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redpill me on price caps, how this even works? is it just cope and seethe, or can it ever work?

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Yes in the short term but it always leads to shortages

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>how this even works?

Do you want the "pro free market" explaination or do you want the "statist cope" explaination?

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>how this even works
Intervention spiral
It works until it doesn't
Better be ready

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They're gonna enforce energy passports to reduce demand peaks so that small businesses dont get too rekt by energy prices.
You vill be cold and you vill be happy

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please refer to highschool economics supply demand curve

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it works real good if you are connected
when prices are capped you get more buyers than sellers, and most buyers cant find a seller. The trick is to have vitamin C so you can skip the queue. Praise Ursula and she might let you have some gas

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how can there be diagonal axes for supply and demand when the vertical one is price and horizontal is quantity?

is supply a product of price * quantity?
can you explain this?

>t. 6 figure software engineer bootcamper

sorry I'm not even kidding I don't get it. I just write SQL

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Well, i guess it's the same.

Basically a price cap is a limit that your government set about the price of the a good or service, and you can't sell above that. They do this to not let their industries and population go broke when the price skyrockets, since they developed their own economy according to low prices.

The problem is under a market economy the pricing system is also a way to transfer information, it tells you how much of X good is available locally, so you can adapt according to the current availability of that good and re-evaluate your actions, as a consumer you will choose alternative products and consume less or find ways to be more efficient, and as a producer it's going to incentivize the production of that good since it is scarce and people is willing to pay 600€/MWh in electricity which is potentially a lot of profit.

Price ceiling historically resulted in a shortage crisis because consumers will suck the reserves dry and producers do not produce shit if they're at loss.

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The only way to reduce electricity demand is if you a) increase the €/kWh price or b) force people to ration electricity and punish those who use more than they are allotted to.
Either this is batshit insane. My hatred for Jews grows every day.

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The fact that Russia immediately started to seethe about it is saying that is will likely work
simple as

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Ah yes, the rěddit take. Back you go.

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The only ones seething will be northern Yuropoors come December/January.

You vill buy American LNG and you vill be American serfs.

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ah yes, cope
nice, please stay and give more

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This won't even work in the short term. The short term effectiveness is due to stranded assets sellers must move. Gas in a pipeline can be turned off, or redirected very quickly. In this case they can simply sell it to anyone but Europe, who will then mark it up to the new even higher free market rate, and sell it to them. Which is already happening via China so they are essentially saying we would like to transfer European wealth to China via a new gas tax.

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>or can it ever work?
Only other alternative for Russia is just burning gas for free instead of selling it. Only leverage Russia had on EU is now gone. Basically what she said is SHORT GAS YOU NIGGERS

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it never works. first it leads to rationing and substitution, then it leads to shortages when substitutes are stamped out, too.
the only reason that isn't likely to happen to europe right now is because
1. politicians just straight up make bullshit up in order to spread FUD. they have no other power anymore; they set themselves up as having the solution (to the problem they created)
2. LNG is already moving to europe on ships, and plenty of it. china is shipping it there. and most of it is russian gas that they just bought from russia. lmao
they're trying to engineer as-fake-as-possible problems to keep you permanently dependent on their systems and ideas. it will spin out of control someday when the gamble has more dangerous odds than this one.

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It really do be like this with Russia
Based on their reaction, they are fucked if this goes through

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damn, you're dumb as fuck. what a disaster for my esteemed profession.
E is equilibrium. does that help?

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pure cope.

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Kek, cant argue with this. This who seethes is always losing lol.

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they can use the gas themselves?

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t. putinbot
whats russia gonna do? burn gas? EU said they are not buying. They hopped off oil already and now russia is selling urals at $40 premium to china and india. Now they are hopping off gas. FYI france is gonna restart their nuclear reactors and germany is restarting its coal plants.
We are burning gas already, theres no more storages left and internal supply is fully met.

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because you can visualize changes like price ceilings and floors by drawing a line from the y axis across, and seeing where it intercepts with the supply and demand curves. E where the curves cross are the equilibrium, where supply equals demand. If price is set at a ceiling, this means the price of the good is forced below equilibrium, as it can't go beyond the ceiling. This creates a gap between the supply and demand curves, which represents an inefficiency in the market. In the case of a price floor, it is a shortage as the new price level intersects the supply curve before the demand curve, supply does not meet demand. The supply and demand curves can also represent supply or demand shocks in the market. A natural disaster destroying a banana plantation for example would be a negative supply shock, and the entire supply curve moves to the left. You can see the equilibrium would move up and to the left, where the price of bananas is now higher, and now fewer bananas are demanded at this price to accommodate the lower supply

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>theres no more storages left and internal supply is fully met.
build some industry to use the cheap energy? or they are too retarded to do that?

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Of course war is not profitable for peaceful businesses. Both Russia and Europe are losing a good convenient just for political reasons, political incentives are not economical incentives we can agree on that.

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*losing a convenient deal

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Building industry requires resources. A nation at war isolated from tech needed to build industry, materials to build it, know how to build and people to build it might struggle with that!
Euros wanted to get off russian gas for quite a while because Russia is not a reliable partner, this will hurt EU for a year or two no doubt but will also push development of new energy sources. Considering France is restarting their nuclear reactors one doesn't need to guess twice where EU gonna go for their energy. And thats a good thing.

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its a graph that tries to show three/four variables
these axes are supplied quantity, demanded quantity, price
the line labeled "supply" basically says that at price X, the supplied quantity is Y
the line labeled "demand" says that at price X, the demanded quantity is Z

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Price caps cause shortages and induce a black market.

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Imagine the smell.

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thats only true if you have more demand than supply which is not the case now

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>this will hurt EU for a year or two no doubt but will also push development of new energy sources.
With that price cap, as i said earlier, we're not going anywhere, same for related retarded regulations. EU is hardly appealing for producers, also i would blame the lack of autarchic policies, if you want to behave like a moralnigger make sure the guy you're attacking is not feeding your population.

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cannot fathom the retardation behind this reddit post

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I wish /biz/ showed flags. I sold my European ETF at break even during the last fake pump. You people are fucking retarded and I will never invest in Europe.

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>A nation at war isolated from tech needed to build industry,
the whole point of industry is to build things that you don't have, they could start there
>materials to build it
they have plenty, big countries like russia, canada and australia have a lot of resources
>know how to build
maybe, if they are retarded it may not work
>and people to build it might struggle with that!

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Can I not get both?

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>which is not the case now
Thank fuck, we're feeding our own economic actors with false information about the availability of gas.

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I must admit i acted like a fag instead of giving the answer straight.

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There is a surplus of gas but greedy kulaks are manipulating the price and need to be taxed.

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ok this is cope
>be putin
>start a war because euros can't agree on pipe status
>lose said war
>artifficially cut supply so price goes to the moon
>shid pants cause euros are not buying
this is the reality now, 47d nardy my ass
>With that price cap, as i said earlier, we're not going anywhere, same for related retarded regulations.
regulations are in place until EU can be self sustained which is gonna be 2-3 years tops
nigger if your tech is 20 generations behind you're not gonna build top of the notch products in a situation where you literally can't even fucking build a shed needed to house the equipment
you're absolutely fucking retarded cause you're forgetting someone should invest first into building said industry. Russia has no money to do it. Foreign investors won't touch russian market with 100 feet pole. Where would money come from? Your ass?
Rest of your post is just inane bullshit.
Fake supply shortages, and speculative markets do be doing that doe. Check latest gas price, its doing the meme chart thingie.

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>A nation at war isolated from tech needed to build industry

If only Russia had good relations with the worlds largest manufacturer, jackass.

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Then it probably would sell urals at full price rather than $40 premium price. You nigs thinking China is Russia's ally are out of your mind.

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>shid pants cause euros are not buying
>regulations are in place until EU can be self sustained which is gonna be 2-3 years tops
Imagine being this retarded.
>Fake supply shortages
Nevermid, imagine being THIS fucking retarded holy shit, what's so hard to get about incentives that no one, literally no one, gets it?

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China will gladly work with them as has been seen most recently in their willingness to help Russia bypass western sanctions. Russian gas is currently being traded to the world with China acting as a middleman.

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Are you aware nordstream-1 was running at 20% capacity since july? Are you aware chart went to the moon when russia cut that supply? Are you aware nordstream-1 is now shut down but speculative price nat gas reached over past few month is crashing like btc did in december 2017? Are you retarded?

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Energy companies are colluding with EU regulators to keep prices high for as long as possible. That's why they're making record profits (which couldn't happen if it really was a supply issue) while pretending it's all because of the war in Ukraine

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I will give you an example of why it never works.

>You run a diesel generator in Zambia that powers up the village. It costs you 20 dollars per day to run it, and the customers pay 10c per unit of power. You make 2 dollars a day with this pricing
>Diesel prices suddenly triple, so you must rise the price per unit to 30c to make the same profit
>Zambian commies note that your turnover is historically high (while you make the same profit) and demand a cap of 10c
>You turn off the generator because you would be running it at a loss
>Commies kill you because you're a greedy capitalist for not giving free electricity

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i'm sure wrecking their industry and small businesses to give money to the energy companies will work great in the long term

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The current equivalent is

>you run the generator at a loss for years
>prices rise and you finally make a profit
>government call you a greedy capitalist and demands your profits be capped

Large infrastructure cannot be turned off quite like a generator. They ride out the downswings if they expect profits in future years.

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How does that help Russia in any way? If anything russia will be forced to sell gas to china at higher premiums.

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so to summarize : price ceilings are commie ideologist trash and we are all going to suffer because slimy politicians do not give a shit about their people ever since 1933

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>muh speculation is pumping the price
>no the fact that monopoly compined to scarcity and constant demand pumps the price
Make 2+2 if you can retard.

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You are an irredeemable retard.

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You have no arguments so I would suggest you to fuck off before you embarass yourself even further.
>what is speculation
Anon are you ok? Are you sure you should be on /biz/? I think /pol/ gonna suit you better.

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moronic eurocucks now destroy the environment with coal after destroying their economies to escape it. fuck europeans.

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Prove it then, i'm sure you can calculate every single factor accounting for the final price. From what i know energy companies are also regulated under monopoly law so if anything it proves the current system is still shit not going anywhere.

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also france is restarting a dozen of nuclear power plants because of this

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Considering Russia already shut down the pipeline to western Europe it's literally nothing more than words.

Actually, the other parts of the project with rationing and price support is the essential market intervention to prevent complete collapse. The price cap is only included to make this appear as an aggressive act to punish Russia when it's really just cleaning up the damage from the existing sanctions regime.

>EU can be self sustained which is gonna be 2-3 years tops
Lol, lmao

Check the chart again shill, prices spiked, came down and are now rapidly on the rise again.

As an American, seeing the depth of how propagandized you eurocucks are is incredible.
If our government spiked gas and electric prices that much there would be mass riots and probably civil war.

Meanwhile you pathetic cucks advocate for the destruction of your economy and impoverishment of your nation just to stick it to some failing post soviet dictatorship. Like wow you made the poor slavniggers next door collapse that was totally worth plunging your once prosperous countries into poverty

Fine with me though, my energy ETFs have been mooning

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They’re green power though

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https://www.profinance.ru/charts/ttfusd1000/lc99 there you go, best proof you can get.
>Lol, lmao
provide your input
>Check the chart again shill
i have it open at all times, buddy
>As an American
stopped reading right there

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europoors who never left the yurop are more like cattle than human.

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Energy companies shouldn't be for profit as the rest of the economy depends on this. Cheapest energy as possible will help everybody, companies and people. Only one that loses are energy jews. Win-win.

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A price graph doesn't prove shit, expecially if you don't explain.

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>i am a brainlet
yes, I am aware of that

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>putting a price cap of russian pipeline gas
>russia closes the pipeline
>no gas to price cap
>europeans get played again


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It can mean anything, you worthless faggot.

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>gas capped
>get 0 gas for 0 rubbles
seems like it's working

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Russian turned off the gas you dumbfuck
germoney has maybe 3 months gas reserves and that's not including for its industrial capacity needs. europoooreans need to buy american LNG at 7x-10x market rates you stupid bitch.

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thats exactly what happened but unlike putin predicted gas price went down instead of going up gee i wonder why

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It's called price control.

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so how are the volumes?

>> No.51274055

that only works if you are energy independent or can convince an energy exporter to give you cheap energy

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its called speculative market and absolute bull delusion, watch it fall back all the way to 1000 in 3 months when its gonna be clear euros are doing just fine with what they have and russia is begging anyone to buy our shit
honestly, no idea but considering its paper gas chart should be same as before putin shut down the pipe

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They sell it to China or India or any other country that isnt absolutely retarded. Everyone is making bank except dumb fucking europoors.

Gas price down for who? For europoors? Their whole economy is shutting down as we speak, from factories, to local businesses, to individuals not being able to pay their energy bills.

>> No.51274208

>when its gonna be clear euros are doing just fine
how are euros going to be fine? what measures have they taken except write headlines?

>> No.51274237

No, it doesn't work at all and the fact that so many in the West think that it does is a shining example of why the West's days are numbered.
People will have to learn the very hard way.

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Imagine being such retarded niggerfaggot you don't even zoom out, going down my ass the price is still in ATH.

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>provide your input
you're retarded, kys

>> No.51274264

feel free to start an energy company and do it for free then
we're all waiting

>> No.51274306

can europe survive if that graph stays above 200 for more than a year?

>> No.51274334

Restarting 32 nuclear plants in france, restarting largest coal plant in germany, prolonging 3 reactors in germany that were sheduled to close this year, pumping storages full of gas before putin could react to anything. More than enough if you ask me.
>b-but euros will freeze to death
All cold euro cunts are either gas independant or exporting gas themselves, rest barely get to -10C and have enough gas supplies to get through that.
>n-no the price is still ath
open daily, faggot, events that were driving the price happened today, and it didn't go the way putin planned
no need for that, i'll get drafted in a few months and die in ukraine like most of my generation, god being russian is great

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Powered by the chainlink oracles funded on chainlink tokens™ running on the xrp Blockchain using electricity from solar panels built on carbon neutral energy™

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>sept-oct 2021
right... this is PUTIN'S price hike, not retarded money printing. i hope the eu parliament fucking burns, along with whoever benefited

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cheapest energy possible is a result of energy companies operating for profit. why is nu-biz all retarded zoomers?

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>open daily, faggot
Nobody gives a fuck about a retracement RETARD, even TA mongoloids understand it doesn't mean the price it's likely to go down without ARTIFICIAL intervention from your beloved cuck union, NIGGER.

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>Restarting 32 nuclear plants in france
the French aren't restarting shit, half of their plants are down on maintenance because they fucked up during Covid and are having more electricity issues than Germany
>restarting largest coal plant in germany
based Germany throwing Greta to the curb, but coal prices are skyrocketing
>prolonging 3 reactors in germany that were sheduled to close this year
they are closing 1 and keeping 2 of them in reserve until April 2023 for emergencies, they are beyond retarded
>pumping storages full of gas before putin could react to anything
if by not reacting you mean selling it to them at skyrocketting prices lol
>All cold euro cunts are either gas independant or exporting gas themselves, rest barely get to -10C and have enough gas supplies to get through that.
good luck running your industry at competitive prices while you do that, freezing to death is the last of their issues

>> No.51274436

>Germany will keep the country’s last two nuclear plants on stand-by until mid-April next year due to the worsening energy crisis, the government announced on Monday.
>Energy Minister Robert Habeck told a news conference in Berlin that the government is not stepping back from its nuclear exit plans, but will keep the last two of the three remaining nuclear plants in reserve.
>“We will do everything that is necessary. Keeping nuclear power plants Isar 2 and Neckarwestheim as operational reserves will be among the measures,” he stressed.

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but xrp isn't a blockchain
did you long gas? stay mad and poor
>the French aren't restarting shit
>but coal prices are skyrocketing
are they?
>they are closing 1 and keeping 2
they literally not closing shit, they were scheduled to be closed this year and now all 3 are prolonged to 2023
>if by not reacting you mean selling it to them at skyrocketting prices lol
>he doesn't know
germany is buying russian gas based on long term contracts and not based on spot price, you're retarded but it was expected, not going to reply to you anymore

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cope and seeth, tranny

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>did you long gas? stay mad and poor
>changes the subject
This fucking cognitive dissonance, this board is full of mentally ill retards i'm not surprised people here can't develope critical thinking and resorting instead to emotional appeal every time.

Fucking kill yourself sipshit, you underage retard.

>> No.51274588

calm down anon, stop spitting at your monitor, you don't have money to buy a new one

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Russia isn’t even providing gas for them anymore dumbass, can’t put a cap on something that doesn’t even exist. This is what happens when you put women leaders in charge of things. Pic related was right to threaten them.

>> No.51274648

it can't work. It's a buyer's strike, the stupidity knows no bounds to the point where I think they just need a good sounding excuse but in reality want gas to be cut.
Russia said, no energy products for the countries that are trying to enforce a cap on pricing and ruin market pricing. The EU wants to put pressure on Hungary, but mainly India, who receives oil/gas at a discount from Russia and resells it at market price plus a hefty markup to EU. Incidentally, India replaced UK as world's fifth largest economy last month. So if India succumbs to EU colonial I mean globalist pressure, no more energy from Russia for her.
EU and US are ignoring the new world order that is arising. Bit like the Ceaucescus ordering their captors around right up to their execution.

>> No.51274696

Go back to school, assuming they can afford heating themselves.

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Some of you will freeze this winter
but that is a sacrifice we're willing to make
mother nature must be nourished

>> No.51274759

has anyone checked with /pol/ lately? They always look for a habbening, I wonder if they realize how much of a meta-habbening we are living through right now.

>> No.51274770

You're perfectly right, the more souls she takes the better, they deserve it after all.

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new ice age is due

>> No.51274853


>> No.51274885

thats fine, its why its called "climate change" and not "global warming"
the point is to degrow the human race

>> No.51274891

>So if India succumbs to EU colonial I mean globalist pressure, no more energy from Russia for her.
>EU and US are ignoring the new world order that is arising. Bit like the Ceaucescus ordering their captors around right up to their execution.
Brilliant comparison anon.

>> No.51274913

>They sell it to China or India or any other country that isnt absolutely retarded
Do you have any concept of how gas delivery works? You can't just ship it through FedEx retard, building new pipelines takes time and is expensive

>> No.51274918

wtf I love communism now

>> No.51275050

you euros really need to dump these fatassed mommissars or they're going to destroy you

>> No.51275154

Price caps only work with domestic production, you can't price cap a foreign commodity, that's just cope and is going to fuck over every EU citizen

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>> No.51275304

If this is the quality of analysis on /biz/ it’s no wonder you all lose money

>> No.51275355

I pity you man, you are everything that is wrong with current europe, hope you die

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>open daily, faggot, events that were driving the price happened today, and it didn't go the way putin planned
that's some weapons grade copium, you could nuke moscow with that

>> No.51275406

Power of Siberia is online and pumping hard into China. China is building branches all through the country and all the way to Shanghai. India for now is LNG tankers. There is a pipeline project called TAPI but is on hold because of security issues traversing Afghanistan. China may work with India and Russia to expand the China network into India but that will take more warming of the two nations (although right now US and EU are basically pushing their heads together chanting kiss kiss kiss)

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>price cap goes into effect
>people simply stop producing because its not profitable
shortages ensue

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uhh, looks bad

>> No.51275507

yeah. Last week in another theead some anon said he was safe with a 3yr fixed rate and they 'confirmed it over the phone to him. He was looking to mine with it lol. They can cancel your contract in EU countries without any fucking reason and I imagine in the UK you're even less protected. But, it accelerates the masses into nationalism like you wouldn't believe, so I see all of this as a win. Putin is the sharpest knife in the drawer. I bet he even plans on Germany joining Russia and China as the leaders of Eurasia. I give it about twenty years.

>> No.51275631

>they literally not closing shit, they were scheduled to be closed this year and now all 3 are prolonged to 2023
OOH, 2023! I'm sure they'll have an alternative to Russian gas by *checks calendar* next year. Brilliant plan.

>> No.51275640

>euros wanting to get off russian gad for quite a while
lol lmao no, whats NS2?

>> No.51275813

I knew it, i said it last week they will start suspending their service.
People never learn, it's not the first time we try this shit with the same results, but people never learn.

>> No.51276077

There are pipelines between russia and china already, the two countries are fucking next to each other.

India gets LNG and oil tankers from russia, and they get it all at discount prices thanks to the idiots in europe. India is the third biggest importer of gas and oil after china and usa. Europe is irrelevant and completely replaceable in the 21st century.

>> No.51276270

>they get it all at discount prices
You do realise selling at a discount means lower income for Russia, right? At a time when they are financing a war in a foreign country

>> No.51276369

Your not thinking of the volume they get to sell to China and India. Also a discount on ATH gas prices is still a decent price. Gas is at $8.7 market price right now.

>> No.51276500


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German here, you're an absolute retard and you don't know shit about our situation.

>pumping storages full of gas before putin could react to anything.
How long do you think those storages will last in a highly industrialized country with 80 million inhabitants in winter? (hint: 3 weeks max)

>prolonging 3 reactors in germany that were sheduled to close this year,
Meaningless, like a drop of water in a sea. They're feeding you news like this to distract from their failure knowing that you don't understand economics

>All cold euro cunts are either gas independant or exporting gas themselves, rest barely get to -10C and have enough gas supplies to get through that.
There are only 2 countries that matter in Europe: Germany and France. If the German economy cracks the whole EU economic space is going to get rekt (hint: German economy depends on Russian gas)

>> No.51276595
File: 94 KB, 1200x652, russia gas buyers.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I haven't seen anything that suggests the volume China and India are buying is making up for the volume lost from no longer selling to Europe. You got any sources that state how much China and India are buying?

>> No.51276615

Russia's gas exports literally grew since the war began, just google it you fucking nigger

>> No.51276624

They're putting a cap on the price of gas that Russia won't even sell to them. The only thing they're really doing is printing loads of money and giving it to energy companies so they can operate without going bankrupt. The € is so fucked

>> No.51276638

>Russia's gas exports literally grew since the war began
I'm asking for a source you dumb fucking sauerkraut, "just Google it" isn't a source

>> No.51276697

>How do price caps work
You pay for their dysfunction with your suffering. Your government then declares then a success. You vote against it, but somehow, your vote does nothing, nothing ever changes, and your government is literally unaccountable to you.

>> No.51276700

>it's real
Holy kek

>> No.51276724

If they're going to push this farce even further i'm expecting them to increase taxation and debt just to buy gas from unconvenient sources and resell at loss.

>> No.51276771

>calls me dumb fucking sauerkraut
>expects me to spoonfeed him
lmao retard

So far it doesn't look good. We have a group of 3 Lebenshilfe Retards crashing this country and undoing every inch of progress we made since the end of WW2.

>> No.51276871

Ah well, whetever will happen i'm sure evolution will force us to break from the moralfaggot behavior we got since WW2, those wars ruined us and our skills in dealing with perceived threats, or at least this is what i hope.

>> No.51276965

I know you struggle to keep up a conversation in English but making a claim and then refusing to provide a source is tantamount to not having a source.

>> No.51277016
File: 134 KB, 393x400, kekeke.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.51277372

Ffs nigger it was a Bloomberg article from a few days ago on this board, I'm not gonna search their whole catalogue because you're to dumb to google one simple fact

>> No.51277438
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>Everyone is making bank except dumb fucking europoors.

>> No.51277451

Nigger you've got nothing and you can't admit it, stop spouting bullshit about "I swear I had a source, I don't know where but trust me bro"

>> No.51277708

>our industry is popping off
Almost all Poles and Romanians that work here as cheap labour in the greenhouses are going to be laid off this autumn. The food that was supposed to be grown - but now won't, because of the high natural gas and electricity prices - is mainly used for domestic consumption. There won't be any industry left after this winter and food will become too expensive for most households.

>> No.51277915

>the eu commission proposal is to:
>heat nothing and be happy
>refuse to buy russian oil from russia at price x for moral reasons while buying russian oil from india at price x+10
>inflate inflate inflate
I hate them.

>> No.51277919


>> No.51278216

I just want cheap Europoor whores for 10$ or maybe 15$
Ha, take that puttler

>> No.51278246

Energy prices are about to multiply for the average person because our (((leaders))) are upset their playground country of money laundering, corruption, and other criminality was invaded after spending 20 years doing the same exact thing militarily in the middle east. They have billions on the line and you and me get to pay the cost for it.

>> No.51278576
File: 73 KB, 640x746, yrfnti5saas61.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>the murder-suicide of the entire western world is a coincidence by independent actors

>> No.51278676

Thanks nigger, though it doesn't actually answer my original question from >>51276595

>I haven't seen anything that suggests the volume China and India are buying is making up for the volume lost from no longer selling to Europe. You got any sources that state how much China and India are buying?

All your source states is that Russian energy export earnings grew this year. But the point is, did they grow by enough to offset the lost revenue from no longer selling to Europe? As you can see in my original post, China made up a fraction of the volume Europe did, so even if Russia earns more from the gas they sell, they can still be down overall if the total volume they sell is much lower. Do you understand?

>> No.51279801

Yeah I get you, I noticed after finding the article that it doesn't answer your question sufficiently. Though it's not the original one I was talking about. The original article from Bloomberg stated that Russia could completely halt gas exports to Europe for a year until they start taking any damage to their economy. Reducing gas deliveries to 25% of the pre-february level Russia would take economic damage only after 4 years.
Considering those numbers I think the increased amount of money they earn through exports now should suffice to level the losses after 1 year if they stopped exporting to Europe right now.

I will send you the article if I can find it again.

>> No.51279936

they know what this will lead to, its by design. the jews want all of europe to be their personal brothel

>> No.51279990

It doesn't work. It just fucks supply and makes it worse.

>> No.51280005

>redpill me on price caps
The seller refuses to sell the product at that price and begins the game where a group of hundreds play with the lives of hundreds of millions.

>> No.51280060

>do it for free
As cheap as you can as it's not for profit, retard.

>> No.51280114

So how do they expand if they never make profits? Who's doing research into energy-related tech if the energy companies don't make profits?

>> No.51280218

sounds like you would suck a seller's cock or doing it right now

>> No.51280281

You're welcome to present a historical example of where a bunch of nations formed a buyers cartel to force prices for an asset down against the will of the seller(s) to sell, and did so successfully.

>> No.51281651


Something costs 150 to produce but retarded commie jews put a price cap of 100 on it. You now don't have the thing. The EU was created to kill as many Europeans as possible.

>> No.51282107

>redpill me on price caps
It's completly stupid and it's not going to work, Russia will just cut Europe.

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