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i am holding around 205k in cash. should i hold start buying cryptos and stocks or should i wait a lil longer?

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Describe yourself and where you live.

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do you have long-term food, water, guns/ammo, tools, clothes, etc?

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im waiting for the final capitulation event
its a long, patient game, but everyone i know is still bullish because we haven't broken previous ath
i think we will do a flash crash then it's OVERALL only up from there
do we flash crash back to the bottom a month or two ago?
do we flash crash to 10K? i do not know but i am waiting for that "out of nowhere" leg down

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September is a good month for that to happen. Shit usually hits the fan, and then October-December is nothing but up.

That is if we don't get into a nuclear war.

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diversify, get both stock, crypto, also do some house filliping with estate and also generate passive income on with gems like Matic, Utk or Ride.

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>buy 100k now
>if it drops buy more
>if it moons you made money

If you buy now, there's a hard chance that it will drop around 40%, however, ATH was almost 70k so it's more likely you will make 2x or 3x or money ez.

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the logical thing to do is buying bit at cheap of course, because bitdao is currently the top dao in the space and is fueling the rise of defi and daos, while making web3 easily accessible to people around the globe

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Everyone else has the same idea as you. Unless there are better investments, it won't crash.

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ill give you advice to turn it into 200 million but my fee is 200k

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Not OP, but similar situation and I also have:

One year of food for family, reliable water
Variety of guns and plenty of ammo
Clothes (also wife and daughter sew)
Precious metals
Secure facility for all of it

Not sure what else I should be doing with the cash

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Get some blue chips and then you could split the rest between some low cap like sylo, ocean, or utk

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been staking those elrond token which seems to be underrated and also anticipating for Ride product launch that coming up.

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there will be no "flash crash" because everyone is waiting for it, capitulation has already occurred on the dump to 17k. However we will crab downwards slowly and painfully for many months with every other market in an attempt to get people to sell their assets as they lose their jobs and their budgets are squeezed by inflation.

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buy btc and eth.

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not on utk for me, but I've been doing that more on Ride, Anon. Saw their partnership thread and shit those guys are massive.

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Wait for 13k

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My ideal bag for him would be XPRESS, FTM, and AVAX. A quick look at these projects would tell you everything you need to know. They're solid, and they're underpriced.

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30% in XRP

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Practice DCA. But only do this on long term projects like ETH or Xpress. You could take a tiny fraction and invest in a shitcoin. If it does a 1000x, you might have twice of what you started off with

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Be a degenerate and go all in on LUNC right now. It's a clown world economics play that'll put you into the 7 figures club.

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You don't seem to have ETH, which is the current future. I believe that XPRESS stands because of the planned metaverse bank.

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Based list anon, sometimes is good to take advice from pajeets on 4chan instead of a financial advisor

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I can't take any list that doesn't contain eth seriously. Eth is literally the hottest coin right now

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A little problem right here though, what shitcoin would I invest in? I mean, they're a dime a dozen, literally. But which ones could I get into and have a hope of a good pump

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This is time for passive income anon. Everything is going to shit. Stake that fiat on Freeway for superchargers or convert to stables. In the end, still stake.

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More reason for passive income, wouldn't you agree? I prefer brokerage systems that have some amount of safety. Better safe than sorry.

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I'm applying DCA while slowly accumulating Qanx,. There's nothing better than dollar cost averaging newfag

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Invest in shelter for : dry/stored food (eg. canned food, rice, etc.), sleeping, fireplace, stuff like that. That's what I would do if I were you at least

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Yeah, I think that's one of the best features. Though I'm still waiting for some retracement before jumping. I'm looking at the futuristic aspect of payment gateway projects

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fuck off degen, my picks are lowcap. What tickles my fancy is XPRESS I recently found out that they have fiat functionality

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I have buy orders set up around 15-17.5k for BTC. I'm avoiding everything else like the plague because pretty much all western fiat is about to implode. Shit like ETH and SOL won't be used as a medium of trade. BTC, LTC and XMR will be (with BTC being miles ahead of everything else) meaning they will capture trillions in value over the coming few years. 1 BTC will easily put you in the top 1% of people in terms of wealth in the coming decade.

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>ATH was almost 70k

when musk invested 1000 million dollars in it.
he ragpulled at the top. You think he is going to invest 1000 million dollars again ?

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Buying now could lead to some more tears, except if it's stables which I believe can be staked through Spool to earn rewards.

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Capitulation isn't happening. This crash is only an accumulation opportunity. More for supercharger rewards imo. Now isn't time to sleep on good stuff.

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Don't be a dumb jeet. No way that shit will make figures for you. Would rather keep earning fwt staking rewards. I break even that way while I look out for other things.

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If you'd buy any, Do your research into those with strong fundamentals and teams... Allianvceblock is an example here, launching several projects during the bear market.

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seriously this is the best chance to grab a decent bag, you can start with Ethereum, Tron or Ride that's at the tail of it's VR game, but do not be dumb to invest what you cannot afford to lose.

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That's a good choice anon. Post quantum cryptography projects are very safe investments with assured huge ROI

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This, I would say put at least 30% in XRP, 30% in ICYpee, 20% in privacy coins like 0xMR and DERO, 20% in stables yield farming in preparation to buy any dips if they occur.

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Position yourself and you are going to to be a millionaire come the bull run. Look for new solid projects. I love what Gamestar+ is bringing into the blockchain.

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Gaming are making waves, especially p2e. Mighty Kingdom, Disney, Sony and the likes are coming into the industry.

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Yep, i'm slightly bullish on Sylo because of its real word usage (messaging app and P2P transactions), and of course Nii,
a layer2 gem that reduces the hassles if high gas fee on the Ethereum network.
just buy, stake and fucking wait, we are going to see the greatest comeback in history in the next bull season

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I am buying more ORE you can do same if you want to anon

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Get in here OP and become a developer, life is made easy as bitches are earning developer royalties.

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Everyone is anticipating ETH migration but that's bullshit

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Who's got such money to waste on a dead crypto?

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Now is actually the prime time to buy anon. DCA-into BTC, ETH and MATIC. BTC is a store of value and ETH as well as MATIC are going to be home of web3 as we know it.

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Wait for 10-11k BTC before buying any crypto, it'll happen soon.

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Kek at niggers in this thread preparing for doomsday lmao it'll never happen note this down motherfucker it'll never going to happen

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Stop wailing foolish poor faggot, if a retard knows he'll benefit massively from a cheap fixed fees and a hybrid designed quantum resistant blockchain, where coding in any language is easy with massive innovation that drives devs and businesses to use the platform, why won't you fuck all your money on it.

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Hey anon, we ain't talking about an unsecured entity. Hope that's not like LUNA

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Last time I checked, UTK was fucking on the chart

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i guess you are just confused, why will you say crypto is dead when we have solid tokens like ORE,JUNO and some other alts that are primed for a pump once we have a major break in the market

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Is the mainnet launched?

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I know faggots are really anticipating the launch which will happen soon, y'all should be excited with its QVM launch and I'm sure every Dev out there is too.
To code smart contracts in any programming language even NodeJS, C++, and GoLang is possible and easy. Thanks to the solid team behind the project.

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buy now, it will be BTC will be 100k in 5-10 years

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Charles of Cardano said it isn't happening anytime soon, while Vitalik is saying that it can be managed. Poor fags they won't know what hit them. What will they tell their investors?

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Is that a real cat?

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ore does not sound familiar anon

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Ore network is an interoperable blockchain technology that helps users to understand how the blockchain works in a very simple term

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Simple, yet strong. You should consider adding privacy based coins/tokens to the list. Monero is a good one. Other lower caps with multi-chain focus such as Mina Protocol and Railgun are worth considering too.

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Yea, fucking underrated at the moment!

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Didn't make this list? Sorry, definitely NGMI

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Ore network is an interoperable blockchain technology that helps users to understand how the blockchain works in a very simple term

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you should buy a crypto token and SCRT is a very good one also RAIL is also good and some other alts as well then dont forget to buy ETH

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One fag switching IP

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That cool anon,it's make more sense buying and getting cashback,the more tokens I stake, the more cashback % I get whenever I use it's payment gateway, so there's no point in selling low when I came HODL until it opens up shop in the US

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I get no fucking deal with with ETH the I use XRP and that keeps making me fucking horny

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Denm with dip I don't see this shit making that move dickhead but crypto payment gateway connecting merchants and consumers, allowing them to have cashback and metastaking while using crypto,it such a wet pussy experience faggot

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This shit sounds broke anon get us something useful faggot

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>buy btc and eth
Aren't they not for long term?
there's little gains to be made there, get your ass to the alts side and buy either Cro, Twt or sylo, and enjoy a good time.

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Yeah bro we get it this is the end of history nothing is going to happen ever again except new funko pop releases.

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> also wife and daughter
I can't believe animals are allowed to breed

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All wrong, the real answer is buying HIROKI™
0x5dc1962bece0f0753268604a8d7f3e89a16ae851 everything else is a shitcoin

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That quantum advantage is still far away and the investors will end up getting rekt instead of investing in QRL, Cellframe or Qan in preparation for the Qday

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What are you waiting for dumbass, The threats posed by a quantum computer can't be dodged, only a quantum resistant blockchain will be able to keep it safe. Instead of contemplating too much get your ass on QANX to get a real deal.

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On that day, I'll be fucking your girlfriend and ain't gonna do no shit

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Yea anon like using that platform has some juicy experience,like I bought the latest iPhone Tesla and even buy a house and pay with crypto using that it was so freaky sexy anon

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>I get no fucking deal with with ETH
Only useless idiots still dangle their weak dicks on ETH.
But I've got each and every of my fucking transaction and each piece of data of the transactions registered and stored on an un-erasable and immutable blockchain, and secured by nature.

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Now is a really good time to invest in ETH and MATIC at a discounted price.
Theyre an unstoppable duo once the bull market comes back.

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And you'll get your retarded dick smash by the batton

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I would have agreed with you if you had mention good performing privacy projects, esp. the ones built using the revolutionary ZK-Snarks technology.

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>Qan in preparation for the Qday
That's making some sense anon, its achieved high TPS has a relatively low computing and energy needs. Now I know how bitches are really missing some sweet dicks.

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Well, you have the option to use Railgun which is built on Ethereum mainnet to shield your transactions. With it, you can keep it all untraceable on the public explorer.

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Is this a bot? Genuinely curious as I have no idea what would have triggered this man into saying such harsh words lol

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i did slurped the fucking dip, got some ftm and tezos
i expect the greatest gain in history when the market sentiments reverse, but will be baking the tezos in the sylo wallet since i have the app downloaded on my android.

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