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just stress ate a whole box of cookies and bag of chips
fuck this market

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Now stress workout

20 min cardio

100 pushups throughout the day.

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no refunds

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kek im gonna do the same, not because im stressed but fuck it. i need some mass gainer.

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I'm 75% cash, 25% in and DCAing every week

Literally the comfiest strat...I can't lose

If it goes up, great.

If it goes down MASSIVELY, I deploy everything

Satan can't win. The Jews are seething.

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ha ha that will be a part of you forever now fatass. Lipid cells never get destroyed. They only shrink.

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i don't think it can go much lower, the jews don't want the plebs to get in at cheap prices.

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I'm going to watch that new Top Gun movie.
>no homo

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What was that? Like 1500 calories? You're done eating for today

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