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I would work as an engineer there, is it good? Will I get rich? And get pussy?

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You can make instruments in the state of Texas (ticker: Texas Insturments)

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you should visit first

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fuck off. we're full. dont need any more jeets here.

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I'm a conservative white male

What's it like? Low level of niggers?

Is that a good company?

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No, I live in Austin and will tell you how Texas is. Is expensive (except gas), property values are blowing up, whites are the minority in most places, people are fucking obnoxious and rude (the classic HURR IMA TEXAN BOA ILL BEAT DAT ASS IF YOU SO MUCH AS SAY SOMETHING THAT ISNT WHAT I LIKED), people are fat, drivers are incredibly fucking retarded and most of them drive trucks, it's fucking hot as shit so if the economy collapses you'll be dead when the ac turns off, and it smells like piss. I was born and raised in Texas, currently moving to Vermont/Oregon (small towns only, fuck any large city). You will lose money if you move here and buy a house because property values exploded and rent is even worse. Move somewhere else. "When everyone is moving into the house you leave and when they're running from the burning house you move in", Texas isn't burning down yet but I give it less time than California to do so. It's sad to see what my state has become, it's truly fucking sickening. You can't walk five feet without seeing a homeless drugged out nigger begging for money. Go somewhere that everyone in the country isn't trying to move to. Also the whores man, you'll get pussy here but that's about all it has to offer. All the liberal women moved here and openly walk around with the "keep Austin weird" idea by flashing their tits and willing getting fucked by gross pigs like myself. It's just all around a quickly collapsing state.

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>I live in Austin and will tell you how Texas is
Shut up capitol ghetto nigger you basically live in a different state.

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Fuck off we are full you redneck piece of shit

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but why would /biz/ need a honeypot for bizrealis in Plano
wtf is going on in Texas that is so important the fbi needs to profile bizrealis
all they do is trade crypto

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austin's all fags and homeless
plano is expensive though, better to work there than live there

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The best thing texas has to offer is that sweet sweet Mexican freebase meth