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>check the price

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Krispy dumped


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months ago
get over it

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Some whale has been dumping his bag all day to FOMO into LUNC lmao.

Still extremely bullish on Dogbat

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i mean if you bought this meme coin and now you're losing money then its natural selection lol, because why would you invest your money in zero utilities when you can buy matic, especially since the demand for polygon will increase after the ethereum merge

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Gm ser, how was your poo in the street today

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Don't care still in profit

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Lmao. Fuck matic. Pulsechain will merk that piece of shit.

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It's not profit until you sell

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He bought in with almost $1M into dogbat proceeded to lose 90% of his stack now he dumped at a loss to chase LUNC. I can imagine how fucking desperate he feels but he's 100% running on emotion and is probably going to lose the rest of his money now. Jfc from $1M to 0 in 1 year, I would have killed myself just from the 90% drop.

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Ever since it was leaked that there was Israelis on the team I knew this project was going to rugpull. If I have learned anything in crypto pajeets, chinks, jews and slavs are never to be trusted

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It's still up 53% from this time last month.

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deaubo is blameless and has the price action it intends. 50b eoy, bitch.

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do the needful with me what you will, i have already won

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It rugged nearly a year ago, why are there still threads made about this dead coin?
Everything else did a 2x from the bottom and the same tired jeets with $4 invested celebrate a 40% move up.
It's gone from funny to sad.

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D0br0s? How are we coping with this financial b0nkination? Back to McDonalds™?

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I'm just not selling, newfriend.

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This faggoty logo is the reason dogbet failed 100%. All ogs know this.
Fake news

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The coin that bonk is not joke

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The old logo is more representative of the reality on who is the one getting bonked. ;^)

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should have bought Bitdao

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Lmao got out just in time, thanks for providing me exit liquidity you fucking retards. Now come to LUNC threads, need someone pump my bags a little bit more.

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BTC drops to bear market lows
>d0bo failed
You people are GME tourists right?

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these tards dont understand anything

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Back to your telegram little troon

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>twitter check mark
>army of twitter shills that are meme savy
>on multiple exchange's radars
>49% burn

all that was achieved last bull has not been lost; it will carry over into next bull, which gives dubu an advantage over new coins

right now, dubu is a low cap gem, primed to take off next bull: 5x-1000x is a fair estimate.

throw in a couple grand; its no more risky than most L2s, with their big web3 talk bullshit that will never get adopted by institutions and normies.

1T dubu is like 10K, now; at 1/8th ATH, thats 100k