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Starting my first day of quiet quitting at work tomorrow
Feeling a bit nervous

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I've been doing it all year OP. Don't worry about it.

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whats quiet quitting?

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just doing the minimum a job requires. the name kind of sucks and is confusing

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The like news have been publishing articles. I think it just means do what niggers and women do at work: nothing.

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Kike not like lololol

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Dont be. Doing the work you signed up for and are paid for and no more is called setting boundaries. Its ok to not work a 20 hour day. If they cant get by with their employess working 8hrs, then they need more employees or they need to widen the time frame it takes to accomplish projects.

Theres nothing wrong with setting boundaries. Dont let goy wage-fags guilt you. There is no honor in being a slave or propping up a broken system.

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you got this. you have earned this. this is owed to you.

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Doing it for three years. This time i think I fucked up because I didn't do something that i was supposed to do and I was caught. My boss supports me but the vp can change his mind

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This. It's essentially as a white man, refusing to carry the entire company on your back for the benefit of women and niggers. So of course the kikes are highly opposed to the idea.

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Isn't it labor day tomorrow?

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I work security for a processing plant watching movies and trading shitcoins all day in a guard shack out in a parking lot. Quiet quitting has been my whole career

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I've apparently been doing quiet quitting the past 5 years. Keening for more responsibility just gives you a bigger workload at no increased pay which raises your stress and lowers the overall quality of your work. Taking work chill and doing the minimum whilst making sure to be on time and minimally fuck something up are the most important. And the less things you're involved in, the less likely you are to be associated with a fuck up. It's a lot easier to ride on overall success than it is to dive out of a mistake.

Also, most bosses see and notice you being sociable and cool with them rather than "exceeding" at your responsibilities. And the easiest way of doing that is taking an interest in their lives and talking them. I'm not saying to kiss ass, but show some genuine interest with some nuance in such a way you mirror their ideas and affirm them. And teasing / disagreement should be only done with things that are fun in a rivalry / fun sense, you like a different sports team, different brand truck, etc. In short, not being autistic helps a lot.

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once i started quiet quiting 5 years ago my career skyrocketed

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>There is no honor in being a slave or propping up a broken system.
you know how the soviet union failed because competent people stopped working harder?
thats you.

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Western powers also sabotaged it in order to maintain their status quo

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I've been at it for 3 years it gets easier bro stay strong

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I just do my job.

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Are there wagies who dont do the minimal requirement but more for free?
Exept Jannies of course.

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Why did they quit working hard??

Working hard to merely work hard in a broken malicious rigged system is the worst thing you can do.

They didnt just wake up one day and quit working for literally no reason whatsoever you imbecile

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And also doing the job YOU WERE HIRED TO DO, is not refusing to work hard. Refusing to be taken advantage of by people who view you as nothing more than a number on a sheet is not refusing to work hard.

Youre using that central banking system propaganda to play off peopls pride and guilt them into being taken advantage of

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Firefighters are well paid and unionized. Wtf are they talking about

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because they throw it all away making pure financial decisions like going into high interest consumer debt and supporting ruinous personal vices

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How do you do it? Project managers keeps piling on the pressure. Even going behind my back I discovered to my boss.
Too much stress, too much pressure. Fucking agile stand-up shit every day.
Ironically, I wanna get made redundant. In my country you get a great payoff and unemployment checks are % of salary so easy mode can chillax for a year or so.

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>tired of carrying my entire team
>start "quiet quitting" and only pick up 1 ticket a week max
>people notice, then higher-ups notice
>confronted, shown some ugly ass jira graph where you can see my line go down then flat
>think I'm about to be fired for real, but chill with it since I make more off of my side hustles at this point
>ask them to add my other team members to the visualization, for reference :)
>my flat line is still a rung above the other highest member
>fired regardless

Not gonna lie it felt fucking good even if it backfired, subscribe to my blog.

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>work at a really small tech company
>over the last year ive been responsible for a good percentage of the software development
>want to quit because the pay is mediocre and I have more experience now and could get a better job
>cant quit because if I do the company would almost surely go underwater

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> actual work
Yeah I remember them from school, not a lot of work there from them for more than a decade, then all they’re qualified to do is lift stuff and then they’re like “I’m the only one doing real work why am I not getting a CEO salary?”

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Its Communism. Next step is to become a raging alcoholic.

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One piece of advice I read on /biz/ a while back was to never go all out straight from day one, just play the part of the mildly incompetent newbie and no one expects anything from you and will even occasionally hold your hand on some tasks.

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Then you absolutely should quit or tell them that your thinking of quitting so they raise your pay. Are you fucking retarded bro?

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tell us more or show some comfy pics

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Id feel horrible over it. Ive already asked for a pay raise once in the last 6 months and was given it. The company is still not turning a profit so the owner and a couple of investors are coughing up the money for our salaries.

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So, the daily meeting is over! Time to play some Anno 1800. I'll probably finish a feature later today at 15:00.

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Did it ever occur to you that people stop putting in effort when the system is fucked?

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spook-ridden dumb chimp, go wage harder for less pay for people who don't give a single shit about you, all you are to them is a cow to milk

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When people say “hard” work, they don’t mean hard like it makes your day more Frowny Face until 4pm, they mean engaging in work that is hard to bring yourself to do. Taking big leaps of faith, putting savings to work for you, hiring people, starting a new business when you’re scared and wagie indoctrinated.

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If you died today they would replace you in a week.

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This quiet quitting meme sounds strange, I've always put in the bare minimum and deflected any proselytization attempt by my employees to join the office cult.
I'm glad normgroins are developing standards, better late than never but it's still embarrassing.

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>yes comrade, we need you to come in tomorrow (Sunday) for another 12 hour shift
>no i'm afraid it's mandatory, for the better of the country
>we will pay you well, tomorrow we are making a potato goulash for everyone
>make sure to work hard or, well... *shows picture of gulag* ahaahaha, right comrade?

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>be me
>hired straight out of college as a web dev
>lot of backend work, legacy systems
>im fucking clueless for months
>help the company go through a restructuring, had to refactor literally the entire codebase (millions of lines)
>after seeing most of the company code, start to get a feel for how everything connects together
>start doing really well, churning out work ~6 months in
>performance review comes in with flying colors
>start designing breakthrough solutions for legacy issues which existed for years
>so excited to work i barely take breaks, working my ass off
>covid hits
>75% of companies revenue dissapears in an instant
>get laid off for something completely beyond my control
yep i'm thinking FUCK working hard

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>competent people stopped working harder?
nothing to do with gulags, famine, evil dictators and a bullshit ideology, you simply think
fuck off retard.

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lol nigga the soviet union fell because of communism.

Capitalism always had protests like these where people reduce their productivity for either higher wages or to get fired and replaced.

Quiet Quitting is perfectly normal and only retard managers consider it a problem. Anyone smart enough will realize they can either pump out numbers by force, or find smarter ways to reduce workload and retain workers.

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So transitioning into a baby boomer?

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Does it creep anyone else out that these buzz words are literally created by news outlets and injected into mainstream consciousness? One headline on twitter explore page and suddenly everyone is talking about it.

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Unironically paid in experience. Punching above your weight should be a temporary thing to make getting promotions easier.

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There's no such thing as quiet quitting

Doing the minimal amount is what you are paid for

Any more and you are a cuck

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Apply to jobs, get an offer letter, say you want a raise by the end of the week.

It’s that easy Anon

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Make them give equity or walk.
If the company would fail without you then give them a fair deal, especially if you're making under market rate they should give you something extra.

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Can we make quiet quitting into profitable genocide. It sounds much catchier.