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Because you fell for the “1 million is literally nothing” tards

Let that sink in.

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The most I had ever was $20k and I cashed out over half so whatever. Money isn’t everything anyways. Praise the Lord!

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I wanted more money than 1 mil, that is why I sold ETH at 3500 and bought back at 1000

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Wrong, I walked away from literal make it wealth because I let retarded friends & family convince me to sell my SHIB stack ~6 months before it would've been worth ~5.5 million USD. I told myself not to sell before at least a million but told some faggots about it because I had no one else to talk to about this shit and they got into my head. I regret it every single day that I am forced by mr. shekelstein to wake up before 6am.

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the most I had was $435K and I did sell because I thought Tether would implode, that was Jan 2018, never been back near that since.

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I didn't sell

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Why sell all? Just hedge and sell a portion
this story is sus

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It was crashing at the time, went from like 300K to ~130K very quickly and I let jews convince me it was over.

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>“1 million is literally nothing”
i had 3 mil and unironically fell for this
i now have 200k in stablecoins and chainlink
i think what many don't understand is that the greed goes into hyperdrive and you really unironically start thinking 3m is nothing
if you've never made that kind of money in a short period of time you really don't fucking understand and i don't expect you to

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I understand the greed hyperdrive but I literally only need like $400k so I’d cash out most if I ever got to that

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same but there is no reason to stress. losing it all silently is what it took to figure yourself out. many of us only held because it was the only thing we knew to do with money

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>1 million is literally nothing

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>his family knew about the SHIB stack?

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>from 1m to 60k
I need two bullruns to make it now. Another 7 years of vidya and isolation, feelslikeprisonman

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no you wouldnt. as this anon said >>51333985
>you really don't fucking understand. if you make 100k in 24 hrs like me. you start thinking. why not just wait another 24 hours? "its just another dip it will go back up like it has 30 times before"

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start getting involved in running groups, changed my life, everything is so much better now. Pain is necessary for real growth.

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I told my cousin & his fiancee and he mentioned to a few others like "I can't believe anon has so much money in crypto". Retarded, I know. Never show your power level.

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if i didnt lose my $1.5m portfolio certain life events wouldnt have happened for me and i would have never met my first gf after being the typical neet on here, i wonder if it was meant to be but im still trying to get my money back

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I had about $3,500,000 at the top. I wanted to cash out 8 figures before tax. Next time. I still have about $3,000,000 in tPLS alone right now. Kek.

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He's right. 10 million is make it status. Anything under and you live like a slave.

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its nothing. got close than that on the web 3 Sylo wallet retard. what would really feels like something is seeing it x40-60 in the next bull run.

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25 million in the US puts you in the 0.1%

You guys have greed problems if you think you need billions.

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You fucked up big time

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This. I had over 200k from safemoon but only cashed out 50k fml if money would be my top priority in life i would kms t 16/h wagie

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brb moving to romania to live like a king and have orgies with the townsfolks daughters and die at 33 in an armed robbery

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Had 2 millions, now 300k. Could've take 1 million on a dead cat bounce (which I fucking saw and thought myself, yet I put money instead of taking it because I believed super-inflation schizos)

Man, I know that ultra greed shit. I had 1k initial. Greed allowed me to achieve ATH in the first place. If it's not for greed, I'd have cashed out 2x or 5x. I just wanted 5 millions though...
Greed is a double edged weapon it seems. Just cope with it at least you're still mid 6 figs.

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I had 250k and watched it crash to 50k. Greed really is powerful. I'm selling on the way up next time.