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80% of the French earn less than $3k/month (before income tax)

Bros it’s fucking over. They completely won.

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Pizzafag here. The Yuropoor meme is true, salaries in the EU are beyond pathetic and are going to worsen

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Can I see an American version?

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That can't be right.

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Actually op, you're a dumb faggot. That says net salaries not gross.

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Net in France means after the taxes your employer pays but before the taxes you pay on your income

retarded American filth

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>La différence entre ces deux « salaires» est en définitive relativement simple. Le salaire brut est dépourvu de taxe. Alors que le salaire net correspond à la somme d'argent qui arrive sur votre compte bancaire

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what is that after taxes? like $50?

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At least we have free healthcare care. Ok it's shit but you don't have to pay 100k if you cut your nails too deep

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Who are "they"?

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You do, just it's in the form of tax and you have to pay it whether you cut your nail too deep or not and also for an Algerian family of 8

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>free healthcare but the waiting times are minimum 3 months no matter which doctor you need.

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And thats supposed to say anything without context? Burgers really are number big better retards

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I can go to a doctor tomorrow, you sound like a coping burger

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It's not free the French system only reimburses 70% unless you're disabled

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Wouldnt you rather have optional but reasonable private insurance which provides you with outstanding care in a private nigger free hospital and not pay tax?

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How frog bros how? I am a germanfag and earn more than €3k/month with a piss easy job in a big company. I mean less than €3k per month is under 40k per year this is absolutely nothing.

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Hope you don't need to see a specialist after the GP.

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It is. Median salary is 1800€/mo here. Mutts never believes me when i tell them how literal hobo-tier we are. And cost of life is even worse than yours (clothes, gas, electricity, junk food, etc.. all x2-3 more expensive). A cheeseburger at mcdonald is 3.15€ where i live lol. A waitress in Jew York make at least twice my ingenior salary just in tips.
We got raped to DEATH ever since the (((euro))) was forced upon us.
t. frog

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I mean real doctor not your local family physician.

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I'm quite surprised by this pyramid I thought the average price was even lower. Heard the average was 1800 and median was 1700.

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>How frog bros how?
Simple, only boomers are allowed to enjoy life.
Otherwise you scrap by being stingy as fuck : vacations in the backyard, no restaurant, no bars, no hobbies, no cinemas, no goyslop, no nothing. And you drive a twingo.

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Dont care, i dwell basement and my parents have 9 rental properties.

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>Bros it’s fucking over. They completely won.
get back in the kitchen and stop posting these feminine threads

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No wonder they're so lazy and drink wine all day. They literally have no incentive to be ambitious kek

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I am sorry to hear this frog bro. I am also sorry the we have invaded your country twice last century, we should have never fought each other.
>Simple, only boomers are allowed to enjoy life.
Kek I could tell you stories about the things boomer colleagues told me, they did back in the day during work. Drinking alcohol, smoking at the desk or grilling during work hours. Oh and they are also earning at least 50 % more than me for less work.

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Holy fuck get mogged you fucking frogs

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>top 10%: 36k / year
>top 10%: 137.5k / year

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>>51198233 (OP)
>top 10%: 36k / year
>top 10%: 137.5k / year

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I though europe as a western world hemisphere are among the richest places in the world. really surprising salary data.

wonder where those bottom fuckers gonna get the money for property with current prices. truly strange things are happening in the world.

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>Europeans constantly shocked at American salaries being "so high"
>Also shocked at our complete lack of social safety nets, healthcare, and other basic shit

I assure you that the average Jacques is doing better than the average Joe despite what you would think based on "whoa bigger number".

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But this household. Was the french graph household too or individual?

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> Local Purchasing Power in United States is 25.73% higher than in France


irl it's only roughly 25% with more job security and don't forget you don't pay for healthcare. Worse ? Yes, but not too significant.

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these are pre-tax values you cocksucking commie retard

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Its gotta really suck to be a broke faggot. I bring home like 12k a month after taxes.

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By what metrics? Those who know better simply leave the country. I know three PhDs personally who left France because there's no opportunity in their field or the wages are nowhere competitive in Europe as a whole. If your average Pierre had a way out he would take it too

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I am well aware of that you knuckledragging /pol/tard. Just like I'm aware that you're also American because you associate taxes with Communism.

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Nope, it's net as I already posted and the cocksucking op failed to refute.

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At least we don't speak German

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>be French
>make 7k a month after taxes
>can't afford a home
>no bank will give me a loan because I'm independent contractor

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I can guarantee the UK one looks similar.
Not only do we have piss-poor wages and productivity but we also get taxed 32.5% at the basic rate (income tax + NI) and you can add another 9% on that if you have a student loan. At the higher rate of tax (threshold £50k) think about emigrating.
I hate being a britpoor, even though I am a relatively high earner my marginal tax rate is over 50% and I'm still poorer than the average white american.

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I think this is outdated. I read median was around $25k. Let me search brb.

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It's correct I was wrong.
French is individual salary... Now that the euro is a fucking stablecoin to the dollar at least it's easier to compare.

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How do mortgages work in France? Is it easy to get one?

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is it 2011 graph(link naming)?
a bit out of date mate.

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It's really fucking hard these days because of rules preventing banks from lending to people who are already in debt, an usury rate rule influenced by interest rates that I don't understand and if you are an independent contractor you are SOL without at least 3 years of stable income proof.
I have a 7k net salary, 70k on hand and 50k in crypto and if I asked for a 150k loan I would be laughed out of the bank.

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Toothpaste nigger here, we just heard our yoy inflation is 'officially' 13.5%. Government is in a panic and I think the whole EU decided to raise corporate taxes to reduce private taxes. Fine but you see what is happening long term. All our industries are being chased out, will close down to be replaced with expensive US crap (wait till they start with China in ernest) or just bought outright by American jew globohomo corporations. Like our farm industry. I am so pissed off and every day I'm getting angrier. What the fuck are we gonna do. We need a fucking revolution.

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I don't know if I should go to France anymore. There could be economic, social and political conditions there.
What if I'm walking on the street on my own at night, and economic, social and political conditions come and attack me?

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The difference between brut and net is social contrbutions (see https ://www.service-public.fr/particuliers/vosdroits/F2302) . You then pay income tax on your net income

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Netflix got you covered. They're riling up the maghrebis and the africans with a new series about invaders starting a revolution in France. A. (((they))) want to shift a narrative to associate angry with racism and point at the bad Frenchman and B. they know that when blacks revolt in the street, the European stays home. Stays home. Stays home. I say we join them and deal with them after we overthrow the globohomo scum selling out our homelands.

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It's similar here for self employed people. You're seen as too risky unless you have collateral. For a regular wagie like me it was simple. I had about 150k in bank and was pulling about 60k a year gross. Bank was willing to give me 500k loan as long as I put 20% down but I wasn't able to find a home I liked at that price

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Almost considering becoming an employed wagie with a lower salary just to save myself the headache

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you now understand the real reason why euros hate americans so much and can't help themselves from mocking everything american

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>Healthcare is free
>... it only costs 40% in taxes

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I just saw a home sell for 40k euros in a traditional countryside village in France. Just leave the hustle and bustle of the city.

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>before income tax
god damn it feels good to be >15000 per month at 4 days a week

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The houses in my ancestral village are 150k+ the only 40k building is a broken down shack that would cost 100k to fix

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Your cops are literally shooting at teenagers protesting peacefully. You won’t do shit though. So long as you have food and entertainment you’ll continue to be their bitch.

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It's almost as bad as slovakia :D

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Don't forget the 20% VAT on everything, TV licence, Road Tax, compulsory MOT, Council Tax, sky high car insurance because the government socialises the cost of (nigger) drivers without it. Oh, and NI is actually 13.25% now.

Your real tax rate will be around 65%. You could even start to think about how insane planning laws and local government corruption, mandatory diversity hires, and ridiculous H&SE all combine with an energy policy primarily driven by Boris Johnson's gf make your cost of living insanely high, all whilst one million third worlders a year are brought in to lower your wages and terrorise you.

Not great, is it?

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Yurope is just poorer and wasted hundreds of years fighting each others then there's the excessive dirigism that plagued all yuropean country to some extent.