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I still hold hundreds of illiquid domains and I couldn't be more glad I sold my coins to buy them

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The 4 digit I bought for 1.5 ETH two months ago is now worth 3.2 ETH minimum.

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You mean you're not getting constant 2+ ETH offers on the numbers that you minted?

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Man I do hate the jeets that offer 0.1eth for freaking pure triples.

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GMI Digitfrens. Should've gotten mine earlier but I went the riskier route registering crypto projects and companies etc. I was planning to rotate profits into digits but I vastly underestimated the stubbornness of people when it comes to paying a premium for their domain.

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I would love a function to "do not allow offers below..." because it's just constant spam with that shit,
I feel like company names are just one of those things you'll hold until one day they randomly sell. They will all sell but it will be hard to pick when each corp decides that they want in.

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You can change the notification threshold in the opensea settings fren. Yea I did expect to hold company names for a while but I thought at least crypto projects built on ethereum would come knocking sooner. Many others have already bought theirs so maybe I just got an unlucky bunch. If the project has a 30m+ marketcap is asking for ~6 Eth too much?

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Oh shit thanks, anon, I'm a retard. Never bothered to look into the settings.
I think 6 ETH is an excellent price. Worthwhile for you without seeming like price gouging. I certainly wouldn't go any cheaper.

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fake and gay

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The cope is only just beginning.

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What am I looking at?

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600 ETH worth of 4 digit domains has been traded in the last 24 hours. Floor price is now more than 3 ETH.

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Nice wash trading

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You could have minted dozens of these just 6 months ago and sold every single one for 3+ ETH todfay lmao

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I have multiple 3 letter ens from the beggining and this is giving me big dot com nonsense. Also i have gotten peanut offers

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Gibberish 3L aren't that great. Probably not bad in the long run just for convenience, but dzl.ETH isn't as instantly gettable as 811.ETH.

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Lmao and what are the point of these other than doxxing you and getting blacklist sent .1 eth via tornado cash

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tfw only minted some pure emoji triples back in late 2021 and theyre still worth nothing while three digits are the price of a car because eth VCs found them funny

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It's not wash trading anon on god do some research. It's literally exchanges buying them in bulk because they want to offer fractionalised ENS digits on their platform and funds buying for exposure. Even the founder of NotOkayBears who hated on them for weeks capitulated recently and bought some.

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Had the chance to mint numbers. Passed up on it. What’s the next wave besides emojis biz bros

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when are my pure trip food items going to print ffs

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In terms of minting there's probably no legit wave coming, you're better off buying into an established club. The remaining good mints are thinning out every day, I still have some on my list but they're rather random and there won't be any "club" for them. Maybe you can snipe some fore/surnames with 30k+ incidence but it's gonna be time consuming going through the list manually. The real minting opportunities are left for those who can code bots who sort out all the stuff that's still available and calculates undervalued names on secondary based on global frequency. You could also scrape the floor and manually research names that are listed around registration fee, register potential gamertags, influencer names (need to be perfect match), check crypto news for any start up names etc.

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What’s the consensus on yats?

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I just logged into OpenSea and I have 0.04eth offers for 2 of my 100k ENS addresses. I'll check back in 5 years

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I think the real gem hunting is just going on ens.tools, setting the filter to "max $50k premium" and then going through all the expired names that are coming down the pipeline and trying to spot things that stand out. You're unlikely to get anything amazing for <1 ETH premium as there are a lot of people out there doing the same thing, but I think it's much better to have 1 top tier domain than 10 shitty ones, and occasionally you go on at the right time and there are gems.
A huge bunch of expired prepunks went through a couple of weeks ago, with the following .eths all snapped up for <4 ETH each:
detroit, smartcontracts, salesman, chancellor, onlinepoker, lucky888.
There are at least a couple of 100+ ETH domains in there, in my opionion. My recommendation is, if you have limited resources, then DO put all your eggs in one basket and try and get the one single best domain you can find.

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i have a good first name (arabic though), what's the strategy for this?
just make a listing and leave it?

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Essentially it's just a waiting game. Having contact info, making it apparent that you're willing to sell and that your account is active enough to accept offers might help a bit.

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didnt read anything in this thread
just know /biz/ is full of coping losers who dismissed ENS as stupid or claimed something about "muh privacy" and faded generational wealth
best part is you're not even late to the party but you still won't show up out of pride
whatever, I've sold a whole validator's worth of names this summer, cashed out $10k and my current portfolio is now worth 3 validators. have fun with LUNC or whatever you retards are still coping with
all the fun is happening over on twitter, if you want to actually make money in a bear market you should try leaving the shitting streets sometime

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checked, well done satan.

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>He wasn't here for the ethmoji threads
Shoo shoo satanic ghetto rich Arab

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I stopped following ENS accounts after i realised most of them are sandniggers

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Yes because sandniggers just want to get ghetto rich and drive in circles in Dubai with a license plate like 8888.eth. I'm not even making this up.

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contact info? how i do that?

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Pretty much every marketplace has an editable bio for your profile where you can type in how to contact you and you can link your social media accounts so they show up on your marketplace profile. Your options are social media (twitter for example), blockscan chat, e-mail (not recommended), telegram/signal etc. I just use a twitter account (make sure you have your messages open to everyone).

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interesting, thanks

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I made 26 ETH off of ethmojis
tongue my anus nigger

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I haven't heard about it before, I'm not big on emojis desu. Gonna do some research.

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ive made over 50 eth pure profit and still hold all my grail ethmojis

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I'm late to the party and I'm coping by registering dozens of online names of highly narcissistic ego fueled popular tech/twitter/youtube people which have the same exact name/URL on all social media who could jump on the .eth bandwagon at some point when everyone else around them has one as well.

It's pretty much a crap shoot, but it doesn't cost that much to register and even just one would put me in decent profit.

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you're wasting your time and money
put all you can into getting at least one true grail like a 3L dictionary word or a single yellow Ethmoji
one day you're gonna look back and regret wasting so much money on mid names that nobody wants

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>so much money
It really isn't that much money, in fact it's pocket change. Like a couple hundred bucks in total per year.

While 3L dictionary words go for a considerable amount already. Of course they are a better investment, but just extending a single 3L domain costs more than my cope crap shoot, let alone buying it.

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you are flushing a couple hundred bucks down the drain rather than securing a grail that is all but guaranteed to appreciate in value
do you play the lottery too since it's only $2 per ticket?

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You're gonna be a fucking loser, lots of ETH holders are selling off this period. Everyone is running after secured bitches.

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A 3L grail obviously costs more than just a couple hundred bucks. But I know it's a better investment, I'll certainly try to get at least something like it besides my poorfag crap shooting

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You know ENS domains are controlled by one dude in indonesia right? One guy can invalidate your domain in a single transaction and there's nothing you can do about it. You're an idiot.

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Trip emoji eth pamp when senpai

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Every domain has been purchased by Jews. I don't even have to look up who maintains ENS to know their early life.

Lots of Jews ITT as well buying up possible domains to where the entire project is over. No one will use your shitty because they can't buy them from your disgusting kike fingers.

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>Growing amount of data, limited Transaction per second (TPS) and unnecessary calculations make the system slow down.
No wonder why Qanplatform is stronger than dickheads.

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How did gas fee fuck your new girlfriend??

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>How did gas fee fuck your new girlfriend??
Let's watch what will comes out of ETH merge.
Like a stupid virgin, enjoying a new dick, ETH Isn't friendly when it comes to charges. Only motherfuckers are gaining and losing from it.
I'd rather go for a more cost-effective quantum resistant blockchain that in some cases plans to be free.

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What the fuck am i witnessing, so many bots talking to each other.

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Poorfag, you sound so stupid. ENS is fucked. It's got no life anymore

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Fearful faggot. ETH is bigger than your country

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Now is a good time to invest in ETH and MATIC, you won't love to miss the huge gain coming after the ETH merge.

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100% worthless. ens is everything yats was meant to be

based satan. everyone fading ens, and especially digits, are going to rope in the coming years as they ascend to #1 nft by marketcap(roughly a 20x from current prices)

keep gambling on your memecoins and pfps because understanding ens requires actual research to understand the value prop and isnt just "lol heres a picture of a dog/monkey"

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Never gonna fuck with ETH for the rest of my life again, retards rather become a node validator and get huge node rewards or die poor

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attention to any newfags: if you're fomoing this ATH there's a high probably we dip to to like 1.5-2e (referring to 4D FP, which is currently about 3e)

every coin is volatile, do not capitulate, simply buy more if that happens. they've already went from 2.8e -> 0.5e then back to 3.5e

shook out all the jeets who didnt understand what they own. literally all you have to do is hold. 4D's are going to break 20e fp someday, its literally programmed in

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doge beat a lot of coins with "value proposition" and so will fucking retarded dog NFTs or its equivalent beat this lame ENS shit
it's retarded memes all the way down

that said I have some ethmojis

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true, but ens is different because it has the simplicity of "its just numbers, just buy a fucking number it gon go up"

while simultaneously having the complexity of actual utility and a strong logical bullcase for anyone that's prone to doing research. everyone will bend the knee to ens, in time

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its days before the merge and what is vitalik.eth tweeting about?

ens and long term ecosystem health and sustainability.

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nigga same, feels bad