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got like 6 different people making parody threads of my original post calling the merge a nothing burger when i compared it to the london hard fork hype which happened last year which did nothing to the price >>51364215

rather than addressing the fud they make parody posts and give 1 word replies like cope seethe and bitcoiner

make of this information what you will

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Cope and seethe bitcoiner.

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>the merge is a nothing burger

Damn, now I'm hungry. Thanks, fag.

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if its a nothing burger..then why..is eth at 1.7k..which is 80% up from its all time low recently?

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dunno. maybe im wrong. if i am, well done have a medal

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Cope and seethe bitcoiner.

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killing a whole ecosystem of miners isnt something big? cope

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I hold more than enough eth to be a validator. The technical wizardry and hardware required to run a staking node is likely beyond the reach of even those who were able to set up gpu mining rigs because eth as a network is a convoluted, centralized piece of shit. The advice of the ethereum fanbois is to stake your eth with a third party, which goes completely against the supposed ethos, intent, and safety of the network in the first place. As a bagholder, I hope it moons. As a crypto veteran, I have my doubts.

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Everyone who is anyone knows that the price almost always dumps after news launches.

Trading 101:
>Buy the rumor
>Sell the news

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>Makes ETH deflationary
You're an idiot OP

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you know what's crazy? the ETH merge is not priced in. Many people are waiting on the sidelines because they have no idea if the transition to POS is going to go smoothly. When it does go smoothly and ETH issuance drops like a rock expect ETH to pump and catch people off-guard.

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>pumped X2 off bottom while being half the MCAP of bitcoin, unlike most hitcoins which barely gained a few millions
>its not priced in guys

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>Omg a 2x!!

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True but this time is different.

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>>Buy the rumor
>>Sell the news

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Because buy the rumor sell the news. Price will dump when merge happens. Guarantee. Screencap this.

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Cope and seethe bitcoiner

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It's not hard you're just retarded

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The merge is unironically the first time something in crypto is not priced in not even 5%.

At this point i am starting to think eth whales are fuding their own bags.

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watch the fuck out we have a crypto veteran here

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the merge will decrease power consumption by 99% making it much easier to build on Ethereum
it will also pave the way for Sharding which will give L2s a shit ton of extra throughput
this is exactly why I stock up MATIC along with ETH.
L2s will stay in demand and will in fact most likely go up in price

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The merge is a marketing gimmick they have been promising for years

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>the merge will decrease power consumption by 99% making it much easier to build on Ethereum
What about cost per tx?

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>We need to save the planet guys, check carbon cap
What a homosexual faggy website, greenfags are the worst people, even worse than commies

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It's not about carbon footprint. If it was we would be banning our landfill economy and advocate for local manufacturing of quality over quantity. It's all fucking lies told by liars.

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