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im a n33t and spent all day smoking marijuana and listening to the fifth element soundtrack.

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>was a hardcore workaholic + stoner at home in my 20s
>now I'm 35, married with two kids
i miss those days sometimes desu.

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At least you got to pass on your dna. you’ve already accomplished more in life than what most have here have. id like to trade lives with you for a day just to have a taste of what it’s like to have your own family.

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It's one thing to put your dick in a woman's vagina, but you have to put it in her heart too.

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life is pretty great desu. i miss the ease of bachelor living and the naive freedom to pretty much do whatever you want, when you want. once you have a family, you get a cruel reality check that your actions actually impact others.

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you look good man

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>you have to put it in her heart too
That doesn't sound safe.

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Wholesome except for the ticker:LINK part

I can see how where you’re coming from and ive always appreciate that the things you want most are things you can’t have thing. yesterday i drove to the store to buy milk in the morning and when I was at the traffic lights i watched a man drop his little daughter off at school and he stood there the whole time just watching her with a smile on his face. You must have had some banger life moments having kids and that which just made you feel great and proud. Being a neet is comfy and all but you are completely void of pride or any feeling of accomplishment. im going to take my third nap for the day, thanks for that chat and i wish you well in life anon you seem like a cool dude

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meh. my plan is to have 2 more kids and just do the bare minimum parenting. kids have to know boundaries. they can look afyer themselves. too much coddling pretty much ruins them