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Leemon himself states the value in hedera is created by what it built upon it, however few hbros consider the key partnerships hedera is supporting and forming which are doing the building. Do you get it? HBAR is big and will only get bigger and bigger, but these partners are who you should be looking at for the life changing gains. Go down the partnership list and look at the firms actively pushing applicable actionable use of tokenized assets and securities. The builders create the value of hedera. Invest in these people actually creating the tokenized ecosystem. Some of the best most innovative with the best cases are just in the tens of millions of market cap. Dyor you faggots

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>do your own research faggots
Imagine spending your free time white knighting on biz

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I’m guessing this is what bothered you kek

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agreed anon

hbar to the moon!

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No I don't hold any of the hbar native token, I hold numerous of the newer builders on the network. Not interested in which chain a cbdc is released, quant makes this relatively irrelevant

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Then why is your daily volume so puny

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How and where do you hold those though?

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You do know that you’re retarded, right? And I know you’re a poorfag. Why are you giving advice when you’re clearly unqualified to do so? Kek

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Bruh givr teitter time to trend only autists are following emtech and carmelle lol.

The domino effect from this will be massive, step function infuckingdeed

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kek baggies

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US CBDC will run on Hedera. Well it was pretty obvious.


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We were telling you for 2 years now. You didn't want to listen.


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I only have 2100 of these. Will I make it?

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How does a nice steak dinner and wine with the missus sound?

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Manifest $50 with me hbros - Don't EVER underestimate the power of our combined spirit.

Hfmmmmmmm (Inhale)
>Hbar equals $50
Aaggggghhhhhhaa (Exhale)
>Hbar equals $50
(repeat above 10 times)

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It's just general lack of interest to build on a permissioned DLT. it's not solving any of the problems people care about, that's by design

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wow she retweeted the triangle guy who'se been close to the truth for 2 years.


how long until normies get wind of this news and HBAR decouples from BTC forever?

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And yet you copy pasta that in every thread. Kek

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Like what ? Dovu ?
You forget about staking and the fact that 50 billions won’t be enough.

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Wait is this legit? Wtf wagmi

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>not on dextools

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>how long until normies get wind of this news and HBAR decouples from BTC forever?
When the 3 use cases for this month go live on mainnet

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I had all my HBAR I've been accumulating over the past year (over 40k worth of it) on Voyager which is locked and I'm likely going going to lose it all given the liquidation/ restructuring they're going through.

Where/ how should I begin rebuilding my HBAR holdings?

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Probably a down-payment on a quadbike when you're ready to retire.

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>impacts of a potential future US CBDC
Anon I

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With my stack I've actually been eyeing a riding mower. Should have some left over to invest in my local hardware store.

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surely those use cases will go live in September... surely....
binance us or buy directly in a hashpack wallet

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>surely those use cases will go live in September... surely....
It's the 31st so surely in 2 more hours

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>Bought HBAR at $0.15 in March 2021.
>Sold it all in April for around $0.30 - $0.40
>Check price to today: $0.06
Glad I got out when I did. Will probably buy in again if it hits $0.01 again.