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Everything is about to dump isnt it

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yeah probably

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Yes but only to 11k

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Not everything anon.

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Yup. What else was gonna happen after the last 2 years?

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Nothing positive on the horizon. Energy prices going through the roof. Belts tightening

Buy the rumor. Sell the news. What’s the rumor besides total economic collapse?

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That's what all of you stupid sheep believe, so it's gonna do the opposite.

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Came here to say this. Pic rel

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rip you

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is that bullish

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topkek, you spainiggers never fails to amuse me. Keep this bread bumped, i wanna see your reaction in 2 hours once you get liquidated.

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lets do it your way then. 80x for Brazil`s future

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but I'm generally wrong

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>literal monkeys posting high leveraged positions with their $30 life savings
this board has turned into absolute shit

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>about to

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who are you calling a monkey and why are you assuming I'm that poor? are you any better? you literal california nigger. have some respect.

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Either it's all priced in already.
Or it will all dump another 50%.
That's why I'm 50% crypto 50% cash. If it all dumps, lump some in I go. I predict a quick rebound off such discounted prices.
Right now we're getting cock-teased as usual as a lot of coins are up 50% in the last two months.

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My puts better print, fuckers, and they beefed print until next year. I don’t want any short term faggot taxes.

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lmao a 2k long at these levels you're fucking retarded
last sunday we dumped
the sunday before that we dumped
unironically close your fucking long NOW

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Dump to 19k, rebound to 22k, eventually fall below 10k. All before November 1. Should be fun.

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Read it again retard

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Still shorting. Also getting sucked and about to bust a nut in the mouth of that anon who called me a monkey's mother.

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do argue with amerimutts they're all illiterate

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No don't worry I haven't bought any stocks recently so there's no reason for it to dump.

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Wow a whole 38$ and 27 cents on 70x leverage, daring aren't we today, anon?

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Yeah, if you pay close attention, that's the exact ammount of tether dollars i've paid for this contract
Dont hate on me I'm just trying to put some of that bread on the table

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Waiting to go ham with the cheapies desu

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>Portuguese and Spanish are heckin different! They are, ok!

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Sell the rumour buy the news is what you do in a bear market, opposite of a bull

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Probably but not likely as deep as everyone thinks as usual.

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I believe BTC will pump.

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i believe you are wrong

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No, mommy laggarde will raise rates in the euro this week, which will probably weaken the usd for some weeks.

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Everything except interoperability based holdings.
>ORE protocol
What else?

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ETH stands more chance of pumping considering the rise in the adoption as well as the rate at which developers are building on it. Now, it's supported by an open source cross-chain identity protocol which has given users the option to manage all their identities and rights from a single and secure point.

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Nah! 11k is a far shot. Probably somewhere around 15k the least and that would be the huge buy point. Staking all my stable bags waiting for that time.

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>Staking all my stable bags waiting for that time
Careful not to loose those funds.

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I don't have to worry about the safety of my funds since they'll be interacting solely with smart contracts while being staked on Spool.

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More reason why ORE ID is arguably best positioned to fastrack the rate of adoption of crypto in the world of finance.

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Definitely not.

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That's for sure. The complexity of the entire blockchain itself is being beat down, thanks to interoperability based protocols.

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How has the experience been?

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>daring aren't we today, anon?
Daring today? Aren't we? Anon.
There, I fixed it for you, you fucking illiterate.
Yes, I am brown.

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Lose, not loose, like loose like your mother's hole.

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Most people type phonetically and use commas as a pause, you retarded gorilla nigger

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It has been fun fr. Lots of exciting things upcoming for the Spool ecosystem.

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cali nigs dont have internet, they're spics. have some respect.

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better believe it
max bidding

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Baseado e vermelhopilhado

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Good morning mumu are you ready for a good rogering before breakfast?

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Time to stack up my QANX then.
At least when the mainnet launches, I can even run nodes and earn more.

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My longs are closed since 2 days ago

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t. retard
11K is literally the next target

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Pretty likely, but I'm not completely out cuz you never know could be some random pump like we recently had.

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tfw it's the same price 24 hours later

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That's why I have my spare funds waiting to accumulate more Qanx. I'm betting on it by the next bull run

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How about crypto assets?

Isn't ORE the protocol with the cross-chain identity focus?

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Not 'everything'. With adoption rate of the blockchain primed for a boost with authorization processes made easy through open souce account protocols, new signals are coming

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They cant get any cheaper, got my hands on some based lowcaps already, ore protocol and unido are def surviving this round.

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Buy low,sell high.

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A handful of projects in different niches will pump including web3, identity management and NFT.

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>option to manage all their identities and rights from a single and secure point.
Thats some level of control, identity management is a major way of securing ones assets and personal details against exploits.

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it's gonna happen any moment now

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You should consider privacy in your transactions, might save you alot of headaches.

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it goh go up

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12.8k is mathematically the highest bottom possible if we are going by previous bull runs

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ORE ID is a solid product offering seamless cross chain interoperability but I bet there are other major aspect of affecting crypto adoption too.

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Really can't wait to see some integration of privacy smart contracts in DeFi dApps such that users can interact with these applications, yet maintain a private balance.

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It is. I think the only cross chain open source identity and account protocol that is composable with about 5 different chains already

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With Librescan in the picture, Qanplatform has it all. That's the project that came close to solving the trilemma of blockchain perfectly.

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Blockchain tech is relatively new so the beat downs are expected, I also agree interoperability has played a major role in how far the tech has come with projects like LINK,ORE and DOT being at the center of it all.

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I got my fingers crossed on web3 ushering the new bull season in after successfully linking web2 to web3 for seamless transitioning.

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Daring today, aren't we anon?

Is correct you smelly pajeet

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Daring today aren't we, anon?

Is also acceptable

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Pump after ecb meetings

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Its just a matter of time, privacy in Defi will become a norm and project like Railgun,Aztec and secret are driving hard to make it actualize.

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Only retards will shrug off this advise, transaction privacy is a top security strategy in shielding wallets against hacks.

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You're delusional anon. Many platforms are using this period to build to emerge stronger. I'm anticipating what holoride would bring to the space with in-car passenger VR tech experience.

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This is debatable. We buy when it dips and we sell when it moons. Makes sense faggot. Bagged a few bluechips QANX AVAX BAT and TEL hope it mays me off faggot. Utilizing the bobos to my benefit.

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Elrond is making significant growth and development and so I agree with you that all the projects in this ecosystem is unique and will make a difference as you say anon.

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Love the audi partnership with holoroid man it's something.

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Based. BTC would melt faces in the next bull cycle and I'm also placing my bets on other alts like Near, Sylo, and Dot for good profits.

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Quantum resistant blockchain is what we need to be honest. The threats of a quantum computer is inevitable. QVM will be the game changer and great incentive for the devs to get lifetime royalties for building smart contracts in any programming languages.

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nobody cares about which muslim rape baby dialect that is

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Good collection there anon. I also hold all the alts apart from sylo. I rather hold QANX which makes sense because it's a quantum resistant blockchain which will offer top security and 1600tps. So security and faster transactions taken care which is priority afterall.

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Switch everything to HEX and you'll be fine m8

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>a quantum resistant blockchain

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>w-who cares!!
Is that really how low IQ people cope with being retarded?

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LINK is going below $4. If ur smart short now.

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Kek. Data security and fast transactions are part of the sylo wallet too. Users can even make transfers while chatting with loved ones on the platform.

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Web2.0 identities bridges are very important in web3 development. The transition can't be smooth if users can't easily manage their identities

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>AVAX and DOT next
Based. Multi-chain indeed!

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Kek at the poorfags itt. You will NEVER see sub 17k BTC in your lifetime.

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You failed to mention privacy. Might as well be next in line to be the next biggest thing

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>Railgun>Aztec anytime.
I'd rather go for decentralized layer 1 privacy system over a centralized layer 2 system. The difference in security standard is obvious

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Drop a name or stfu. Railgun is based, the team just launched a privacy on the go mobile app on iOS, its all about modern tech, accessibility and security.

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Add ORE to your list, you sure need a seamless and secure way to access the chains.

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Identity management is much more than web3, it's a solid way to secure private keys and personal info.

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If there's a list for the next big trend in crypto, privacy will be too on the list. Besides regulations slowly slipping in even crypto users are realizing privacy in transaction is a major form of securing their wallets.

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>Identity bridge
What does this mean? Is this similar to the traditional bridges we know in crypto?

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This much regulations coming onboard a part of me thinks privacy tokens would be fucked harder than others with tornado cash being an a major precedent.

>> No.51265952

Regulations finding it's way into the crypto space would spell doom for DeFi as it opposes everything DeFi stands for.

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Is this fucking bait?

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waiting for this so i can stack more of what I've got on my web 3 Sylo wallet.

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I don't see the crypto space surviving for long without the government forcing regulations on the industry, the way forward would be to hope they adopt Alliance Block TIDV to help fill the void.

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When should I buy? I've got $300k sitting on the sidelines, ready to go. I was thinking I'll wait til Jan 2023 and then DCA over 6 months, $50k per month. Thoughts?

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You have 2 options. Wait for a long crab or wait for reversal. 2nd is safer and it's a lot easier to make money in a bull market than a crabby bear market

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based, I've got my xtz staked on this dApp and anticipating for their delegated staking to go live.