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did u get ur haircut yet? or keeping your tokens in bancor until they all gone?

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50k all in OG etherdelta marine here. Haven't pulled yet, but feel like an absolute retard. For all you other marines heed the advice that's been spammed since 2017: all you have to do is hold. That's it. Don't do anything else with your stack and you will make it.

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has there been any updates?

last official word from them that i heard was "you dont need to take the haircut, just wait"

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This. I am a poor fag so didn’t lose that much money wise but when all you have is 1 Eth, it sucks major dick withdrawing only .5 eth. Fuck Bancor Jews I pray for their ultimate demise in body mind and soul.

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imagine building your entire cringe twitter "brand" around a premined erc-20 shitcoin

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>Stink linkers getting rekt after spamming this board for over 4 years non stop with low iq threads
Feels so fucking great I can't even describe how happy I am at this moment.

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curious why you haven't pulled it out yet. seems like preserving 25k LINK is the much smarter move than hoping Bancor turns shit around and you maybe see your full stack again years from now. if LINK moons soon, which seems like a very real possibility, everyone still in the pool is even more fucked than they already are.

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You were all warned years ago

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I am keeping them in my wallet since presale. You are a brainlet if you trusted your financial freedom to defi scams.

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Poorfag cope
Why did you miss LINK? Too low iq?

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Yup, should’ve never trust them

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Yup shoulda coulda woulda. Ah fuck my dumb ass

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Lol I love how low iq stink linkers think they are the only one who made a 100x-300x with their shitcoin. I bought ftm and avax early + shib and other dog coins. But I am not a low iq baggie who has to cope post every single day. I hope bancor will take everything from you, always rember ser gay told you bancor is fine leeeel.

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>did u get ur haircut yet? or keeping your tokens in bancor until they all gone?
I bought and staked BNT, there is no deficit on the BNT side. :)

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Lmao yeah me too I bought BNT for $8 and sold it for $0.50

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What actually happened?
Wasn't it one of the "bluechip of crypto"?

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> OG marine
> gave someone else his LINK
pick one

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>sold it for $0.50
why did you sell the bottom? they are going to release a new AMM soon. who knows if it will work but people will fomo into it thinking they will redeem some lost tokens guaranteed. inb4 no one trusts them. no shit, but hopium is stronger than fud. BNT will pump soon.

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I lost all trust in the team and the project. Honestly I thought the fucking thing was going to 0.05

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I've been on the fence the whole time and ready to yank at any moment. The deficit keeps tilting up and down, but part of me is still hoping for a solution, though it's not likely. I was originally providing liquidity because I wanted to contribute to growing the system. I'll admit this path was the easy way because and I should have gone the route of node setup instead. Tough lesson especially after all these year and watching all the scams/rugs.

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>I lost all trust in the team and the project.
if they had done nothing i would agree, but they actually saved what they could. they put out the dumpster fire and now the dumpster can be refilled to burn brightly one more time.

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Fuck off Mark if this was Minecraft I would stab you through the heart, financially speaking.

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you guys are never getting the rest of your cubes back. Think about it, they already let their reputation get rekt, what incentive now is there to make you guys whole again? There is none, clearly they decided to just move on.

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I'm glad I at least got to spend what I lost instead of getting ass raped. We probably have bigger problems on our hands rather than how many millions we missed out on while we're still millionaires anyway. There's a good chance glow niggers are going to try and stir the pot and cause a mass casualty event(s) that make WW1 and WW2 look like a walk in central park.

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they just keep slacking off and burn through 10M each year until they "earned" all the money from the foundation

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people seethe hard when link is pumping.
I wonder why?

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>Fuck off Mark if this was Minecraft I would stab you through the heart, financially speaking.
if you weren't such a little bitch you wouldn't need to talk about minecraft. they don't let mark talk anymore, even if he is the main dev of whatever new amm they are working on they are using jen the condom queen for basically all interaction.

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>people will fomo into it

Delusional. You are overinvested.

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most link holders are normalfags and newfags who only hopped on board in 2018+
the real ogs sold between $30-$60 and never looked back. link was a meme, a coordinated pnd. to this day it's hard to believe retards fell for $1k eoy

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oh hello alphavillion or w/e the fuck your twitter handle is.

bancor didnt save anybody but themselves and their most delusional bagholders. i love watching you bancniggers try to pretend they broke their own rules for the sake of the people and not the team, who supposedly have all of their money in bancor.

now, you can't even call them a team in any of their telegrams or discord without being banned.

bancor would already be half way to a full recovery had they just let everythings behave the way it was programmed to do. they made it infinitely worse by manipulating the rules.

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>You are overinvested.
my bnt holdings are like 5% of my stack. i'm not financially retarded and if i lost my entire stack i'd be fine. bought most at 2.50 so i'm really only down around 80%, sorry you bought at 9.00

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>begging people to stay
>lying that things will turn around
>"i'm only down 80%"
>"y-you're probably down 99%!"

I've never seen more cope condensed into so few words.

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>oh hello alphavillion or w/e the fuck your twitter handle is
i'm just a simple bnt holder, i never took the stake-pill for anything other than bnt tokens, i know you find it hard to believe, but i'm not on twatter either. i only shitpost in the TG and laugh at all the stinkers who let someone else have the keys to their castle. lmao.

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>lying that things will turn around
speculation isn't lying, and if you think "investing" in things that pay ridiculous apys is anything other than pure speculation and greater fool theory then you're the greater fool in this conversation.

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I pulled out yesterday. I had 11500 LINK. I had 8.4k on Bancor and 3000 on Celsius.

I'm left with 5000 link now. I was hoping they'd issue a new token or something that represented the debt (like what bitfinex did) or that the foundation would step in and reimburse depositors. It's been months and their ideas have been trash and they still put out promotional and marekting bullshit while the house is on fire.

This sucks so much but I'm glad I still have the link I have left.

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With jews you ____

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Say that shit to my face you little bitch and see what happens in Minecraft you fucking kike faggot

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>They only lost half our money, not all of it, so the trust is regained

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All you had to do was hold your link in a cold wallet and wait.

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Is 370 Link enough?

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Still in unfortunately. My eth has gone from 4 to 1.5. Link from 1040 to 565. At this point I feel no real reason to jump out but keep in mind that I'm still bullish on the short term so I've just been accumulating with my spare cash. I'm not feeling optimistic anymore though. Team has gone full retard. Tons of ideas and nothing implemented. From my perspective though no real to get out now because the bulk of the damage is done and now we are just in bleed out mode. If the fed stops hiking then I'll probably take my haircut but at this point I don't consider it worth jumping out. Just my two cents. I'm more upset about my loss in Celsius and my loss in scream. Oh well. That is just life.

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Oops. I mean I'm BESRISH in the short term. Macros just don't line up so I don't see shit happening in terms of upward momentum until 2023

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Bro Link and Eth are gonna pump with the merge and you are gonna lose everything

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Silence, Jew.

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My man. I held on to blind hope for a while but eventually I took the loss like a good little goy. That the team is completely at sea has been obvious for at least 6 weeks. Why are you doing this to yourself?

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I just told you why
Is just shit. I've been listening to this for who knows how long. I don't see it

I've rebought enough to not be too sour if I'm wrong. That's it. Bancor represented a small position of my portfolio so I don't consider it to be that big of a deal. I also don't see a huge pump in the environment we are in.

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This, kek. The sobering is coming. Premines have no right to exist, starting with ETH and all the way down the line.

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you gave your links away to a company who hired a porn star on their team? are you mentally ill?

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wow this thread is full of complete retards holy shit!