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to keep myself from thinking about the crash i decided to travel the world using the profits i collected. hit up europe for a month, and the second week of me being back i decided to go to montreal.
Exploring the cities and banging escorts every night. montreal was so boring i had 3 escorts a day. some are even cool, started to follow a few on instagram. the thing that bothered me is they all had boyfriends/husbands. but still fucked for money.
what is the point of having a gf if she bangs strange men for money.

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That's a man

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that is very cool anon.
my best performing stock have been Saab B, a swedish defence stock

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That is a man

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unquestionably a man.

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God I just want enough money to afford a decent apartment so I can bring my bid tiggy goth gf home and we can fug in peace. I work 7 days a week and I had more money as a NEET but no pussy. Now every 3DPD wants to ride my peepee but I can’t afford my own place. This is hell, I’m in hell…

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>every 3DPD wants to ride my peepee
No they don't.

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thats a man

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did you just bump me and not say "no homo" afterwards?

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then i am a gay

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fuck i love submissive women... my weakness.

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I’m 6’2”, 220lbs, huwhite, have a jawline that can cut a diamond, and I have abs from being an autistic /fit/izen. I can assure you they do. I’m just an incredibly poor fren.

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how big is pp ser?
did you redeemed?

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dont tell me picrel is an escort?

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nah, but i fucked an escort that looked similar
a montreal goth chick

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8 incher and no because I’m retarded and thought we’re going to bounce to 40K and then dump.

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Let me guess Violette w/ a Pyramid head tattoo?
She gives good head.