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No. Buy Ethereum.

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not buying your heavy inflated bags thanks

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Yeah because ethereum is where the party is at. XRP is like shy introvert. no power, no confidence.

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November probably. If it doesn't pump in November I give up on xrp.

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>giving up on XRP

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Ripple will win, can't argue with superior tech.

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Wheres my flare you scamcoin

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they'll win in 2035 when regulation clarity comes
2 more weeks trust the plan

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>no one cares about my financial neo-vagina outside of the reddit tier containment threads
>better make another one to see if anyone wants to play along with me
lol just go the fuck back to where you came from troon

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the schizos have gone from several threads a day to one thread bumping along for days

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We won't realistically see any major XRP price movement until 2026 - 2027. That's when CBDCs will be implemented. Be prepared for the lawsuit with the SEC to drag on for years. I'm hoping we can still get involved in this bullrun and see $1 EOY.

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these exactlyu the same "organic" shillbot threads posted every fucking day are getting really boring

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> 5 more years
The Standard Scam....stringing retards along

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XRP is the standard. Non-XRP holders on suicide watch :D

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>too quiet
your "project" is dead lol

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