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>Bachelor’s of science in Mechanical Engineering Technology

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I can relate but only the first word

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>Bachelor’s of Art in English & Literature

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>Bachelor's of art in History

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>Certificate IV - Personal Training

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>Bachelor of Engineering in Electrical Engineering
Worked for a bit as an elec eng. Got laid off twice because big contracts weren't renewed. Engineering is full of boomers who are interested in resisting change before anything else.
What's worse is that a lot of them have their houses paid off and they are quite happy with $100k-$120k. They will never give you a raise anywhere close to that range because in their eyes that's a manager's salary with 15+ years of experience.

Some udemy courses and I am now a software developer. I make 30%+ than my classmates who work as electrical engineers.

I wish I switched to coding earlier. Comfy af, working from home and feeling so much better.

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I mean I guess if you enjoy teaching.

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If you enjoy the work, great. Making 30% more than 100-120k is not really much to brag about, at that point it’s diminishing returns unless you’re a giga consoomer

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have u ever had a non minimum wage job

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I earn 33k a year as an embedded engineer in Europoor.

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I'm a tinner and I make more than most mech engineers in my area. I unironically feel bad for you guys.

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Worst if took abunch of loans and never got laid

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Doctor of Philosophy, Information Mining Threadnology

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lol im drunk as fuck and was just having a convo with myself about how bachelors degrees dont mean shit and i open biz and see this
am i schizo?
idk but college is still a scam

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what kinda software do you do?
i got a comp sci degree and i still feel like it is useless. how do you get a couple jobs after udemy courses?

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>Bachelor of science: mathematical statistics.

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>Independence dreamer, deo holder
>waiting for a signal to do a flip and break my neck

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Why are there so many posts like this? A whole school just graduated?

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Bachelors of Art in Political Science

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>Professional bitDAO enjoyer

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Same here, mech engi that went into mining, the job and turns can be amazing if you are an autist who doesn't give a shit about dating, but holy fuck the raises can take so fucking long because of the industry

Im about to pull the plug for programming but I kept relegating some certs and projects that I have to finish for a good portfolio, I learned C# like 7 years ago and worked on some modding for some videogames (i'm actually on the credits of some big mods that have million of downloads) but never got a proper "portfolio" of "serious" programming

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> Bachelor of Science, Maths and Computer Science
I am Backend Dev now

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Nobody gets a job after udemy courses kek, certificates of completion are useless in real world.