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LINK has found support above its 200 day MA for the first time in 2 years. Its over… linkies won.

It even had a golden cross and found support on it. Fml

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It’s dumpin ain’t it

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Oh ononono no Bulgarian bro, I need to accoooom

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Show the chart else this is fudfud

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Stop with all this fudfud

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Its over

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Now that's what I call a fudfud.

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It's over fud bros..

The linkies are still standing. We failed to stop them, we failed to destroy Chainlink in time and now we have to face the New Harsh Worldwide Reality-Order.

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based elites made the blood of the normies run free and literally executed any one dumb enough to take the vaxx and you nigger fags wanna cry aboot it?

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We will dump soon

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better luck next time I am sure you get people to panic sell when it drops from $200 to $60.

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It's over fud bros..

The linkies are still standing. We failed to stop them, we failed to destroy Chainlink in time and now we have to face the New Harsh Worldwide Reality-Order.

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I'm liking fudfud. Should be a thing.

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Doomp eet

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No. Pomp eet

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7.50 and this Lil shit sends it.

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I want to believe

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Might be the most free-est money any could get.

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Checked wagmi

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You DO know SmartCon will be a big sell the news event right? 3 years in a row. You're mistaking the pre-conference pump for support

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Brainless opinion
This year is so much different than previous smartcons that it’ll take a monumental amount of manipulation to stifle the pump.

Even if they only announce 10% of what we’re hoping for, the price is going to have a nice little pump.
I’m sure a BTC dump will follow, but to say Link isn’t looking bullish is foolish.

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>literal embodiment of the “this time is different” meme

Textbook example of Link hodler delusion. A few weeks ago link “broke out” for like a day just like this, and then went right back to dumping the most like it always does.

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Although I will admit you have to be bullish on the sponsor list. Because when I think legitimate business, I think VOLT INU

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>This rally will fail like the others

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send it sergey

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This year is different, retard.
God, why do you cretins wander into threads about things you don't like?
And don't say it's because Link is "shitting up the board" because there's at least 20 lunc threads up at any given time.

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>things you don't like
They all hold Link

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They don't wander in, they're here on purpose. Fudding link is literally their full time job.
They suck at it.

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They get paid per word in link threads.

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Fud bros…. it feels like we failed, I’m so demoralized. I spent the entire year trying to get this shitcoin killed but it still lives despite everything I and others have tried. Why don’t linkies realize we were only trying to prevent the globohomo WEF from winning? Now we will live in a world where we own nothing but being happy will not be guaranteed.

It’s over…we tried so hard but in the end that fat fuck won and now we will eat ze bugs

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so why did it touch the upper line in the past and went down?

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Annnnnnd just as predicted, link pump ends. Wow a whole day

>duuuuude we decoupled

Fucking losers

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I said faster and more.
Chop chop my slave, I need more posts and threads, you are lacking.

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Go be a newfag somewhere else please

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>muh meme lines
Smart contracts are a meme and no one will use them. Token not needed.

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As if this matters when BTC crashing to $12-14k is a distinct possibility. We're mired for 6mos at least and everyone knows it.
Linkies are truly hopium fiends. You'd think the 2 year t-break would've helped... kek.
Captcha RDHAHA

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Just the thought of linkies winning is almost unbearable.

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you didn't answer. It could touch the upper line of the flag channel and go down

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Aww no traction on your little FUD post :( I feel bad for you, here's a (You)

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7.77 and it sends it

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Right, it could, and it might, but eventually it will break above the line, retest the line, and if the retest passes it will explode upwards violently. That is the received wisdom. Some people think TA is not better than reading tea leaves, some people swear by it. I hold no opinion I'm just telling you what it means.

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checked holy trips wagmi

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Linkies COPING hard. You can draw all the magic lines you want on any chart, but it doesn't change reality. I just checked the price and wow what do you know, LINK is down more than almost everything else! Rank 27! LINK is only three ranks above a total fucking scam ponzi LUNA Classic. It's 9 ranks behind ETH classic. A literal hacked and dead ghost chain from 7 years ago. Oracles are important but they are not worth hardly anything because they are not SCARCE. No one is "competing" for chainlink "oracle space" like they are blockspace which is why the price will NEVER go back to it's ATH in ETH. Stop fucking posting about chainlink you retards. It's NOT COMING BACK. ITS DEAD. It's like fucking XRP but at least XRP can hold a pump and ranking. I lost so much money holding this bag of flaming dog shit. Fuck you all for shilling this trash here. And none of you can debunk this because you know it's fucking true unless you bought at literally the bottom in 2017 you're underwater on ETH and BTC. WORTHLESS.

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thanks, just bought 100 more LINK

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> Brainless opinion!!
> this year is so different!!
>..I mean even if..
> …and also, I think…
> backtracking
> backtracking
> yeah, you’re right..

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I bought 1.1k link all I could afford.
Fuck the fudder trannies.
Link caused the BTC crashed so we were given this golden moment.

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checked and believed

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based gratitude anon

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How does this make fudders feel?

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Based I should have bought at 6.80 but I thought we would crash but finally just bite the bullet I could have gotten nearly 1.5k

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huh? this isn't fud linkies will literally be rich

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Makes me feel bad for you. Youre the equivalent of plebbit buying BBBY to fight hedge funds. Youre both cult members fighting an invisible enemy

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I just bought more link. How does this make you feel?

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I just sold 100k. How does this make you feel?

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Nah, I'm pretty sure you're crying and shitting yourself you bulgarian tranny shill!

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fud fud is when you fud the fud

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You seem to have forgotten the minor detail that we are getting staking and ccip. Best not to discuss that when fudding, though. Ruins the flow.
>inb4 staking won't happen this year REEEEEEEE
oh yes it will

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But who was paycheck?

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Like clockwork.
Link tries to break out. Btc dumps.
It's free money at this point

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CCIP won't happen this year. Screencap this. Staking v0.1, sure whatever, that's neutered staking