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Okay /biz/, serious thread, I have
>25 years old
>no job experience of education past HS
>unemployed and impossible to find a job
>paid basic expenses
>paid internet
>24/7 of free time

Yet im uncapable of making money online.

Blogs = too saturated, can't make any profit of it
Youtube = too saturated, can't make any profit of it (plus I dont want to put my face/voice in whatever I do, I enjoy muh anonimity)
Other = I have no money so I cant invest. The only "money" I have is 1 BTC.

What can I do to make something, SOME profit monthly off the internet? I guy showed me his monthly gains off adsense and made like 800GBP.... I have no fucking idea how. No one tells you how to do it, they say "im not gonna tell you the secret" AS IF an aspie like me would be able to have any impact on their profits. Fucking retards. Seems like a fucking myth to me.

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So you're 25 now and haven't worked since highschool. You really think it's the job market keeping you down?

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>too saturated

That's why we're never going to have new popular youtubers in the future ever again right? The youtubers we have right now, that's it right?

If you make engaging original content, people will spread your work and you will make a living online with a big enough audience. But before you start you can't sound defeated in the first place.

Oh, and in the mean time get a job at McDs. I'm serious.

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here is what you have to do. Get a job, any job, it can be mcdonalds. this will show employers you are willing to work. Then start trying for a real job. Stop looking for the easy money that only happens to a select few and you can still look for that job while you have a normal real job.

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it isn't too saturated. you're just too lazy and/or stupid to find a way to compete

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Serious, you want to be fucking spoonfed ways to make money?

You have 24 hours of free time a day, do some god damn research and stop being a lazy piece of shit.

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All I hear is bitching, I can't do this and this and this, there are too many people out there already doing something, well fag is there any fucking thing you can do? It sounds like you want to get rich quick scheme, forget about it, everyone has to start somewhere, go find a job, get off your high horse and work hard likevthevrest of the world.

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>I guy showed me his monthly gains off adsense and made like 800GBP

Suck his cock.

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Yes, I literally entered the job market at the worst moment. If you are not from spain your comments on this are irrelevant.
The successful youtubers are good looking kids like Nash Grier. Im a fucking aspie with a monotone voice.
Also lol at original content in 2014. If I knew something original I would be doing now. Also original hardly translates into money.

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There are no jobs in spain for 25 year old NEETs with no former experience or contacts. Thats why im trying to make some money off the internet as I have so much free time.

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Ive been doing research for months and I find is other people trying to sell you useless shit.

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Why are you JUST entering the job market. After 19 there's no excuse as to not have one

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Stop thinking about what is the best thing to do and just dedicate all your time to one thing

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>That pic
>Girl killed herself
>Was a straight A student in college and appeared in a porn film

Why are bitches so fucking cray

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You have an internet connection faggot. Do something useful with your free time and learn a new skill.

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>Youtube = too saturated, can't make any profit of it


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Can the mods please ban Spaniards from /biz/ ? All they do is whine non-stop about how they haven't been able to find a job in 30 years or whatever. There are multiple threads to this effect currently. The lack of hustle is astounding and also a good indicator of why their country is in economic dire straits now.

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There is no get rich quick scheme, you just need to find something that works for you and/or invent your own way of doing something.

Anything that you can find publicly will either be shit, not work or be tremendous amounts of work. The only solution is inventing your own thing.

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>what is blackhat
> PPD | cookie stuffing | etc.
>affiliate marketing - learn the trade

it's possible to make money through almost any platform but you have to sift through mountains of shits and learn how the latest algorithms work

YT is still a great platform, I made a video about unlocking iPhone about 5 years among few other topics... still make ~$100 every 6-8 months or so... the people that put out videos weekly are building passive income stream. BUT to get into it this late in the game you need to learn what "social signals" they look at and how to Optimize the video for SEO purposes.

Alternatively you can go to site like Fivr and get people to manage a micro project and white label the service...for example.

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OP is probably addicted to internet browsing.

A lot of us are. . . so much I could accomplish by sitting and focusing rather than lurking 4chan and other shit

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Where is this video

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here I'll be you internet-bro for the day and teach you how to reverse image search

go to
click on the camera and then paste the web address for the picture in the box and click search by image.

you can do the same at http://tineye.com/

here is the news story about her

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>dont tell how
Keep perpetuating the myth.

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It's called being born in spain, try again.
>can you ban the truth? muh capitalism must always wurk, u aint husling enough bro

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Dont you see how fucking unrealistic that is. Fucking joke. 99% of people don't invent shit.

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Can you make money from videos where you don't show your face/voice? can one make money while staying anonymous?

what about reuploading other people's cat videos? cat videos always have a shit ton of hits.

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try sucking dicks OP

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if you can provide value to the user yes.

people don't need a celebrity figure, but if your brand 'blows up' your identity will remain unknown - leaving it vulnerable for hijacking.

that said, the attention span has gone down substantially so tailor messages and content wisely...or pick a nice niche, one that's big or growing. That's worked in the past and it will continue to work in the future.

something simple as crypto currency, analysis and reporting etc. can be built into a brand that millions will eventually turn to for daily news.

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>No skills
>No work experience
>Isn't even willing to show his face
>Wants easy money

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You could start your own pick up channel on jewtube, something like "aspie pick up", just get a cheap camera and record yourself talking to chicks, the more awkward and aspie you are the better.Guaranteed views if you are short, fat, bald or ethnic on top of am aspie.

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what a loss, she was a natural

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What I did requires capital but I'll share it here anyway.

I purchase entire loads of books at estate sales. Doesn't matter what they've got, I take it, and price according to quantity and quality. I've never paid more than $100, and the only time I paid $90, I was able to fill my truck to capacity twice. Then I sell the books used on Amazon at market price. With a garage full of books just waiting to be purchased without any effort from me, it's enough to live on comfortably. I've passed the day-to-day to a relative now though, since I've found traditional employ.

>from spain
I'm in Spain right now, and I'm pulling enough money to live comfortably and save half my salary while also getting a Masters. The problem isn't that you're in Spain, it's that you have a Spaniard's attitude.

>The successful youtubers
You don't have to be a big name to make money. Figure out what you know, what you're good at, what your hobbies are. Put out a video about that, and put some work into it, make it good. Since you're Spanish, I'll spell out for you what work is: You research anything you're remotely unsure about, and additional details to make sure even people already interested in the subject learn something. You arrange a nice-looking area to film in, if it's inside. Even with fuck-all budget, you can paint something on a sheet for decor if nothing else. If outside, use a tripod (or some form of improvised camera stabilization) if at all possible. If you have the ability, make animations and digital things to intersperse with your content. If you don't, you have internet access and 24/7 free time, so get the capacity. And above all, remember that you're providing your customers a service. Do a good job, and make them happy - your profit will come by itself when you do that.

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Spaniards are literally this entitled and lazy. He's not even unusual, his whole generation is like this, minus a couple, and his parents are only slightly better. What's more, if he does try something and fails, he'll just whine more and hold that thing up as proof that it's impossible to make money in Spain, instead of trying again.

You do realize being born in Spain doesn't mean you have to stay, right? The problem isn't location, that's easily changed. Especially in the EU. And I guarantee you're not worse off than a turk.

"invent" in English is a relatively broad term. You can "invent" your own franchise. And if you think that's hard to do, you haven't seen the webcomic market.

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It's probably the same guy.

Capitalism works if you do. It can be easier or harder but in pure capitalism it's never impossible.

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>muh spaniard actitude
>implying free will exists

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what is blackhat?

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A waste of time.

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OP are you fucking retarded?

>spends free time on internet
>doesn't pay attention to the lucrative market that is coding
>doesn't use the FREE fucking resources to learn python, javascript, html, CSS, etc.
>doesn't want to work

Everyone should stop wasting time on this thread.

"Hey guys, how do I make money for the first time at age 25? I have literally no skills either. pls help."

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If you have 1 BTC I can help you turn that into a whole lot more, if you're interested in doing work online. Download Pidgin and add my jabber/XMPP: breivik@exploit.im

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I agree with your point, however languages you have picked as an example are fucking retarded.

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Move to fucking Germany.

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Lp LoL or some shit with unlimited free time you should be able to git good

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>Can you make money from videos where you don't show your face/voice? can one make money while staying anonymous?
Yes. Doesn't even need to be youtube videos or whatever.

Anecdotally: from 2007 to 2012, I had a shitty blog and just happened to post a thing with information that was something of interest to a lot of people and no one else was covering it. I never marketed or linked it anywhere myself, (didn't even expect anyone to see it, I just did it out of my own curiosity on my zero-visitor blog), it exploded in popularity through word of mouth.

Initially, it was just a simple, crude image and some text explaining it, I didn't have any watermarks or identifiers on it, so old versions of it showed up everywhere on many sites, yet nearly everyone were all directed to my blog where it originated. I spent the next several years editing that post and images to update the information as need be and making a few more for a couple new things. I had at my peak more than 700,000 unique visitors in a single day to my shitty blog, all coming just to look at these bits of data.

The only identity I had on this almost text-only venue was an internet pseudonym and a cartoon caricature of myself made in MSPaint. Nobody knew anything about the real me. Since I gave it up, only a few others have taken to doing what I was doing.

Youtube is no different, there are all sorts of niche topics that nobody is covering. You see all of these Youtube celebrities with clear and present personalities, but there's way more opportunities than that. Education, information, odd knowledge that a lot of people may like to know. I stumbled upon my big spike of (anonymous) popularity by presenting some useful info in an easy to understand manner. The audio/visual environment versus my text/image one may seem like a big difference, but it comes down to presentation.

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Web dev here, hopping in to give someone an idea of what you should learn to do freelance work and make SOMETHING by sitting on your ass and designing shit:

>HTML - obviously
>CSS - and I mean the ins and outs so you know how to think of a design and then implement it with CSS no matter how
>JavaScript - client-side scripting, some places want this, not everywhere
>PHP - server-side scripting, almost everywhere wants this, even personal blogs
>MySQL - goes with PHP, you need to know database structures and the like but it's fairly easy anyway
>look up sites with shit like "10 best designed websites" and start picking up on general trends in the market these days and what people like - at the moment it's flat design and big, noticeable page elements

Make up a couple of shit sites to use as a portfolio, make your own site to link to them and give a contact form, and then start advertising everywhere (Facebook, Twitter, newspapers, local businesses, etcetera).

Fucking done.

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Pick one. Also im 25, by the time im good enough at coding, i will be old as fuck, plus my brain isn't autistic enough to be good at coding. I actually dropped from the course I was doing. The fact I have floaters on my left eye doesn't fucking help as well. I cant even browse this god forsaken site anymore without stress anymore, let alone focusing on coding.
My head hurts literally 24 7.

Is this a hint?
So I can work on one of these shitty minijobs, aka slavery to mask the numbers so they can say their unemployment isn't as shitty as spain, no thanks. Also implying I have the money to move, just lol.
Sounds good. So you didn't monetarize it in any way? why not put adsense?
And what was that magic subject that blew up? inb4 im not telling, who fucking cares now, ou said it has showed up everywhere now.

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>So you didn't monetarize it in any way? why not put adsense?
The place ran its own ads on free users' blogs. I could have gotten "premium" for just a hundred bucks or however much it was and most of that ad money would have gone to me instead. I never went through with it because it was just a thing I was doing in my free time for fun; I didn't want to go down the road of making it into my "job" nor even invest any money into it.

I had actually lost interest in the topic(rather, my friends and I lost interest in the two primary series that the blog focused on) back in 2010 and I was really just forcing myself to continue for those next two years. I felt that too much of my time was being occupied by maintaining and updating it and answering questions and I was no longer enjoying any of it.

My original blog is gone due to inactivity but my message board is still active, others have continued what I was doing.
Honestly I'd rather not mention even the topic, but whatever.
It was related to raw statistical data of exactly how particular multiplayer video game elements behaved.

I would get the data straight from the game's code and/or perform a lot of controlled testing to get the data and an understanding of how they all related, then try to convey all of the useful information in an easy to understand format to those who would want to know the how and why of things. One of my biggest motives when I first started was to quell a lot of the misinformation and pointless arguing going around about how stuff worked. A lot of my sudden audience was the youth, so I had to really make sure it was all easy to understand.

For example, this image of two damage modifying elements. Everyone initially thought that this one element increased one's health, when in fact it was always just reducing damage taken, and it had direct opposition coded in to have the two cancel each other out. It met with a lot of resistance at first until I proved it beyond a shadow of a doubt.

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Another web dev here backing this up as solid advice.

The thing is, you can just do the HTML+CSS learning at first to get going. Once you're at that point you have enough knowledge to take the resources already out there and put together small websites for local businesses. Shops and service places, that sort of thing. Sort out their hosting too for a bit of extra income, they never want to have to deal with it so they'll pay you extra to make that problem go away.

Focus on the benefit to them. You could be focusing on learning javascript properly at this point, but you could also be doing things like listing them on Google Places or running AdWords campaigns for them. If you're a ruthless cunt just in it for the money you could even offer "SEO". You prick.

You could be at the point where you're getting your first customers within 6 weeks. That's from knowing nothing about HTML to being able to build websites adequately enough that someone will pay you for it. I know because that's how long it originally took me to get my first freelance client.

Now you can start building your skillset and expanding in one of many directions. Focus on marketing. Or design. Or front-end development (javascript) and offer single page applications. Or transition into back-end development and do what I do: Build CMSs and stock management and ticket systems etc. for medium sized businesses that need tools to help run their business more efficiently.

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>everyone can make it if they try hard enough

my sides

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That sounds nerdy as fuck to me. What game is that?

But the thing with this is... tons of people are doing this already. Will I get any jobs?

Also, why do you need to learn all that code if you can make really nice looking webpages with something like Joomla, barely knowing any code? whats the point. 99% Of people have no idea how to code, if you show them a nice looking page made with Joomla, they'll proably be satisfied. Most people wanting webages are dads running businesses so whats the point in going too deep into the code. That would only make sense if you are working for a big project or something.

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>tons of people are doing this already
For good reasons. It's a booming industry and everyone needs new websites. You'll see a lot of small businesses which have perhaps had a website by this point, it's no longer the first wave. The advantage is, you can improve on them. They're often old and shit and won't work on mobile phones. Use that as your main selling point!

>Will I get any jobs?
Yes. Put yourself out there. Just let your friends and family know you're making websites and ask them to pass the word on. Word of mouth is better than ANY other form of advertising.

>Most people wanting webages are dads running businesses
That's so far off the mark I don't even.

>why do you need to learn all that code if you can make really nice looking webpages with something like Joomla
You've hit the nail on the head there. You don't need to learn HTML+CSS (not code!) or Javascript+PHP (code!). You just need to able to provide a service that a business owner can't do themselves (or rather, they don't know how easy it would be to do it). There are tons of options out there for off the shelf stuff. I'd actually recommend you avoid Joomla though. What you'll find there is that working with that legacy platform and trying to make it do what you want, is going to be more hassle than starting from something simpler. Look into HTML Frameworks for static sites, and Wordpress for CMS

This is a great start. There are some problems you'll start to face shortly down the line though...

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Eventually you're gonna have websites live and out the door, and most likely you're gonna be maintaining them. Adding content, changing photos, and with picky clients moving stuff 1px to the left (be careful with those ones). You're also going to get more complicated requests. Perhaps you've built a site for a local beauty salon, it has some standard Wordpress features: A slider on the home page, a pricing table for the skincare products and a blog so the staff can write about their new techniques and special events. But then they get back to you a couple months later and now they want a page to list offers.

What you should do in this case is make use of Wordpress' Custom Post Types, and create a Taxonomy to categorise the different types of offers if they have a lot of them. This involves reading the WP Codex, looking at the API and making some calls to pretty well documented functions to build the post type. Then you'll have to add some theme files to display this content on the front end. WP has done a LOT for you to get to this point - you haven't had to touch the database for one. But you had to know all of this existed and how to leverage it. And that requires some PHP and HTML/CSS knowledge.

What most amateurs will do is create a category on the blog and try to hack something together. The client won't be happy with it, you'll take too long trying to fix it, and it'll end up a mess. I've seen it time and time again.

That's why you learn your craft.

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anything that isn't whitehat
using the internet and tools to make money anyway you can... you can/will get banned if you get caught and there may be adverse legal action depending on how 'black' your hat is

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So start simple. Practice, make sure you can deliver something. Then just sell the clients that. With each project try to push yourself a little further, learning a new technique or technology on the client's dime, but don't take the piss. Also be learning constantly. As with any tech field, it moves fast and you'll be left behind in a couple of years if you don't keep on top of the latest techniques, trends and software. So rev up those RSS feeds.

The other option besides trying to find clients is trying to find gainful employment. I can't say for other countries, but here in the UK you can still get an in-house agency job if you can put together a semantic web page and style it sufficiently. You don't even need particularly in depth knowledge, just the basics: Box model, semantic markup, how to implement jquery plugins etc. It's a bit lax if I'm honest, but it's how I got in so I can't complain too much.

And of course if you decide you dislike frontend, there's the whole backend route to go, which you can do without any (well, not much) HTML/CSS/JS knowledge. This is more if you just want to be a programmer rather than someone who specifically works on the web. But PHP is very easy to get started with and is what the majority of employers want. There are also a ton of amazing (free) resources to learn from.

I consider selling SEO at ludicrous prices to be pretty blackhat personally, but despite that it's pretty well accepted. Fucking snake oil salesmen.

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thats, what I thought. but I thought that anon was using it in a different context, like there is some money making platform called blackhat.

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Thanks. What did you use to learn? any legit videotutorials? it has to be video, im a retard.
What about SEO? ive seen people paying a lot for this.

And whats your opinion on the whole blogging thing? is it a waste or what?

Yes it does, i hate my life.

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Buy and sell for more. I just went the old route of calling suppliers. You may have to build up at least $1000 to start. Get rid of the stuff as fast as you can (under 1 month, preferably under 1 week) for $200 income after expenses and keep doing it.
Like TMV, this is compounding, 1000, 1200, 1440.

Cut down the margins if you have to at first to move product quicker in the early years.

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You have paid basic expenses?

Just go to any fucking job part time. Seriously. If you can live for free, why would you care? If you hate the job, you can quit any old time, flip the job the bird, and laugh all the way to your free cushy life. No stress, no mess.

Save up $1000. Invest the money wisely.

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>it has to be video, im a retard
You'd have to be. Video takes longer to convey the same amount of information and you have to go at the pace of the person giving the tuition.

Check out Tuts+. They have a ton of amazing free content, some of it in video format. They also have a premium service for a small monthly amount that has a shitton of video content, exactly what you'd be looking for. A lot of it ends up on thepiratebay btw. Also look into codeacademy and codeschool and all those sort of things. They're a brilliant new way of learning that lets you write code directly into your browser and carry out excercises. Completely changing the way people learn to code, amazing stuff.

It's snake oil. If you build a website right, use semantic markup, make it accessible, optimise load times and have useful content that people want to access (ie. things a web developer does anyway because of all the benefits they bring) then the site will rank well on search engines.

What SEO companies will do though is charge monthly to "get you to da top of google". They'll often lie and say they can guarantee it or that they work for Google. They'll add spammy keywords to the website, at the detriment of readability, stuff the meta description and keywords tags too (which hasn't done shit for rankings for at least 10 years, probably longer, BECAUSE of these practices). Then they won't touch it, but continue to charge the client monthly. The practice should be illegal!

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The best thing that came out of Web 2.0. Proper social networking, the free exchange of ideas in a long form that gave people time to consider it and respond on their own blog. A format that can work for so many different fields, be used professionally or just as a hobby, or be entirely private.

I'm a bit sad to see the blogosphere (Yes! Got that word into a post finally!) diminish in recent years, as micro-blogging (basically just Twitter) has taken hold and social media has grown into it's own distinct thing. I love the format of blogs though, especially the fact that most blogging software provides an RSS feed automatically, so just about every blog out there has a feed available whether the owner knows what RSS is or not.

You should blog anyway. Blog about your progress learning a new skill. Blog about your struggle to find work. Blog about random insights you have. If you want to make a living out of it, good luck, because that's gonna be insanely hard. You have to somehow get enough traffic to make a profit off of ads. You're gonna need some amazing content and a commitment to deliver it regularly to achieve that. Definitely not the easiest way to make a living though. I think we've all had that moment of envy of Travel Bloggers, travelling round the world making a living blogging. The truth is that the few folks who have made that work, tended to take a sales oriented approach and provided other products like ebooks.

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ITT: manlets in denial about real life

>> No.516438

Build something small like this - Still generates ad revenue everyday and took all of 1 hour to build. Repeat. Succeed.


My latest app is going to be an Invoicing/Quoting system for Android and iOS,

Will also supply it for free to customers and still profit due to the admob revenue

>> No.516491

Are you in the USA OP?

>> No.516501

like what?

>> No.516541

how much could an app like this make?

>> No.516711


It depends on how much you 'market' it.

>> No.516722

Do you really want to though?

>> No.516738

You mean like posting it on /biz/?

>> No.516747


That is one way. I seem to think that it falls under the ansense/admob category.

>> No.516939

Sign up for Clixsense, get paid to click on ads, fill in surveys, do micro tasks, listen to online radio...it's perfect for the NEETbux you're looking for. Obviously it's not going to replace a job, but it's not bad for a few extras bucks.

If you're gonna do it, then use my affiliate link so I get some extra shekels.


>> No.517168

Im too lazy and poor to register a .com website with the risk of it being worthless

Can I start with blogspot and see how it goes?

>> No.517170

Learn how to play a weird instrument, and make whacky interesting covers of popular pop songs.
Shill on /mu/

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unemployment rate near 50% for OPs age range, 25% aprox for the rest of the population.

Not even McDonaldswill hire you here. And if they're hiring, you'll be competing against other 900 people for a simple job flipping burgers, sothere'll be always be somebody more prepared or attractive than you, and that person will get the job (that's if the job doesn't go for a familiar or friend of the recruiter or the CEO. In a country with this unemployment rate, jobs are usually kept for the close ones,wether they are prepared for the job or are just useless bags of shit).

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>Capitalism works if you do. It can be easier or harder but in pure capitalism it's never impossible.

The problem is, this is not "pure capitalism".

For starters, you wanna hustle in Spain? Prepare 3000€ to pay upfront, and add besides 250€ monthly, which is the price of the license you need just to work for yourself, wether you make money or not. After this, pay 50% of your earnings in taxes. And take 21% of every sell you make if you try to commerce.

Now come to realize that the average wage minimum wage is about 800€ monthly, that the housing bubble didn't really burst here and that the cost of living is 1st world expensive (a gallon of gasoline is 6€, a pack of cigarettes is 5€, and a gallon of milk is 4€). To be able to pay the license to work a year, a spaniard has to save literally 10 months of work. AND THAT'S ONLY FOR THE LICENSE, not taking into account the cost of living that year or the cost of any tools or materials you would need for your job....

If you don't do pay that overpriced license, police will come you and the justice system will break your life in half. You may even face time in prison. If there's proof that you started your business (and proof can be just without paying those taxes, even if it's for a day, you're fucked.

>also, the legal situation here is made to crush any small venture any poorfag could have. For starters, crowdfunding is illegal here.

I agree that many spaniards lack that "hustling" instinct, but the ones that try, are fucked from the beginning.

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Why... Does this app need access to the camera & microphone, seems very suspicious to me..?!

>> No.518199

Freelance WebDev programmer (requires a ton of googling)

Phase 1
>start by just googling HTML tutorials (don't worry about HTML5 yet)
>w3 schools is a really great resource
>learn CSS (dont worry about CSS3 yet) and JavaScript
>create tons of projects

Phase 2
>learn basic programming 101
>learn basic OOP
>learn UI / UX (graphic design, HTML5, CSS3, photoshop)
>learn to use git and github
>create tons of NEW projects
>create a free portfolio using github.io & dropbox

Phase 3
>get RSS feeds to lots of freelance gig sites
>get professional contact info (email, maybe phone)
>get bank account / paypal / stripe / etc.
>learn how to sell yourself
>learn basic project management

You are now ready to submit proposals and contact people posting gigs. It should take you around six months if you work very hard. The competition will be fierce, but there are people wanting websites all the fucking time.


Phase 4
>learn AJAX and PHP
>learn JavaScript libraries (jQuery, nodejs, express, angular, etc)
>learn Bootstrap
>learn databases (MySQL & noSQL)
>learn wordpress, joomla, drupal, laravel, etc.
>create tons of NEW professional looking projects
>create a professional looking portfolio

>> No.518623

>the "this is not pure capitalism" guy
Capitalism in any way shape or form is over you dumb fuck. 95% of human labour will de disposable before this century ends.


Technology will take over any form of money/private property concept. Enjoy the butthurt.

>> No.518731

Is this a scam? How much do you get paid?

>> No.518790


>Technology will take over any form of money/private property concept.

and that's what naysayers said in 1900 when electric power started becoming big. In the end capitalism only grew larger and took over the world completely by 2000

> 95% of human labour will de disposable before this century ends.

nope, we'll just find new jobs for people. It happens every fucking time, people simply move onto other work. What the fuck makes you think that a factory lineman can't learn how to be an accountant or an HR manager, or can't learn a trade and start his own business? Capitalism will evolve, and will certainly not die anytime soon.

>> No.518795

This guy gets it.
In a perfect world we'll have automated factories making consumer goods, and skilled craftsmen making luxury stuff.

Or maybe some line of work completely new and unexpected will appear who knows.

>> No.518801


how much you make? per job?

>> No.518808


what I'm guessing is that most automation equipment will become much cheaper and accessible to people. We won't have star trek replicators, but it's conceivable that your average joe could start a car parts company with a $1000 milling machine and a $500 3d printer kit

until about 1980 or so most technological advances were focused on making things more centralized, then with the rise of the microchip most advances in technology are ones that aim to decentralize things, so to speak. In 1900 large companies benefited directly from having a monopolized rail system because it meant more efficiency. Today said companies are now burdened with overpaid bureaucrats while smaller companies are able to operate more efficiently

hopefully this makes sense

>> No.518817

Yup. Hurrah for the smart society.

>> No.518818

>Or maybe some line of work completely new and unexpected will appear who knows.
Hand Made Graphene - Work from home! Get out your #2 pencils and scotch tape.

>> No.518822

>Blogs = too saturated, can't make any profit of it
Bullshit I still get money from blogs and I don't even update them anymore you're just fucking lazy and can't write for shit.

All I see is fucking excuses. You have a computer and internet now go learn how to program or make websites and sell them you fucking lazy bum.

>> No.518824

If you are too lazy to do the work then what makes you think you get the rewards? Put in the fucking effort to figure it out.

>> No.519316

>how much you make? per job?
It depends on your client base. If you are out trying to get any work then $50-$250 USD per website, so maybe a couple of thousand a month, depending on volume.

>> No.519498

Same age as you and in a similar situation, but I've had jobs already. I suggest look at your local grocery store or retail jobs.

>> No.519503

I got my adsense count disabled ages ago. Is there anyway to get a new one? I guess not.

>> No.519512

That's pretty cool anon, congrats

>> No.519519

>>25 years old
>>no job experience of education past HS
You fucked up.

>> No.519545

And I thought I was a failure OP. Probably am.

I'm 20 and currently taking 1 college class since I have no job or source of income. Had a job for less than a week and quit because of social anxiety. Dad got divorced couple of years ago and is in $60k+ debt only making $700 bi-weekly. Currently living in a house which we will soon be evicted from with no gas or water and soon no electricity. I'm near my breaking point. Thinking about taking a year off of college to work at a factory and save up some money.

>> No.519559

Job displacement can't work forever.

>> No.520525

>$50-$250 USD per website
Jesus fucking christ mate, how fast are you pumping out websites to be able to afford to sell them that cheap? couple of grand a month would mean more than one a week. Are you just installing wordpress themes for clients and leaving them to it?

>> No.520627

>Are you just installing wordpress themes for clients and leaving them to it?
Actually I kind of made a mistake there. I meant start off at those prices and work your way up to a few thousand a month.

>> No.520630


>> No.520631


At the very least it can work until everyone have enjoyable jobs and none of those cashier/floor mopper shitty jobs.

>> No.520632

>we'll just find new jobs for people. It happens every fucking time

it didn't happen last time you moron

>> No.520677

Well truth be told, very few websites today are made from scratch. If you want something, there's a 95% chance that a WordPress plug in exists. It's mostly reinventing the wheel, thus only very small percentage of sites are made by literally writing php/html code.

>> No.520704

You're not wrong about the prevalence of Wordpress plugins and their use. But I think you might be overestimating how much the entire web relies on them.

Wordpress plugins are the worst of the worst in terms of reusable modular code. Even if the developer is good, that platform is all over the place and refuses to modernise (they want to keep it simple for developers who can only into procedural PHP, plus don't wanna break all these years of BC). Not slagging it off, I do use it for some jobs, I have one build on now that's Wordpress because it was close to what the client needed.

We have the Composer/Packagist evosystem in PHP now, and that's modular packages done right. There's a resurgence in PHP frameworks in the last 2 years. Symfony and Laravel are HUGE right now. Not to mention the fact that everyone is using Composer and pulling in packages they can use framework agnostic.

And HTML & CSS is done by hand for any professional build anyway. There's usually a preprocessor involved with the CSS now, and we all use snippets and boilerplate to get going faster, but it's so simple that you only end up adding more work for yourself by trying to take shortcuts with HTML & CSS.

It's certainly not a very small percentage. Some dubious figures here, but we're only after a general idea so fuck it:

>> No.520710

>[74,600,000] Sites Depend on WordPress
>active websites [...] just over 180,000,000

That is definitely a HUGE chunk of the entire web, no doubt. And there are so many other platforms out there too. In the blogging space alone there's tumblogs and blogspot and livejournal (i think, still?) just to name the big ones. Ghost is gaining traction with web designers/devs. Jekyll is popular among developers, esp. Ruby. And this is just blogging!

Yet there are so many developers out there pumping out new stuff all the time. Whether it extends these platforms, themes it or is totally platform agnostic.

NIH has historically been a problem with programmers. An almost adamant refusal to use sometihng they didn't develop themselves. The opposite can be a problem for inexperienced devs - they offer functionality they can't deliver, install a plugin, it doesn't work how the client wants and shit goes bad.

Overall I think using 3rd party packages responsibly is the best way to go about it. You save time, your client saves money and the end product is usually better off for it, so long as the research and due diligence was done in choosing the right packages.

"From-scratch" (in its varying degrees) development isn't dead. It's booming. Small businesses now want the websites with completely custom features. It's not just for enterprise anymore.

>> No.520747

Delusionalcel. An economy is fucked without jobs that produce something. The bubble of shitty jobs that serve no purpose will burst. Machines are going to do most of the reptitive stuff, a big, big % of the population that genetically aren't cut to learn more technical shit where human brain would be needed will be stuck without a job for life. Capitalism is fucked.

>> No.520749

you sure do faggot

>> No.520750

Enjoyable doesn't mean necessary. You are delusional.

>> No.520751

>Small businesses now want the websites with completely custom features. It's not just for enterprise anymore.
Most people wanting websites are clueless. I dont see how you need to know a lot of shit to keep the average customer happy.

>> No.520853

Yea but,
>the more you know= the more you can do
I think

>> No.521075

Freight forwarding

>> No.521770
File: 723 KB, 940x734, Neet pro.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


Or become a professional NEET. People with real jobs laugh at Burger Boys.

>> No.521809

Are you chartfag?

>> No.521814

this question was for

>> No.521874
File: 39 KB, 552x737, big ounce.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

"paying your dues" seems to be a foreign concept with you nojob whiners. you think everyone successful now was always successful?

lots of people your age who have achieved more than you just spent all that time working like dogs to get where they are instead of complaining on the internet.

>> No.522537


Replying to this guy.

If you have the capital, you can fleece the masses.


>buy game template
>make shit game
>put on app store
>wait till you have enough fake ideas with software
>purchase $20,000 units of your own game for $.99
>apple takes 45%
>you get about $14,000 of your cash back
>game shoots up to #1
>guy comes off about $10,000 a day
>recoups expenses in literally a day


>> No.522547

There is no such thing as "paying your dues" anymore.

You have to realize that the age of companies valuing their workers is over. The only people who are successful are those that job hop into better positions.

You will NOT "work your way up". They will ALWAYS hire someone from outside of the company for that.

You seem to think that hardwork = return, when that is simply not the case.
That's the mentality of a wage slave.

>> No.522580

hey guise I am a 25 year old who never got a job for 7 straight years vecause mommy and daddy paid for me now how do I make money by not moving an inch?

fuck off leech and get a job NOW.