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This show looks like absolute shit and is already pre-panned by critics and media alike despite a budget of $1 billion.

To put that into perspective a single episode of this show costs more than return of the king (a 3 hour+ movie) even accounting for inflation.

This show will flop, and prime video will lose a lot of investor confidence as a result.

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>$1 billion budget
>ruined by the casting department

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They’ll shove this shit down everyone’s throats and use social media influencers to salvage any shred of credibility it has left.
You have to remember that most people are mindlessly going along with Globohomo and all the subversive shit being pushed in every type of media people consume.

They will make the prolls like it

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what the fuck even is this
gtfo with your consumerist absolute shit
"tv shows", topkek, fucking cattle

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If I get dubs this shit bankrupts amazon so hard that it snowballs into a historic crash in the stock market

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Its ruined by the writing department. They turned galadriel into a 3rd wave feminist.

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You can tell there's massive creative intelligence rot within our culture when all you can muster is a globohomo carbon copy of much more successful original predecessors years ago. Ever notice how things started to severely roll over around 2013 or so? All these newer streaming networks and their "original" shows are like habitually throwing shit at the wall to see that sticks, Netflix started this trend a few years ago.

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Please stop saying globohomo it sounds so fucking stupid just say universalism.

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>rime video will lose a lot of investor confidence as a result.
I have over 26K in AMZN. Prime doesn't matter, AWS is everything. Prime just makes the COSTCO like subscription model more sticky.

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this shit is gonna be kino, keep seething /pol/cel

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consooming goyslop

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>t. Globohomosexual

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it's actually surprisingly decent

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>it's actually surprisingly decent

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The reason you're wrong and that it will do well is because there's literally no other normie shows this fall besides this and game of thrones. Most people only want an excuse to have a show on while they're fucking anyway, they aren't overanalyzing the details and being an angry incel

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Don't care. Still watching it.

FUD will not stop my love of Tolkein.

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when will these producers realize nobody wants to look at niggers, to listen to niggers, or be told about what niggers are doing.
nobody cares.

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I saw miscegenating dwarves and noped the fuck out

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the original trilogy got it right because the only brownskins were the enemies of society, just like real life.
nobody likes being lied to so overtly, the cognitive dissonance between browns in reality and browns as depicted in propagandized media makes for confused watching.

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If you actually loved Tolkien you'd despise this garbage multimedia franchise being built by Simon and Royd Tolkien to spite their family legacy. JRR's books were never meant to be adapted into film and Christopher Tolkien opposed this kind of horseshit to the bitter end for his father's sake.
You don't love Tolkien. You love hollywood bullshit rubberstamped by people who never even knew the man.

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So is there any valid reason why you guys dislike this show? And no, black people being in it isn't a valid reason. It's 2022.

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They do know it, that’s why they do it

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It's English mythology. Not modern American multiracial woke shit. So yes, it is to valid. Fuck niggers and fuck you.

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but it only makes sense to propagandize when nobody knows any better, but near everybody understands the determent browns have on society these days, there's no hiding it. propaganda works in wartime when nobody knows what the enemy is doing, not when the enemy is at your doorstep and on the news every single day. this doesn't change anybody's perception of reality, only highlights the difference.

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lol. Dude, calm down. Look in a mirror and breath. It's a fantasy. The people can be any race they want. It's not real. There is no wrong answer. Why are you getting so worked up if black people play fictional characters? I sure hope you're trolling or you're a flat-out racist.

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It's not because of black people being in it per se, but the way they implemented and promoted this fact was a telltale sign that they care more about the racial message than the actual merits of the show and its source material.

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>The people can be any race they want
precisely, so pick one that's pleasant to look at and listen to, not one that everybody universally ranks as the worst in both.

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>you see a bloodthirsty band marauding Uruk Hai
>I see a doctor, a scientist, an engineer

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I don't personally give a shit about the occasional chocolate hobbit. If middle earth is an allegory for prewar and great war europe, there might have been a few.

But the promotional aesthetics are cringe.

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>The people can be any race they want.
i preferred when those races were human, elf, halfling, wizard, orc, and not a grab bag of skintones inserted to fulfill the dogmatic demands of an ideology completely external to the world of the story

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relax, it's not real.

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>It's a fantasy
So is black panther, but try making him white.

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correct, your ideology is not real

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2 generations. It's what it takes to ruin a legacy. To think Christopher Tolkien disliked the movies, I'm glad he's not alive anymore to see that debacle.

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The film adaptions had their issues and some things were contradictory to the books but in the genre of cinema they were alright.
This new goyslop however is a travesty.

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universalism doesn't capture the big nigger jew marxist white genocide aspect very well

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off by 1
damn shame

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Why not just write a new story about a bunch of nigger fantasy creatures and make a show out of it?
Why does every great piece of white literature need to be ripped apart and have blacks shoehorned into them?

Is it because they isn’t a single great work of fiction written by blacks?
There’s nothing stopping them from writing their own stories, but as with everything else they touch, they’d rather ruin something beloved than take the time to create something new.

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Nigger i am a pajeet and this is ass. Fantasy has rules, otherwise it is just fluff. You cant just randomly plop in black characters and tell us to forget about race.
Also modern sururban writers cant write anything resembling a human. They are so fucking pampered, devoid of any life experience or adversity it shows up in their product. I trust bongs or even french to produce art than talentless burger retards. When the last of the old guard dies, this shit will be a fucking wasteland, it already is. Have you notcied zoomers clinging on to shows from a decade ago, even though they all brigade updoot their IcONic on imbd.
>>No It aint just about bipoc being in the show.
DO YOU ACTAULLY THInK I GIVE A fuck about brown side character measter in hotd for a total of 10 sec lmao. Do burgers actually think low effort pandering does anythng? What a fucking joke hollywood really think we some proles who will be satisfied with crumvs of diversity.
Immersion is king, make good stories, fuck globohomo casting.

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Even though the books were obviously better, the film adaptations were milestones of cinema.
They were probably where film peaked before the gradual downfall of Hollywood to wokeness.
We'll probably never have this grand an effort focused entirely on making good movies in a very long time.

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would you prefer the show was all white
t. Euro and not sure if non-whites are actually bothered by only seeing Europeans on screen

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for most its not about white or non-white, its about negroes vs non-negroes.

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fear the femboy lmfao

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Next up:
Chow yun Fat, Winona Rider, Denzell Washington and Henry Cavill star in the epic remake of the Maharbarata.

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It is not about everyone in the show being white. It is about fantasy show adhereing to its preexisting logic and setting. When triabalism, racism and prejudice are the core themes of the show, you can't just expect me to turn my brain off to the color of the characters.
Two examples
>corlys in hotd.
the actor is very good at his role, has very good performances in ep 1 and 2. But how in the fuck can I then take his daugter's seriously when she talks about being pure blooded valyrian? The source material states that they are pale people with silver hair, who ARE HEAVILY INTO INBREEDING. how in the fuck can there be a random black person inside that situation. IF THERE Where more black in old valeriya, why in the fuck haven't seen more?
It is just modern casting choices ruining the show, and these problems creep at the worst time possible. It is just globohomo leaking into the story at the poising the story and breaking my immersion.

>wheel of time.
this is one is fucking funny. The starting village is only supposed to have one race and one person with red hair. This is a huge plot point. But THE FUCKING CASTING looked like modern day london lmao. Later on you are supposed to care for the red head character's alienation on being different, I couldn't care less. BECAUSE THEY ALL DIDN't look related in the first place.

in fantasy, YOU NEED EXPLANATION FOr how people came to be and where they are from, especially in traditional conservative tribalistic societies. This is such a no brainers for anyone who lived outside of the west. Soi writers don't have any intergrity and insult the viewers with thier slop.

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That’s fine. I’ll call it tikkun olam instead

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>And no, black people being in it isn't a valid reason.
That's the only reason i need, and the one you need to know, faggot. Funny enough, i wasn't racist until they started pushing pedosexual shit and remaking everything with niggers.
Ok, i'll grab this bait. It's not just a fantasy franchise, it's THE fantasy franchise. It had descriptions, every character had it's own background and physical description. Races too, every race had it's own descriptions, culture and personalities. Trannyzon destroyed all of that for the sake of pushing an agenda.
But ofc an evil jew golem like you will never understand that, enjoy your skelz, nigger kike.

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soooo you know this is a European board, right? You must be looking for bollywood no idea which board that is.

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utterly based and true

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Laena and laenor look absolutely ridiculous wtf were they thinking is it to ease audience connection with all the incest or something

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is that supposed to be young sauron? jesus christ.

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Stfu faggot I am whiter than you achmed. Atleast bollywood doesn't pander liek you faggots do. why do whites self loathe this much, I used to watch movies in hbo back in 2000's with such wonder.
Mummy was such a classic. Now I can't even recapture that memories, only mcdonalds, onlyfans and never ending cringe remain.

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Native Son
The Color Purple
The Fifth Season
Things Fall Apart

Those are just off the top of my head

>> No.51208068

And most important, do even niggers care about LOTR? I thought they seen it as nerdy white devil stuff.

>> No.51208089

>why do whites self loathe this much
they're not the ones making these calls, theyre usually arabs (jews)

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Niggers don’t care for fantasy media and don’t read Tolkein so it’s a financial disaster from the outset because their target audience is plainly not interested in the source material.

It’s like if you spent millions of dollars making an all Scottish cast movie that tells the story of Kendrick Lamar’s Good Kid Mad City record.

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Carefully write down your reaction to reading
>Ryan Gosling is: T’Challa
If that’s a problem for any reason, please explain why, as well as why the same reasoning can’t apply to European fantasy

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I'm a spicy and the show should keep to it's roots. Tolkien wanted to specifically create English myth and legend and that's what I'd want to see. If he wrote a story about a broader world where different human races mingled more that'd be different but he didn't.

This shit is American woke pandering bullshit and it is a hard jolt that takes people out of the setting when suddenly they're hit over the head with hamfisted diversity. And it's always blacks too. You never see other races so strongly pushed forward.

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corlys is especially retarded when they have a bunch of humans in the council, why not make the human the diversity character so it actually makes sense to the lore

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Agreed completely. It would be like casting Ryan Gosling as Black Panther without any explanation as to why he's the only white person in Wakanda.

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/tv/ here

Ask me anything

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why do you guys always say kino

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Lawd dem kangz

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What's it like being someone who self identifies as a member of one of the most insufferable boards?

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Hopefully this destroys the company

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What’s your BMI?

>> No.51208521

I fucking hate Amazon more then I never knew was possible

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Rofl this will hopefully be the perfect example of go woke go broke.

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It's set in a world where extreme violence is commonplace. People stick a knife in your back for a pouch of dried mushrooms. So obviously it makes sense to have the blacks in there.

>> No.51208755

>If middle earth is an allegory for prewar and great war europe
It's not.

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*smacks lips*

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>t. never read anything written by JRR Tolkien

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>tikkun olam/olamism
I'll just stick to calling it kikery

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looks familiar

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>love of Tolkein.

>> No.51209238

>FUD will not stop my love of Tolkein.
>love for Tolkien
Are you drunk? Are you having a fever? How the fuck can you say you love Tolkien and then watch a multi billion dollar company take a SHIT on his works and his legacy? If you loved Tolkien you would be leading a crowd with pitch forks and torches to Amazon Studios.

>> No.51209287

I take it they wanted something to rival GoT for hbo?
This shit is a joke though

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That pic hearty hearty kek

>> No.51209376

Tolkien is rolling in his grave.

>> No.51209380

>anime reference

>> No.51209406

Is that new game of thrones show worth a watch anons? Coming from someone who hated game of thrones from season 4 onwards and saw it ending in a stinking mess despite watching.
No trannies opinions please.

>> No.51209432

>white people are a bunch of mindless drones
>white people hate themselves

Pick one

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what the FUCK is this?

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That's it you absolute faggots, I'm finally going to watch it. Cowboy bebop was kind of good.

>> No.51210245

how lovecraft-esque

>> No.51210613

This show might just pull it off if it is just good enough for normies and bad enough for the others, both will watch it
Also, lots of meme potential

>> No.51210945

Have you ever been to a college campus?

>> No.51210958

>there is no wrong answer
I hate globohomo and this retarded universal subjectivism

>> No.51211071

wrong, in a world like that the shitskins such as yourself would not be able to exist, they would just starve to death long before that if their welfare checks stop coming.

>> No.51211215

good shit

>> No.51211218

>If middle earth is an allegory for prewar and great war europe
Tolkien hated allegory.

>> No.51211241

Universalism is a meaningless concept that can be interpreted a million ways, with one right way and 999.999 wrong ways.
Globohomo can also be interpreted a million ways, and they are all correct.

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pol memed this into existance

>> No.51211342

absolutely based

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loss writeoff money laundering

>> No.51211450

This OP had potential for a decent /biz/ related discussion. Too bad all the cancerouss /pol/cels showed up to shit themselves in outrage instead.

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>t. discord tranny

>> No.51212283

>casting department
>writing department
>choice of showrunners

>> No.51212296

but he likes to say the "homo" part

>> No.51212317

If you love Tolkein you’ll love this

But if you love Tolkien….

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User ratings 0

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Tolkien has blacks in their lore. Also, beards In dwarf women should have been something more highlighted.

Diversity for diversity and story consistency is zero.

>> No.51212382

Universalism would mean there’s a ti y but of every culture of the world in its content, it’s not. Everything is mainly focused on skewed muhrican views.
It’s Globohomo

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Absolutely disgusting. The golem personified.

>> No.51212419

You can't cast a white person in a clearly black role. That would be racist.

>> No.51212478

So there was an ethnical cleansing where the hobbits in the shire killed off all other races?

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>all you have to do is NOT push trans shit
>you do
>lose all your money

>> No.51212595

>Kunta Harfoot
Nah, the Hobbits have black slaves working the field, we just never see them in the films.

>> No.51212602

Time to short Amazon

>> No.51212633



>> No.51212711

You guys aren't racists for real right? It's a joke to say the N word, right?
This show is monumental in terms of representation and growing the brand amongst bipoc communities. It never made sense that middle earth was purely a white space.

>> No.51212734



> Review bomb
> Ruin comps
> Troll
> Meme troll
> Ruin Youtube chats
> Vandalise public ads

This is a man's legacy, one many of us have loved. Don't let these kikes ruin it

>> No.51212816

This. They're releasing this abortion on the anniversary of Tolkien's death. This is a humiliation ritual against whites.

>> No.51212876

Don't give this JIFD faggot a (you), he gets paid for every single one (you)

>> No.51212910

in minecraft?

>> No.51212945


No, for real

>> No.51212955

Who in the fuck approved this. Wtf.

>> No.51212996

where dis money go do? dey be stealin all dat money. dem jews is sneaky niggas but not so sneaky anymo wif all da homosex parades dem be thinkin dey can allow demself anythin

>> No.51213048

Kys nigger

>> No.51213809

I don't think there's creative rot. There are many creative ideas that aren't being considered. The studios don't want to take chances. They aren't hiring people who are off the status quo for one thing. The nepotism in our culture is through the roof.