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Ever since I got into crypto last year I've put on about 17lbs and have a compulsive desire to eat junk food all the time. Could it be the stress of the bear market? Did this happen to anyone else?

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u is jus hbrneyting 4 weenter :)

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Paid ebook leak

Thanks for purchasing my ebook, if you leak it or resell you will be reported and your data will be made public on the forum

In this method we will be using a RuneScape private server that pays money for voting on it on toplists

Go tohttps://mega.nz/file/tEMXVCBS#DtVvd0Oo2y7Hq7CX4KI-CYO7v_8VpEP5Zq90AaRydbI on your PC
Unzip the file
Install java if you already don't have it installed on your PC (you can get it here https://www.java.com/en-US/download/windows_offline.jsp))
Run the RSPS Diamond Scape.jar file
Wait for the RuneScape private server load
Create an account (no email needed)
Click on the vote button on the right hand bottom corner
It will open a list of 10 sites to vote for the Private server
Each vote gives you $5, after voting 10 times you will have $50 that you can cash out to BTC, PayPal or your Payeer account.
Repeat this process every 12 hours
An easy $100 per day

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holy shit it worked. thanks anonymous money giver