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I bought $500 worth of Hawaiian shirts again

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Any Tommy Bahamas?

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Based. Post a photo fren, I might be moving to the beach soon.

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I feel like there's money to be made selling knockoff Tommy's. They sell retail for $50 or $60 each. What if you sold those gay shirts for $25 each in a Shoppify store? Is that a /biz/? You could fuck around with adwords to get traffic and write a blog about the trans lifestyle?

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I don't think so
Here's a few

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This was just amazon

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Excellent taste.
I just ordered this abomination

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>This is a gift

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A few more

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>overpriced Hawaiian shirts from China

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>spent $1500 this week on an escort and drugs and fixing my car
>it's not even the weekend yet
I need Jesus or something, I can't keep doing this

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lmfao exactly how i could picture frog posting autists dressing. fucking subhumans

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kek based

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Yea and?

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kek this. they dont look anything like the image when they're XXL

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What'd you search to find these? Just Hawaiian shirts? I don't use Amazon frequently.

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Yea pretty much

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I fucking love it anon

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bro you bought the cheap amazon shit from china? and you paid $500?

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Ikr I need Jesus too. I'm reading the Bible actually.

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I go through retarded spending sprees too

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what kind of pants or shorts do you wear with these

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The black and pink looks nice

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Again? Tell me this is just the second time.

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Also, it's all good OP. It's nice to have an array of different options. I've done the same thing, but I wear Flannel instead of Hawaiian style. My classic style is Nike Slides, a pair of gym shorts and a short sleeve flannel, unbuttoned with no undershirt.

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I want to start reading too. I feel as though the end times are near

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Could you not find less repetitive patterns? I feel like they kinda miss SOVL

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Amazon? Does anyone have a nice store/source/designer for nice quality stylish hawaiian shirts? I'm moving to Myrtle beach and my girl says I really rock the the Hawaiian-Cookout style, need options for high quality hawaiian shirts.

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Do the opposite of this

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Those only look nice on /fit/ Chads. I really hope you aren't a twinky soiboi with noodle arms or a shitskin, because it's really a pathetic sight if so.

On the other hand, if you are kinda Chaddy and have nice arms/shoulders they will look great on you, especially if you wear them with a shorty short and you have big thighs and a mustache. It makes girls (and homos) wet like nothing else.

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Hawaiian shirts are incredibly based especially if you’re looking to dress sleazecore and/or live at the beach. Behold my collection.

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Oh no. This has awakened something within me

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I love mambo loud shirts but they are hard to get in large sizes. Pretty expensive these days

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You legit got everything wrong.

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it is last was at kohl's
thanks fren I don't rock flannel too well cause I always look homeless. You got any pics?
Isn't that one of the staples of a Hawaiian shirt? I tried to get a few solid designes
My last shopping spree was at kohl's and they have good brands at zumiez too but they are expensive af
I don't understand do you hate the repetitive patterns as well? Bruh not even the flamingo shirt?
I'm a bit overweight atm but I have very broad shoulders don't worry I've pulled it off before that's why I bought all hawaiin lmao
BROOO NICE i'm gonna take a pic with everything once they get delivered I don't think I have any of those!
Thats sick where can you buy it?

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I wore my Tommy Bahama today.
About to take it off and brush my teeth and go to bed.

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Not a tranny but is that teh right rope for hanging? I thought you needed a heavy rope and the right length to break your neck but the drop so it does not pop the head off (if it half pops it can be grim). I'm going the carbon monoxide route because, well I'm an old man and no one gives a fuck about old men, you don't get to be a grandfather or anything much. I'm going to hang around for my dog and the day my dog dies do myself in. I can't remember the last time anyone stopped by to say hello. After the funeral for my wife maybe, four years ago. I'd say most men will kill themselves now. Society has collapsed and there is no place in it for old men. I have not heard from any of my chilren in, O must be over 8 months and I was a good father, loved reading stories ,going to the zoo and movies and evrything and paid for them all to have nice things and good education. Ah well. There is no kindness in the world at all anymore since all the niggers and savages got on the internet

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bottom left is a classic i have that too

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>arriving october 11
why are they so backlogged? or is this some sort of subscription service?

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Guy Fieri?

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>I'm a bit overweight atm
I knew it
this is overweight american attire

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How do I invest in Hawaiian shirts?

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op is a fat autistic faggot who dresses worse than a redditor

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tori richards? based

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faggot women like Hawaiian shirts have some confidence you cuck

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What kind of pants/shorts and shoes do you wear with Hawaiians?

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tightie whities

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Chubbies & chacos obviously WTF

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Former /fa/ggot here. Youre unironically wasting your money on Amazon fast fashion polyester bullshit. Go into thrift store and find Hawaiian shirts there, sometimes there are great finds at estate sales. I can tell you there is a fine line between a good hawaiian/floral shirt and shit you see autist where with cargo shorts.
If youre lucky and can find some good vintage stuff from the 80s and earlier, you might find some quality shirts that will last longer than the these which may come shipped with loose threads despite being "new".

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Based sleazecore poster. Hard to believe all of the inspo from picrel originated from our threads on /fa/ years ago.

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>nobody gives a fuck about old men
And nobody gives a fuck about young men. My college years were spent alone. Men are disposable.

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