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He's been tweeting for the first time since 2017 and even did a podcast.

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arichads rise up

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He's been busy organizing a NFT art gallery instead of finalizing FSS and DECO. Can't wait to see the Linked cope trying to justify this.

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Checked. Looks like Ari wrote this as well

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lmao gonna be hilarious when smartcon is a nothingburger

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FSS and DECO are done my guy he's on to that new shit.

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>FSS and DECO are done my guy he's on to that new shit.
lmao, is there anything left for him to develop for Chainlink then? DO they even need a Chief Scientist now? Serious question. Looks like Ari has moved onto brighter things (Bored Ape NFTs haha).

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This guy is a genius. Probably one of the smartest people on the planet, but for some reason he gives me a horrible feeling in my stomach.

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Everybody Ari knows tasted the crypto gravy train. The people he teached have millions in their pocket? And he? Just 200k a year from the university and some smalltime gigs. He wants a share of the pie and he wants you to pay for it.

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Very subtle.
Many digits in this thread kek.

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When I find this Hipass nigga I'm gonna drown his ass.

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we already had this thread


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I still could never find out when that was. Isn’t it unknown when it happened?

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Or is it in Feb

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Thank you for providing the video fren.
Total mystery, riddle unsolved by all of bizrael's best minds.

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Why February?

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Jannie's just shoa'd the ICO Linkie thread. Wonder why. There was hardly any alpha in there anyway.

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I was misreading something when try to look it up, had it confused with a different date. I wonder if some anon out there does know and isn’t interested in revealing. I’ll just keep accumulating for now
Kek at pic

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holy shit why the fuck would Ari of all people write such a generic bland NFT puff piece, or care about NFTs at all in the first place? I can't believe that he doesn't see the obvious retardation inherent in what he's describing.
>A vibrant community is experimenting with its expressive possibilities through machine learning-generated art, art that transforms itself as its environment changes, community-driven artistic production and much more.
None of this requires NFTs
>provenance and royalty payments.
Completely useless as soon as someone wraps the NFT in a holding contract, moreover completely useless as long as you can't enforce the link between a physical (or even digital) artwork and the corresponding blockchain receipt.
>Unauthorized copying is rampant.
lmao I thought this guy was supposed to be a cypherpunk
In short wtf is Ari doing?

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Pretty sure the ‘watery demise’ refers to the liquidation of the various parties shorting/manipulating link

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pushing chainlink use cases?

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Hmmm that's odd
I wonder if he's finished working on anything significant recently that would give him the extra time to fool around on social media?

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Interesting theory. Hippapus represents shorts and Pythagoras represents longs?

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it's one thing to open up chainlink to anyone who wants to use it including retarded usecases, even to advertise it to people who like to build retarded usecases, but to write a whole article explicitly boosting a retarded usecase without even the most basic critical thinking is something else

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kekd and checked

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"The discovery of irrational numbers is said to have been shocking to the Pythagoreans, and Hippasus is supposed to have drowned at sea, apparently as a punishment from the gods for divulging this."

So were mooning at the end of clownworld? kek, were never mooning then.

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Why are you here then? Go home faggot.

You clearly have a vested interest in LINK.

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The larper couldn't even spell Ari's last name correctly. Embarassing

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>In short wtf is Ari doing?
Being smarter than you?

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take your meds schizo

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Here’s a picture for those of us who are slow.

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If you tell me how much link you have.

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when do we see chainlink in the skies?

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0. Cope and seethe, LINKchud. Cope and seethe.

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chainlink's vc grant showcase video had a cool music platform project with web3 royalties for artists and guess what the dumb whales refused to touch it because muh regulations bullshit more like music cannot guarantee profit like mev does and yes the vcs did jump on a mev project
sauce: https://youtu.be/TNqItbWInHE
the money in crypto is holding back the space. icos had no problems getting funding back in 2017

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Right, thats why youre here again, rechecking the thread for a investment that you have no interest in.