying there are useful dapps on ethereum

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got any evidence charles shamed the wef and vaxx mandates?

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he is pro science -> pro vaxx

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This is a good place to start. You can also ask for tech support on IAGON discord too.

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based and redpilled

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>invest in Cardano
>be promised tons of dapps
>smart contracts launch
>it's a shitshow because of scalability
>price shits itself
>be promised a scalability upgrade
>went back to square 1 where everyone is waiting for proper dapps

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i heard you can write the smart contracts in python and more. they build it functionally

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money skelly aint got shit on me

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I'm pro-science and opposed the covid shots. I'm looking for hard evidence not word of mouth

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I've got 1K of these meme coins, when mewn?

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This one is on vax passports specifically