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The amount of link fud has grown exponentially in the past couple of weeks on this board. Who is running these fud campaigns and why are they doing it?

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>Revenge for spamming biz for years
>Save newfags from an ongoing scam
>'bitter baggies with bad English'
>Fudders claiming they sold the top
>90% down v Eth
>Missed the bullrun


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if i had to guess i'd say they're getting revenge for spamming biz for years. on one hand they may think they're trying to save newfags from an ongoing scam but on the other they're all bitter ESL baggies. I can understand their frustration given they probably bought the top and the coin is 90% down vs ETH but that's their fault for missing the bullrun.

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>Mev mafia and eth trannies
>Cex shorters: nexo, celsius, bancor and so on
>Bitter faggots bagholding other dead coins instead of buying link despite seeing it here for years, such as micheal
>Bitter faggots who fell for the fud or lost their stack in those centralized exchanges

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Salty plebbitors who got fudded out of buying link early think its funny to fud link on /biz/.

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I did it..problem?

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our lords and masters dont want the type of people who come to 4chan to have money

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A lot of it is just us shit posting. There are other people (mostly newfags) who weren't here in 2017 and didn't accumulate. There are also people who bought at $20+ for a year and a half, and are upset that they didn't get a 50x at certain points like some early holders were. I wouldn't read into it too much, it's an image board. We don't control the price and the fundamentals haven't changed. Let them sperg, maybe even sperg with them, it shouldn't affect you or anyone else's investment strategy. I see the Nexos obsession in the same light, when Chainlink is ready to rocket it isn't going to be held back by an institution allegedly shorting it. We just like to piss on people because that's what we do on this board. If we didn't, we'd be a hugbox like Reddit encouraging people to buy XRP, NANO and DASH. Instead, we call each other nigger and buy LINK, DOGFART and TITTYTOKEN.

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Sergey has gone into hiding. He needs to be held accountable for his actions.

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Sergey has gone into hiding. He needs to be held accountable for his actions.

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>ignore the paid fudsters trying to get in cheap
>the fundamentals haven't changed
>PA doesn't matter, in it for the tech
>trust the team, this is a 10 year hold
>look at all these FAANG employees!
>dude, don't you know about Eric Schmidt's notorious "hiding strategy"?
>just wait for beta staking, deco demo after 3 years, and some more PoC's about our perpetually developing features
the memes that will be made after linkies rope will be hilarious

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It’s us. I’m you. You’re me. I’m replying to this post. You’re replying to my reply. We hold a lot of Link. We post bullish threads and we post FUD threads. It’s all part of the process. Remember the phrase, “We’re all in this together?” You didn’t think that was just hyperbole, did you?

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You mean like this guy? >>51233321
I guess so lol

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>h-ha-ha ha l-l-look at this silly shitposting!
>see newfags? this is not real, it's just shitposting lol

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