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You may only post in here if you are unvaccinated and hold XRP

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while I hold XRP I also train my chain legion nfts. I use them to pvp and win duels (with bets)
mints are .1 bnb, you only need like 1 or 2. Think about what this implies

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>he doesnt know the XRP wallet chip implant can only be used if you have a green checkmark

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thats a suppository, right?

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Based. Also made by glowies

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I has the XRP
Hey how can I check what % size my stack is?
Like 100k xrp = 1% of holders or whatnot

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Checking in

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Came here to post this.

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Posting in this thread

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Based schizobro
Never getting jabbed

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Not vaxxed and have xrp. Hello brothers.

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Everyone will eventually implement the XRPL so of course this would be the case.

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>uses tools

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yes im unvaxxed and I hold xrp
when will I make it by?

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Two weeks after all the vaxxed die it will be just two weeks until XRP moons.

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i got the jab 3x and sold all my XRP last year for an eazy 2x

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I'm vaccinated and I'm holding QOM. Join us anon. Take the vax. Come with us.

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>coin made for retards attracts retards

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>before le vax

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thank you for beta testing a fucking liquid injected right into your body chud

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>vaxxed with me mum about two weeks ago
>had a horrible fever that completely shut me down for two days
>mom did just fine and pokes fun at me for being weak in a joking manner
why did this happen im 22 shes 46?????

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>one of the 8 mice

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Your immune system is stronger and your body hyperreacted you having poisoned it.
Your mum was half dead already.

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It's designed to inflict the most damage to young men. Sorry to hear about your newfound infertility.

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XRP is the standard. Non-XRP holders on suicide watch :D

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I don't hold XRP.

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Are you Unvaxxed? you still have a chance to buy some and be part of our club.

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What are we gonna do when it moons lads?

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hey cucks, i have MATIC
what the fuck are you going to do about it?

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I hold this shitcoin almost 10 years

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post vaxxx card so I make my own using your information

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Feels good that this thread is still up.

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Hello FBI what is my danger rating ?

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I have 20 that Exodus won't let me sell.
Still waiting for my Spark/Flare airdrop.
Songbird was free money, thanks!
Oh, and I'm never going to take it.

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I'm vaccinated and hold xrp.

post moon I will be paying politicians to lobby for the criminalization of covid misinformation

take that chuds

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laughing at all these /pol/ tards who think they can spend their XRP if they are rebelling against the system

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Are you sure? Lol
I hold XRP and what's your target OP? I'm also unvaccinated. I have other alts like Xpress, Coti, Zilliqa, and Iotx, and more assets in my portfolio. Don't put all your eggs in one basket.

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XRP to $37500

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Vaccinated dumb nigger.

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this i died from covid two weeks ago
also unvaxx retard who hold xrp

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I was born in the year of the tiger as well, unvaxxed, and hold XRP.

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>RAIL instead

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>vaxxed with me mum about two weeks ago
being midwit is inherited and oscillated in the niggercattle societies
better luck next life fag

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Thanks. Selling all my xrp for eth

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What a good joke lol. If that happens, I can buy everything I want, but that's impossible judging by the mcap. I'd prefer low caps for that, as I mentioned above.

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No you dumb schizo

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Yeah schizos think mcap doesnt matter.

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Not correct. Schizos think that trillions can go into the market cap. So people who say that the coin cant go up in price dont matter. They are wrong.

Trillions will go into XRP's market cap and raise the price. The Skeptics dont think that is possible because the entire crypto market cap only had 2 trillion at one point. Less now.

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Why do you hold stablecoins? The only use they have is to wire money without an intermediary party. What exactly do you expect to happen here?

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Its not a stablecoin dummy, dunno what idiot told you that. Stop listening to retards.

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You can play with the market cap here:


If we get 5 trillion in our market cap it gives us $100 price. Ripple is going after the 27 trillion dollar nostro vostro account money first.

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You will be dead by then. So long anon.

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Non-vaxed and hodler, but gf is double jabbed and we had sex many times since then, we prions now?

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I'm in the same position. Oh well.

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Blessings upon all my unjabbed, schizophrenic frens.

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I gt a fresh vaccination on the daily and I've never even seen an XRP. bullish.

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we’re all gonna make it, my fellow pure blooded schizos

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Yeah sorry ladies I hate women and even if I didn't, there's no way I'm sleeping with you. HAH how does it feel to be on the other end of rejection? Remember me, it's David from Highschool. Go fuck yourself sluts.