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I am 33 and have never seen a vagina.

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a what?

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Vagina is one of the first things every human sees retard

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No fucking baby is dumb enough to keep their eyes open when birthed you fucking idiot. Imagine what its gonna feel like when the pussy juices enter your fucking eyes.

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bros...how to not end up like op? im a 21 kisseless hugeless handholdess virgin

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same but 29

thinking about using one of those escort sites soon

heard in gfe you can kiss the girls too. Im kinda worried about stds tho. also you have to send them a picture of your ID and facetime the agency first. so basically fully doxx yourself to some shady org

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what did the one you see look like?

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I fucked a girl 3 days ago and she told me the sex was so good she wanted a long term relationship with me. So I broke up with her the next day hahaha

I look good and I'm tall but I doubt it's just my appearance since I'm also balding at 24.

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This is the least of your problems if that could even be considered a problem. Mainly your issue is that you created a thread in 4chan and therefore are a parasite

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It was pretty nice, those nurses have some well kept vaginas

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Maybe so, but its better than never read a bible before, fren

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how did you meet her?

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It's really not worth it. You think sex is great and woman are beautiful until it actually happens and then you wish you could just go back fapping to futanari.

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I was 29 before I lost my virginity. there is still hope for you retards

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i was the same and at 34 i started banging

head up

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feel exactly the same, I have considered escorts for a long time and have been close to pulling the trigger but STDs are what put me off bc I don't want to use rubber for penetration.. the whole experience seems fake to me but other guys aren't this picky so maybe it's just me... I guess because I want an authentic experience the escort just does not meet my satisfaction criteria, plus I want to have a connection with the partner so I can kiss.. but don;t want to kiss escort, god knows how many dude's dicks I'd also be kissing.. I'm just not degen enough for the whole thing in this format
>inb4 you can't have sex bc you are browsing le mongolian basket weaving forum

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I never had sex or kissed a woman until I was 25. It was a combination of not socialising and having an absolutely rotten personality (was pretty much an incel)

When I started travelling more I met more girls and eventually one of them was kind enough to fuck my brains out. Still with her today. Just get out more and make connections.

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Waiting in line at the bank and I just asked her where she was from etc.

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Umm.... cheesed to meet you

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Before jannies get to this urgent business-related thread i'll tell you what i would do if i was single again:
1. Analyze any contacts you already have for possible set-ups, opportunities to meet new girls, putting in a good word, anything to give you an edge, etc
2. Work out. Look I hate the fucking /fit/ faggots too but this is just for the time being to get your testosterone and manly impulses up.
3. Follow a routine in public. Go to the same series of bars/pubs/stores, etc at the same time for weeks on end just to be seen and recognized by regulars. This is the thing I would most urgently stress. Might work with a patron but it very well might work with an employee (waitress, bartender, librarian etc)

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well anon if you kiss any woman, whether it's an escort, a new partner, or the love of your life; you are likely kissing a mouth that has had a lot of (and I mean really A LOT) dicks in it.
This just to say that regardless of if it's an escort or your wife that mouth has had dicks in it, so uh deal with it

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Not worth the hassle, go for the shithole instead. It is the hole where shit comes from, you can also fuck it. But there is also shit in that hole if you dig deep enough.

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>It was a combination of not socialising and having an absolutely rotten personality (was pretty much an incel)
lol im pretty much like that eventho i dont really know what you mean by rotten personality

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1. do not have any close friends unfortunately, just a few acquaintances that I rarely see, keep in touch with so basically am friendless..
2. this is something i committed to doing already, am only sorting out logistics and diet so I get fast results and maybe somewhere i can also meet new people
3. not sure how to approach this one desu as i don't have much free time and going to places alone although it does not make me uncomfortable can make me stand out like a sore thumb (if I'm alone)
you have a point..
would absolutely fuck a shithole bruh, not picky with the actual holes so long as it belongs to a biological woman

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Seems like you are picky with your holes, dudes also have shitholes, whats wrong with them

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bro there are websites where you can see one for free. actually in person it's not any better, the blackpill is that sex with real people is way overrated, only better than masturbation if you do it with someone you love, then it becomes this nice intimate bonding thing, but in terms of sexual pleasure - your hand is your best friend

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>And then they all clapped. The end.

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Imagine the burn haha..

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I am 38 and have been married for 8 years and I wish more than anything I could go back in time to when I first met my wife and tell her to fuck off. She is the most disgusting person I have ever known. Hope she has a heart attack right now or a brain aneurism.

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Same but 35 and have seen a few vagens.

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hey man that sucks but why do you stay in the relationship then? even if you have kids, them seeing you hate your wife (and you can't really hide it if you really do hate her) will be even worse than you splitting and sharing custody in some civilized manner.
and if you don't have kids, just split, unironically 38 is still young and plenty of time to start over

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why not just divorce ? curios as to why you are holding on to this rage instead of addressing. is it bc you do not want to be alone ?

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Have two kids wife is a stay at home mother I can't afford to pay the mortgage and have an apartment. I have no friends or family that I could stay with. She is a worthless leech and won't get a job and I will get raped in divorce court and probably never get to see my kids while my wife will talk shit about me to them while I'm not around.

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We're on the internet, it's hard not to see one somewhere.

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I literally do not understand how this happens. I'm 5'7, fat, 5 inch dick, and I've been getting my dick tugged on and blown since I was 15. I found a chick in tinder last week and hooked up after a few days of back and forth. How is it so hard for you guys?

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shieeet, I'd rather be vaginaless than be in your situation biz bro, hope you don't get burned

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Imagine getting pink eye at birth

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Fucking subhuman never seen a vagina lmfao
>it's crazy how these niggers survive

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Do...do you think women get wet during child birth? Wow....

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damn man, shit sucks
were there no red flags before the kids? I plan to start trying to have a kid next year and I'm fucking scared this is a one way street, once my wife is pregnant we're both fucked, we can't go our separate ways if shit hits the fan

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because you probably have a good face

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I do go outside, just don't go out to places where I can meet people < I already know this is the issue

social skills would not allow me to make connections even if i were to go to places where i can meet people, it's something i have to just jump into and learn to be comfortable with i suppose, i see no other way

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No I definitely do not. I wear glasses and. Maybe a 6 at most on a good day.

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(((they))) screwd up the womans mind to chase people of color, so you cant breed.

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tons of red flags
I am a fucking retard

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nah youre definitly higher than that if you can reliably/semi easily meet sluts of tinder, that would make you a comfortable 8/10 at least. Or youre a niche type that appeals strongly to a certain type of women. Like how some women love macho type men with rugged faces.

I know this is weird, if youre a very heterosexual man you cant properly asses a mans looks.
Ive seen men that girls described as hot that I thought were below average.
anyway it doesnt matter, Ive known 2 chads in my life and witnessing how easy it was for them to get pussy was sort of devastating

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how fat/poor/old/ugly are these women?

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OP here, we don't know what he is pulling.. I have really high-ish standards and am also picky so even if a hot women were to come my way, I would nitpick and she would still have to be a certain way for me to fuck her, regrdless if i'm still virgin

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I've had sex before

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you need to lower your standards. but at the same time, have standards. i'd rather be a mid 30s virgin than brag about pulling minimum wage trailer park or ghetto bitch pussy, or fat chicks.

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people in this thread cannot engage in intercourse without ranting about the jews a bit first

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who cares

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yes this is correct
often times the men who shame others for being virgins or not having a relationship are dating 5/10 women with horrible personalities
at that point its far better to be single and maybe fuck hookers

I personally dont like living with someone so in order for me to commit to a girl she has to really be worth it

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>/biz/ - shitcoins and incels

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alright well that's a start. I was in the same situation in that i had no single friends to go out looking for women with. The fact that you are short on free time makes the routine all that much more important. A single woman doesn't give a shit that you are alone, the important thing is that she starts to recognize you. Just start small, taking note of the woman situation in the places you already go. Who they are, if there are any cute ones worth making an impression on, when they are there, etc. Get autistic with it, but focus in on quietly making yourself familiar to them and honing in on quality targets. It's not easy, but baby steps fren

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I am 28 years old and I never even kissed a girl

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The spectrum. I've dated normal good looking educated girls and I've gotten blowies from fat chicks. I have standards when it counts, but sometimes you gotta get a nut off and it's okay to be flexible.

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this is actually great insight thanks, i never stopped to realized you have to actually warm up to people instead of just going full blown into it like you've known them for all your life (this is what i have been doing, and although i never over did it I realize I must seem needy in some way no matter how you approach it)
yes, I'm just worried I'll let my guard down too much and end up making some huge mistake, see >>51229806

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How can u guys have a problem with this?
Just join a dating app, swipe and don't be autistic in the conversation lol.. coming from a 130kg fattie that managed to have sex with 3 diff girls in 3 months

Interestingly enough, used to have stress problems on dates when i was /fit few years back so dunno what's up with that.

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You lift weights and talk to as many women as possible. Read The Rational Male.

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I am like him and basically started to lift between 15-19yo because I was miserable and couldn’t talk approach

Being 23yo I am Long gone from doing the things you talk about. I go to the gym occasionally, it doesn’t make fun like it used to, lose motivation and can’t find a Routine

At one point of time you realize, it’s your personality and life outlook
Everything else is secondary

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Idk man have you tried putting an ad around town?

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What's that creeping up behind ya?????

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it might not occur to you as such but you are truly blessed. women are a cancer on our mind.