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>open up bags of presents from my friends
>For the first time see mom's present
>Mfw it's an eviction notice paper in the package

What the fuck bros. She kicked me out the second I touched 18. Did she never love me in the first place? Emotions haven't kicked in yet I'm totally numbed. Idk how to feel. I do have a place to say for now luckily at my brothers home. Wtf man. I apologize for making fun of thirdie parents man, I fucking hate America.

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the eternal boomer strikes again

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I want to genocide them bro. She told me I would be able to get on fine with a part time job and fucking university financial aid. She is convinced she is giving me a gentle nudge into the "real world" because she left the house at 18 and worked part time. I hate boomers so goddamn much man

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Boomers/Xoomers mainly do that to their children they don't like. Should have invested more in Charisma I'm afraid.

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Americans are heartless.

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Fuck off man that hurts. Did she larp as someone who loves me my whole life and then get rid the second she legally could?

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She gave it to you.. as a present? Like in a wrapped box?? This can't be real.

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I filed a restraining order

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Going that far and preparing eviction papers... Holy shit, your mom's a savage lmao

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Is it that bad I'm a bit of an autist so I thought that's a bit suitable. Maybe she didnt want to ruin my mood or something whilst opening other presents

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Lmao no way you are that guy from the twitter post posted here earlier

(I know you're a gay larper anyway)

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Lmao I would do that to my daughters if I had one but I would never do that to my sons.

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Fucking boomers are sadistic.

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Top kek. I don't think my mom is entirely malicious though she's just the biggest boomer I have ever seen. She thinks it's kind doing what she's doing. "You'll thank me in 10 years"

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based mom taking out the trash like you should have done when she gave you chores

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Based boomer mom.
Time to grow up chud.

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Remember: the Jews don't kick out their children from their houses, they don't let their children skip university, they don't let their children study garbage, they don't let their children marry trash partners, they don't let their children work garbage jobs.
They DO help their children with financial and legal advice, they DO pay for their children education, they DO help their children land a well-paid job, they DO pull connections to help their children with career climbing, they DO help their children find a reliable partner.
Still wondering how the Jews are in top 1% of USA and the boomers children aren't?

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USA is a breeding basket of psychopaths.
Most psychopathic nation on Earth. The second someone turns 18, it is throwed in the street like a dog. Or worse than a dog, as the dog stays after growing up.
It is said not even the chinese can achieve such degree of psychopathy, as the chinese have a more primitive mind. Only the american can create so many psychopathic schemes. Just look at Hollywood, 90% of movies have a psychopath as the protagonist.

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this is why white people are ngmi

you guys are destined to fail just like niggers are.

meanwhile kike and asian families create generational wealth while white people want to be "independent" and broke

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Aw man I feel bad now but actually yeah, she did. Those generations did NOTHING to teach their children to be likeable. Like how to express gratitude, flatter people, etc. The entitled old faggots just expected their children to suck their dicks naturally without being taught.

You'll get her back, OP, when she's elderly and need help. You can just remind her of the stunt she pulled today. In the meantime try to find someone looking for roommates and consider working in the trades, there's a big labor shortage as all the boomers retire and the xoomers promote to the positions the boomers were in.

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How the fuck is this generation still alive
Why the fuck can’t they all die out at long last

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that's just americans

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This is just the normal, responsible way of growing kids. The jews are just following natural order.

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>not even the chinese can achieve such degree of psychopathy
Well, why would you damage your most precious asset - your children? You need to give them the best education and help them to get the best job, so that they can support you when you are old.

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pics or it didn't happen.

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Just be glad your old enough that she couldn't cut your dick off anon. Because that's what the moms are doing these days.

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Thank you for the advice Anon. Wagmi

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Either you, your mother, or both of you treat each other like shit, and this is her way of saying fuck you.

I'm 28, and my mom moved in last year. It's comfy as hell. We never argue, she cooks, cleans, does the dishes, laundry, buys the groceries, and pays about 1/3 of the rent. I pay 2/3 of the rent, the electric bill, the cable bill and the insurance.

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>tfw spic
>live with parents until you get a job at 30
>sometimes you don't even leave and you get the house

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Also happens in Europe.

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I wouldn't say that it is "natural", but it is a battle-tested way that gives the best results and was adopted.
I am specifically naming the USA Jews because this gives a stark contrast between what US boomers do and what the most successful group in USA does.

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you can gift people those spring loaded confetti boxes that make a huge mess. kicking your kid out of the house to get into the world is one thing but wrapping it up as a gift is a tad crueler

you'll make it but fuck your mom (sexually)

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stop talking to her forever

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bro it's pretty fucked up. But probably just because your mom {like all woman) is stupid while believing herself smart.
She honestly believes she is helping you by showing you "tough love"
She is an idiot.
We just got out of a fake pandemic that had real lockdowns that effected the economy in real ways. Inflation is just getting started and unless it effects her personally she will probably think you are just being lazy when you end up homeless or renting a room in a basement off craigslist or something.
Stay away from all drugs.
Never commit suicide, everything will c alright

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>because she left the house at 18 and worked part time
In her day a part time job covered all of the bills and a semester of college tuition. She literally doesn't understand that the modern economy is a meatgrinder, especially for a kid fresh out of high school with no real work experience. Boomers literally cannot comprehend that shit because to comprehend it would mean admitting that they had life on easy mode.

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Tell her you'll never see your grand children and you're going to a home staffed by niggers as soon as you start having senior.
It's seriously fucked kicking your kids out because a boomer meme.

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Seriously though anon, it will be ok. After you process this and shit gets bad you will obviously resent your mother. Just remember to forgive her because she doesn't even realize she is doing it. Her parents pushed her out at 18 so she thinks she is parenting.
Where is your father at?

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Nursing homes take your house and all your money so that they kids get nothing. Sticking her in a nursing home would rob him of an inheritance.

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Mexicans and other cultures don't do this shit because they still honor their roots, land, and culture. The boomer jews have normalized leaving your family behind and moving into the city. They've normalized kicking your own child out before he's even lived for 2 decades. They saw how beautiful America was and destroyed it with this Regan jewmer mentality.
I recommend that you sabotage her house and vehicle before leaving. Also may I make an additional recommendation to bludgeon her head in with a rock. Kill her. Rape her corpse as well.

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Could be worse, when my mum died I found her early diaries from when I was a baby pretty saying she hates me for ruining her life.

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>implying a boomer won't sell it and piss it all away before they die
They're kicking their kid out at 18 during the shittiest economy you can imagine, do you think they care about saving for an inheritance?

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Sometimes I get mad at my parents because they sometimes argue over banal shit but when I read shit like this I realize it is not so bad

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Jesus Christ anon, that's fucked. It's not like you asked to be born, it's her fault for not keeping her legs closed if she didn't want a kid.

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I cannot comprehend this. Are you white?

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Simon, paisano!

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>What the fuck bros. She kicked me out the second I touched 18. Did she never love me in the first place?
No. Mine kicked me out at 13 to a school and then at 15 for good. Now that I'm in my 40s they want to be friendly and me to look after them. I find that very funny. My mother actually wrote me a letter giving out to me about the ingratitude I showed for the food I had and the place to sleep until I was 13. I wrote back saying that it really is amazing she did not go to jail and certainly would have if she had tried starving me to death or I had died of exposure under age 13. She does not speak to me anymore now. My father does but I just sneer at him at call him worthless and tell him how the older old people in the government home will bully him because that's what he did to me for years before sending me away to a place so badly run that people had to fight with each other for food. What's really funny is that my parents were extremely wealthy landlord types that charged me and my sister rent at 15 but gave it all to the youngest child because he was 'sick' and did hypochondria his whole life like my parents. I recon my sister and I were adopted as free labour. In my whole life I have never met to meaner crueller or more selfish and mean people. After I had children myself I actually found them to disguising to be in the same room as. My sleeping place at nine was filled with mice really really bad conditions, no heating. I'm lucky to be alive.

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O and as a child I we 'did not have birthdays and Christmas because that is wasteful' but they every year used have a Christmas and my sister and I would have to fast 'for their sins'

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Thank god my father married a foreigner.

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>see mom's present
where's the father?
>"You'll thank me in 10 years"
your mom wants you out of the house so she can bring Tyrone over

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>After I had children myself I actually found them to disguising to be in the same room as

>> No.51303768

>my sister and I were adopted
They adopted you and then treated you like that? I don't have words anon. I hope they get the most painful cancer imaginable, and die very slow from it.

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You’re not making any sense. Brain damage?

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im indian and my mom gave me $5000 to invest in crypto and let me be the coowner of her house. i pay nothing btw

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I remember the first time i invested on dextools, made 15k, completely nuts
i never understood why more people don't use it

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>inb4 boomer
I'm 27
Time to get out of the house and get your dinky stinky. I literally couldn't wait to get out of the house when I was your age. You're lucky you were pushed into the world and not completely thrown into it by something tragic like the death of your mother. Who btw wouldn't be kicking you out of the house if she didn't think you were man enough and capable to face clown world for what it is and know you'll make it, despite whatever faults you have. I'm also assuming since it was your mom who kicked you out and not "your parents" who kicked you out, you are the product of a single mother.
Find a Catholic church in your area that does Latin Mass and start going every Sunday. There'll most likely be younger adult based trads there that'll offer you anything from a meal to a job to an extra shirt you can wear to a job interview. I've seen younger guys straight up get job offers from X'ers and boomer types that want to help out an honest young man in today's clown world. But not just material things, they really ask about you. Tell them your family abondoned you and you need a new senpai. They will sincerely provide your needs for you. Man lives not on bread alone.
In the meantime, I'd wagie it, go to community college, get IT certs (CCNA, A+, Network+, Security+) then get a wfh help desk job. Better yet, join clownworld army and have that shit paid for you.
it's hard being a young man in today's society and man is only loved under the condition he provides. Get your shit together, start providing to yourself, join a local community, and it will get easier.
>Did she ever love me in the first place?
This would be a great question to ask at thanksgiving when you see her next. If she did this without warning, address the trauma it caused you. Next time she asks for a favour, don't be afraid to say no. Once you're on your own, you're in control.
Also- make sure she doesn't have access to any of your financial stuff
Hope things get better anon

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>Who btw wouldn't be kicking you out of the house if she didn't think you were man enough and capable to face clown world for what it is and know you'll make it, despite whatever faults you have.
You're basing this on the judgment of a woman you've never met, anon.

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idrc about what women do to my fellow anons. That being said, I don't really care to understand the rationalization of a woman's actions (as if they would ever make sense).

I think at this point OP needs more encouragement and realistic advice that I would give to a young man in that position (I was once in that position, too) than he does confirmation bias in bashing his mom o, even worse yet, his his mom's generation. I just want my fellow anons to not be incapable of providing for themselves as young men. This type of lifestyle was ubiquitous no less than 60 years ago.

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entitled faggot rolling for homeless for a few months and then starve to death in the cold of winter

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Comfort is the death of man. OP, I won't pretend to know what kind of woman your mother may be but I can say that you will mature quickly without her. Things will be fine. You will be fine.
You have a place to live while you work, that alone is a great blessing. Make sure to help out around the house, your brother is not your mother and you will be expected to pull your own weight.
Of course your mother should've eased you into that by having you work while you lived in her house instead of surprising you like that but that is over and done with.
Find a job, get a cheap car, and focus like a motherfucker on growing your career. This is the time in your life to grab life by the nuts to assert dominance. Go to college if you have to (But don't if you don't have to).
If you hate your mother, well good news, you won't have to see her ever again if you don't want to. But that's up to you.

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Yeah American parents are really stupid for doing shit like this. You are just ruining chances for family wealth and intergenerational wealth by kicking kids out. If the kid is > 25yo, fine but what the hell is an 18 year old supposed to do for work nowadays? This isn't 1952. Hope you don't live in California where a studio apt costs 3K a month.

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When millenials get old are people gonna start calling them "moomers"?

>> No.51304566

Likely yes, sounds like something a disturbed narcicist or sociopath would do, I have personal experience with this, these people don’t love anyone anon, they are incapable. Go about your life and don’t look back, and don’t listen to any fucking hippie retards going “duh it’s your mother “ you’ll just get burned and burnt out if anything the max you can do is ten minutes or an hour. And don’t forget to tell your bitch of a mom what you think about her.

>> No.51304582

This might be true. I will kick my daughter out as soon as she’s 18. OP are you an annoying SOB?

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My mum let me stay at home until I saved up 100k to buy a house on the the cheapest interest rate seen in fucking years


>> No.51304986

Boomers are the worst generation of parents to ever walk the Earth.

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leave, get a job, and never speak to her again. my moms been ghosted for 10 years, she's currently dying of cancer, sister is begging me to go see her. not gonna happen.

>> No.51305075

My mum was the first op and I’m in aus.
Her reasoning was that she had to move out at 16 and had kids at 18 and all that gay shit and it was a big eye opener for her to learn all those life experiences. My dad was a lot more understanding and let me stay even though my mum was definitely doing it because she hated me and it was shit having to deal with for a couple years. The thing is now that I sorted everything out because of the money I saved at home all she does is brag about me to her friends and my family. I think she’s a psycho mother fucker or she was going through menopause

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Not talking to mine for similar reasons. It sucks but there's nothing you can do about it except not doing that to your own people

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I don't know anon, this would have been a whole lot different if you were earning from crypto

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kek no fucking way, post wrapping or larp

>> No.51305280

also happens in canada

>> No.51305299

does she allow you your independence? Or do you have to answer to her? How does dating work?

>> No.51305329

yeah, my mom told me I ruined her body -- she had a c-section. Some people only want the benefits of having children and none of the possible complications or downsides.

>> No.51305658

C-section destroys bonding between mother and child forever. Many such cases. Bet you were formula-fed too.

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Maybe if you start to suck cocks 9 or 10 times a day you will make the same a 14 year old boomer did selling lemonade.

No, seriously, good luck anon i am sorry for you

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based indian lad. my parents did the same

>> No.51306016

Boomer cunts get the rope first. Hang in there bro, you're gonna make it, work hard.

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We both do whatever we want. We'll tell each other where we are going though, it's not obligatory, it's just out of respect. Even if I lived with a friend, I'd tell him if I'm going out.

I haven't gone out on a date in 6 years, but there wouldn't be a problem. I would just go to the woman's house, or my mom would go hangout at my sister's or something, it's not a big deal. Plus, my mom is 64 and doesn't want to date anyone at all.

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I hope all the horrible life stories itt are larps

>> No.51306092

Sink or swim. Problem is in their day it was less likely you sink than now.

I lived by myself for a while when I was younger, it was hell and all I did was work to keep myself alive to go to work. A pointless existence.

I live back with parents now, have the money to do things outside of work, will probably just wait until I get some inheritance now and wouldn't consider moving out again in this current world. I will never pay rent or a mortgage.

>> No.51306123

Possibly. But this post >>51302221 makes it sound like she’s just another delusional boomer who does not comprehend that things are 20 times harder now than they were when she was your age

>> No.51306241

It’ll be a funny story you two can laugh about in 20 years when you put her in a home and never visit

>> No.51306272

>Did she larp as someone who loves me my whole life and then get rid the second she legally could?
Maybe, but it's more likely she's a retarded boomer who still thinks it's 1970. Where you could pay rent + bills + tuition working part time at Pizza Hut.

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Same I love my mom too I'll take her in when she gets too old

>> No.51306297

Yeah I think it was formula

>> No.51306310

Ah, gotcha. It sounds comfy for sure :)

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>Jimbo when I was your age I just went to the best uni in our state. How I could afford it you ask? Well I worked for minimum wage for a couple weeks. Oh and the I met your mom during uni and we got married straight away.
>What you can't afford a mortgage Jimbo? When I was your age I worked a 9 to 5 for 12$ an hour and your mom did part time for minimum wage and we could easily afford our small 3000 sqft house. We also had higher interest rates so stop being such a pussy
>Doesn't realize that the dollar had way more purchasing power
And then these people wonder why they are despised.

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It has it pros. Like you don't ever have to talk to her again or visit her and her funeral will be dirt cheap. Literally.

>> No.51306563

Cut her off, she is no longer your family. Drop her a card at Xmas telling her you have met a woman and she is pregnant and after the stunt she pulled with kicking you out you forbid the child from ever seeing her. It will be complete bullshit but this will hurt boomers who deep down inside know they are vermin and are terrified of dying alone, in a care house with no one around them for their sins. Do not reply to any attempt at contact there after and let her stew for a year or so; it will be the worst time of her life and let her die miserable thinking her actions led to her being isolated from family. She will do mental gymnastics to justify her actions which deep down inside will know were bullshit.

If you're going to kill yourself or anything of the sort (justified because you have literally 0 chance of making it now, you are doomed to be a goy slave for life) make sure she knows it was her actions leaving you know choice. Stream it or some shit, make up stuff about her touching you and letting men rape you as a child or some shit. Isolate her and destroy her ability to live a decent life for the rest of her days.

Fuck boomers. They all deserve the day of the rope, without exception.

>> No.51307042

Once you're doing well thank her in 40 years by putting her in a government retirement home
Once you're on your feet sit down with her and have the talk that you won't support her in her old age
She sounds aweful

>> No.51307108

holy shit dude who hurt you, was it a boomber?

they kinda suck as a group but every generation has redeemable people, only retards think in absolutes

>> No.51307142

Go back to rxddit

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>mom kicks you out of house
>dont ever talk to them again
if theyre going to do the 'bird out the nest' meme, may as well go the full nine yards

>> No.51307315

thats unfortunate anon. my condolences
my mother is the opposite.
she never wants me to leave
she loves me
she said she would never kick me out
i am a 25 yo kissless virgin manchild kek

>> No.51307327

She gave the eviction notice in the fucking present? Holy shit, that's cold man...

>> No.51307329

Based. You shouldn’t live with mommy and daddy past 18. I moved out at 17 and now I make $200k/yr.
My older brother still hasn’t moved out and he is a LoLcel.
Your mom gave you the best gift of all anon. Stop expecting free shit from the world.

>> No.51307342

Living with your parents is retarded chink/shitalian bullshit

Actually the only based thing about boomers is that they kick their manchildren to the street to fend for themselves. Have you ever met a European? They are completely gay

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Fuck this was a feel.
Don't worry anon - like others have said I'm sure she loves you but is permanently disillusioned with an outdated worldview where a basic 9-5 could afford college, a house, car and other bills on it's own.
Hope you turn out alright fren.

>> No.51307369

>move out at 26 voluntarily
>parents want to keep me at home
>3 years later, I move into their second flat for free
>voluntarily pay them rent to support them
>the rent is peanuts now, but I'd have never been able to get this far if I had to pay rent for 10 years
>0 debt
Kicking your kids out ensures that no trans-generation capital accumulation occurs and that people have to acquire spending power by going into debt, thus financing the governments that print the fiat shitpaper. Boomers have been psyopped into destroying their children's future, just like women were psypped into working to finance the Cold War.

>> No.51307394

Your mom doesn’t want to tiptoe around her BBC addiction any longer.

>> No.51307409

Brainlet take. Give a man a fish, feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, feed him for a lifetime.
>transgenerational wealth
So Quincy the pimple faced neet who has mommy clean up his dishes while he plays vidya in a dark room on a bright summer day is going to be responsible with the money? He’ll build capital and pass that down to his *chuckle* children?
No woman is going to want to be with a “man” that lives with his parents, much less one that DEPENDS on his parents and doesn’t want to be independent. There will be no transgenerational wealth in that scenario because there is no more generation.

>> No.51307414

You did move out lol dumb fuck

Most of these yuropoors ITT don’t live in their parents vacant apartment and pay rent, they live in the same house their elderly parents fuck each other in

>> No.51307552

I lived in my parents' house for 26 years, I wasn't kicked out at 18 like OP.

>> No.51307596

Do Americans not beat their parents. By the time I was 18 my father wouldn't have dared to look up from the floor when I passed him because he knew I would have smashed his head into the wall two dozen times. Maybe once or twice a year he'd muster up the courage to say
>y-y-you c-cant t-talk to y-your own f-father that way...
but that's it. I stayed at home until I was 26.

>> No.51308434

And just like that another wagie for life was born who will barely struggle to survive and live his last decades on social security.

Employers are dabbing on you right now. Your boomer mother lived in a time where just existing gave you a house in 5 years. Now you need to have a top degree just to survive.

It's over. Your mother let your genes go to waste. You are a victim of survival of the fittest.

>> No.51308911

>it worked for me so what's the problem?
this is your mutt brain

>> No.51308933

Unironically cut all contact

>> No.51309009

It's an american thing. You want to be a good goy, don't you?
Repay her kindness for letting her die alone.

>> No.51309081

You shut the fuck up with that monkey language, Xers are NOT ziggers

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if you can't make it through hardship
you deserve to b culled
cvck gayddittor sagefag SHILL

>> No.51309257

>nooooooo not the heckin real world!
>I'll have to get a job instead of spending my time jerking off to anime figurines!

>> No.51309321

It's the Antipodean way also.

>> No.51309326

yeah, white people should all get jobs at 16 so they can save up money for a couple years to make investments. because once they hit 18 they're kicked out and have to live paycheque to paycheque on minimum wage and saving up for anything becomes nearly impossible. hence why all the small business owners are brown for the most part.

>> No.51309368

Rather than asking whether Helene loves, a better question ask whether she is a violently insane serial child rapist afflicted with pathological sadism, raping not for sexual pleasure but only to inflict pain. She likes it when you put her in the nice frame of rhetoric because any answer to the questions you can ask over there won't get to the heart of the matter. Helene is the most black-hearted, wicked person that ever lived, bar none.

>> No.51309397
File: 31 KB, 300x100, TIMESAND___SJudJu9m77k57u62u9m7k572Sm494Y.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Helene is the most black-hearted, wicked person that ever lived, bar none.

>> No.51309441
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Damn I'm sorry anon. A pretty crappy way to get kicked out not going to lie. On the bright side this will literally make a man out of you. Get out there and fight maggot. Invest in BTC, ETH, bitDAO. Try to build a business, The world is your oyster and your mom is a bitch.

>> No.51309462 [DELETED] 


>> No.51309481


>> No.51309680

If he is turning 18 in the year of our Lord 2022 then his parents are most likely generation x. Boomers actually didn't kick out their children. How else did millenials reach record high percentage of living with their parents past the age of 24? Anecdotally this kicking out at 18 has only occurred with generation X parents. I am 27 and nobody in the millenial generation was kicked out by Boomer parents.

>> No.51309767


the greatest trick THEY pulled was to teach boomers that generational wealth and strength was a BAD THING. Instead of properly teaching the kids to manage family assets and seek financial security within the family structure (like good, strong parents), boomers love to kick them out and force them to pay RENT.

It's insidious.

>> No.51309777

My parents started charging rent the moment I turned 16. This will teach you discipline and other important life skills.

>> No.51309780

Found the boomer
>I am 27 and nobody in the millenial generation was kicked out by Boomer parents.
A lot of them got kicked out when 18 some of them got kicked out earlier than that.

>> No.51309811

Based mom. Get fucked, semen slurping onions goy.