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if you aren't selling your entire LUNC stack right now i have very bad news for you

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Why do you care Bobo?

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What news is sir?
Do to buy the token or to sell?
What make village riches sir? Kindly tell me

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im going to lose my $400 investment? oh no, however shall i live

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your menacing bobo pic just scared me and I sold, i hope you think about the damage you've cause

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Wow, you can see the FUTURE? Show us your short position bobo.

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It would take me 21 days to undelegate my LUNC bobo so I won't bother.

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does that mean i can scoop up more cheapies? bring it, bobo show us what you got

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Thanks I sold. Can’t wait to buy back in when it goes over 50.

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KuCoin is supporting our tax burn Bobo we are pumping you have no power on us