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Buy XRP on Uphold/CoinMetro/Bitrue/Kucoin[NY]
[for Bitrue send USDT or XLM and use XLM/XRP]
or on the XRP ledger https://xrptoolkit.com/trade
or on XUMM app (with USD IOUs from Bitstamp)

>Newfag Tutorial:
>XRP $2,000+ EOY:
>SEC Lawsuit Latest:

>Flare Networks (FLR) Overview:
>Bitrue vs Poloniex FLR:
>Flare vs Ethereum:
>Flare Finance (YFLR) Intro:
>Flare Finance FAQ:
>Flare Finance Wiki:

>XRP Ledger:
>XRP Charts:
>XSG Frenlist:



https://twitter.com/FoJAk3 [Mr. Pool archives]

>The Myth of Market Cap:


>Past /XSG/ Threads:

>What wallet do I use?
Hot storage - XUMM, Exodus or TrustWallet
Cold storage - Paper/Metal or Ledger/D’CENT
Paper Wallet - https://pastebin.com/zFL8nJXd
DO NOT use Droplet wallet, it's a scam! and will steal your XRP

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XRP TP $37500

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XRP is gonna have a huge buyback and it will push the price to $37500

it will literally go like this

XRP: $589 when take over Swift in November

XRP: $2000 EOY

XRP: $37500 at some point

it has literally been proven

it is the plan all along


im so super excited guys I cannot believe my eyes

isn't that interesting you guys

its finally happening

and we all know what this means

the proof is right there

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i'd be cool with $3.75 desu

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checked and based

I agree also with what this guy is saying

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plz go out NOW and buy XRP



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That's hilarious man. I've actually heard some people say that XRP is not at all cool and good and it is not the standard but what I've discovered is that in all actuality, XRP is both cool and good and it is in fact the standard.

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This! So much this!!

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Do NOT fall for it, its a fuckingscam....

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November should be a good month.

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lol I was waiting for someone.

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Do not buy ALBA
Mattyg is the minter, he is trying to scam people, again..
The scottish gov is bullshit

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scammyg coomfirmed

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Nothing happens and he an heros.

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Buy SOLO immediately.

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im sad that npcs like you exist
take 5 grams of mushrooms and gain consciousness already

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Hey can you elaborate and describe what the experience feels like from onset to climax?

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do you mean that you've never done it?
if so, definitely dont take 5 grams, I suggested that amount to that retard because he is hopeless. Take 1-1.5 grams alone in your room, put some pink floyd concert or something when you start feeling it and get comfy, i mean literally go to bed, blankets and all and let life happen.
5 grams is a once a lifetime type of trip, you will be transformed forever. It's out of this world.

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I will DCA until ATH. So comfy.

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I've taken more shrooms and acid than you can imagine. The last time I did it I became the world and never needed to do so again.
I then grew up and became very successful.
I've just submitted this and if you want to be part of it you better shut your yap.

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Did anyone fall for Matty G's new scam? Scotland don't even have a central bank ffs. The website looks like a child made it. The guy is a complete moron but still seems to draw people in.

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you've been abused as a child, weren't you?
sad, many such cases

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>take shrooms dude
>realizes I have
>you must have been abused
At least you have the schizo part down.
I had a childhood that only a few people are lucky enough to experience.

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I only fall for fellow schizos scams

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how can you not be an npc when the most powerful, emotional, perfectly written and acted scene in a film, which perfectly fits with the whole xsg/xrp storyline, leaves you with a "nothing happens" reaction, which you complete with "he an heros" bitter brainfart?
explain how your life is so amazing, and how you are full of experiences that you post such a retarded take for all to see?

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You posted a movie from hollywood I don't even know what is dude.
And you are calling me an NPC?

I was born in the early 80s in the midwest.
Rode bikes freely with friends my entire childhood miles from home.
My mother and father went from poor to very well off, very high upper middle class.
He did this with his own business and I went to work with him every day from 8 years on at least at the end of the day.
My earliest memories are being small and used to load trailer nooks and crannies to maximize load per truck.
I learned a perfect balance between how to make money, what it takes to make money, how to produce and do ANYTHING.
I have built warehouses, websites, furniture, designed products, etc.
I was given an incredible learning opportunity that was just enough not to ruin me with too much money and not enough work.
I am also GATE level intelligence and was in every advanced program you can imagine and traveled for math contests.

After all this I became a partier in the early EDM scene where I basically did every drug on the planet for about five years.
I hung out with mostly with losers and the off people of society and in business it was the same.

I've had an incredibly wide breadth of experience compared to most people I've met.
I've been guided the entire way.

I said I had a childhood few are lucky enough to have. YOU said it was amazing.
Back to your TV and movies faggot.

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thanks boughted 5K

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Cool life bro, I'm a 27 years old mentally ill neet shut in

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Does anyone recognise the tensions and evil rising?

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I have 786xrp will I make it.?

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That movie scene was all crazy dude rambling. Let's not blow things out of proportion. Sure the people are fucked but the world is doing fine. Drink some ayahuasca instead of those weak shrooms, they won't take you deep enough

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brad has so much energy

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And has a good level of confidence

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Yeah. He rarely misses a word, no matter where he is, or how intense the situation is.

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>partied away inheritance money with faggots and trannies
>works in a moving company loading trucks
>has illusions of math knowledge and expects to be a millionaire from investing a few hundred bucks according to his "calculations"
got it

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Brad is an amazing speaker, but a dry biscuit has more personality than lubins.

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... Hollywood. Pffffff
clueless NPC psychopath

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What's the prediction with solo?

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Would be nice.

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Honestly I wonder if this will extend to other, similar platforms like OXP.

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Looks like CSC is about to break out. The question is: up or down?

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holding both

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anyone knows what happens to SGB once the flare network goes live (flr distributed) ?
are they going to migrate it to flare?

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$7 - september
$28 - october
$100 - november
Let's see if that fag is just another larper

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why would it be in that order?

>> No.51193937

ill rephrase:
why would it be those prices in those months?

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Damn even OOOOOO guy is gone
These threads are not the same
I just wanna live a comfy life. Why am I being tested like this?

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We're getting close. Chin up champ and take a deep breath. The final miles are always the hardest but most rewarding also

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Are you praying?

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statue of liberty - september
capitol hill - october
11th hour - november
I can't explain the schizo way that led me to that conclusion, I'm sorry.

>> No.51194581

fair enough
whats statue of liberty about september? i guess 9/11
good catch, my thoughts were more along the lines of what comes after $100
as in, he's saying to lock in profits at $100, then wait for the rest

taking into account other shit he's said he's saying you really should sell some at $100 because it's going to be pummelled down at that point before the switch flip. im happy to sell some at $100...

>> No.51194670

is iso20022 just a chance to demoralize?

>> No.51194688

no, but also yes, but finally no

this just dropped
public dev Q&A for people

>> No.51194803

hmm mmm

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I think it's going to be impossible to buy after October 8th. So locked in after that. Again I can't go into much detail because it's too schizo to put into words, but bg123(brad garlinghouse) mentioned something somewhere about opportunity to buy in september during 589(2022) and somethink else about making people sell before that. I'm guessing pure off of instinct it will be ~100 dollars then -> can only sell -> most sell because of fears of price crashing -> public and private ledger merge going past $1000. something like that
Idk if mr pool's shit is reliable but lines up with that because all nuclear bombs and multiple posts all lead to the word boom.
BOOM = 2 15 15 13 -> 2 6 6 9 -> 8/10. All of those posts are made on dates that add up to either 22 or 5 8 9 which leads me to believe -> something gets nuked probably economy or literal nuke -> outages and shit -> can't buy xrp -> 8/10/22
idk it's all in my mind I can't explain properly

>> No.51194893

i believe you

>> No.51194902

>Again I can't go into much detail because it's too schizo to put into words
>on a thread called XRP schizo general that's been going for like 2 years
spill the beans nigga

>> No.51194934

Go for it. Don't search for the right words, just let it flow

>> No.51194941

based schizo post
maybe, i think external events will play out as well
i guess we're in for a ride. im unsure on us not being able to buy/sell for reasons specific to XRP itself. it only makes sense to me if it is an external issue.

>> No.51194959

It make sense it will be locked. Well locked to the public anyway. I'm sure the big boys will still be able to buy.
>idk it's all in my mind I can't explain properly
I know the feeling.

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You could be right. Some guy on twitter reckoned that Lloyds might either restrict the amount you can have in your account by imposing a limit or a charge if you go over some threshold value. Same with Halifax too. Smells like a possible collapse and impending bank bail-iin like what happened in Cyprus and Italy.

>> No.51195127

It's me.
I never hung out with any faggots or trannies. I'm too old for that to be a thing you zooming moron.
In what world would you think that after all that experience that I recounted that I had frittered away the money? THE POINT of the story is I learned how to earn and keep money. That's why I was lucky. Most kids don't have anything but a waging moron for a dad. SAD.

I'm now using my means to run a community bookstore that makes no money but brings joy to my small town and I'm turning his crop land he had behind our house into pasture for grass fed cows because I'm so based that if you tell me to eat bugs I will actively and unstoppably do the exact opposite.
I took the SAT in 6th grade boss.
>Cannes award winner
Just stop.

>> No.51195187

To be clear though, I went to your link, and he's lowering a container into a hole he dug.
I've already got that planned and half done.
I'm probably the biggest prepper in XSG. Or I'd have to see evidence to the contrary to believe someone here preps to the extent I do.

>> No.51195221

i hope he welded some reinforcing steel.

>> No.51195241

>I'm probably the biggest prepper in XSG
Don't forget modest.

>> No.51195281

so in my mind a lot of things need to happen in order for everything to happen the way it has been theorized. It's very much going to be a lot of flowing streams coming together to form a river of sorts through which value will flow. All of those streams however need to be >pointed< in the right direction through certain events.
cbdcs and legal documents becoming nfts is the end goal but along the way the infrastructure needs to be built in the way in which (((they))) envision, but without letting everyone know it's been pre planned because that would be bad. They divulge part of the information publicly and it all ties back together to wef's agenda for 2030 great reset and all of that. The end they aim for is 2030, but out of the 5 steps for the reset they plan on, the last one is global rollout of all of the above which needs time. Dunno why but I feel (can't explain why I feel this) they'd need 5 years to make sure this rolls out globally.

So the idea around all of that goes back a long way and they basically follow a legitimate pattern that's a good way for achieving things. They set the stage years in advance, set things in motion and let it play out. I know this is true but can't prove it. I just know it with every fiber of my being. I'll end this post here and cont.

>> No.51195292

You'll cowards don't even smoke dmt

>> No.51195301

Prepping is a long slow haul.
I actually learned this from my dad too because when he was a kid they'd bury old washer dryer frames to make tunnels and he showed his old collapsed ones from all that time ago.
But for a true bugout shelter you have to have your own dig equipment so only you know where it is. So it's been years in the making.
It's mostly about the sides unless you want to bury real deep.

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Supposedly $170 from one insider.
I've got 11k of these suckers. I regret not having sold at $6. I really thought it was going to take off above $20 bucks. Live and learn. I'm fine with just holding this SOLO bag till it starts to permanently go up in value. They will control the NFT market guaranteed.

>> No.51195327

Why do people think being matter of fact is immodest?
Show me someone with blackberries, chickens, a lake, ducks, a garden, cattle in progress, and they'll be at least viewable in my rear view mirror. And those are just the obvious things I have and won't elaborate further.

>> No.51195342

for long term it'd probably be best to encase it in reinforced concrete which you would need to reinforce everything.

>> No.51195350

these dates are significant markers for their beast world, and it's the numbers they use
imo i do actually think we're in the final days. thinking they'll manifest their little kingdom is kind of a given at this point.

>> No.51195361

How does $27,903,000 sound to you?
Just kidding the $37,500 believers are full of shit. Maybe in 10 years. We just want it to hit $100 so most of us can cash out and hunker down for the New World Order shit they are going to force upon us.

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Uhhhh shitcoin bros...


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Get yourself 1MM now it is cheap as fuck. It has potential there are murmurs of Vegas casino's getting into it. It is a risk like any other but $500 for 1MM is nothing.

>> No.51195498

Because you're assuming you are the most setup. There are heaps of people already living a self sufficient lifestyle. Who's to say some of those do t visit here.
You are setup more than most people here.

>> No.51195527 [DELETED] 

XRPL shitcoin extravaganza PART 2 top contenders

1. Greyhound
2. ELS
3. EQ
5. Holdmon
7. xBlades
9. XCO / xOPS (their discord talked about a revised whitepaper)
10. xShasta

Anything else I'm missing? xShasta last because I continue to have hope

>> No.51195563

Guys I am gonna level with you all.
I have been in XSG since the early days. I fell for the 2k EOY last year (I thought it would happen in Nov with ISO20022 'BIG BANG')
I fell for the Trump military tribunal shit. I have recently come to my senses and am more grounded in reality.
IMO, XRP is not ready.
CBDCs are not ready.
There is nothing to bridge yet, so there is no switch to flip.
Baba CooLeeYaRee is a complete LARPer.
As are the rest of the Riddlers.
$1-2 is about as good as we can expect this cycle
I will be selling the vast majority of my bag if we hit these prices again.
And rebuy during the 85% retracement that ALWAYS happens.
This time ISN'T different. There is no major utility with cryptocurrencies. It's purely institutions using BTC as an inflation hedge narrative.
Hopefully 2024 will be different.
What do you guys think?
Let's have a civilised discussion please.
Anyone else starting to feel the same?
I'm not FUDDING or anything.
I hold my entire life savings in this bloody coin.
God bless you all.

>> No.51195588 [DELETED] 

XRPL shitcoin extravaganza PART 2 top contenders

1. Greyhound
2. ELS
3. EQ
5. Holdmon
7. xBlades
9. XCO / xOPS (their discord talked about a revised whitepaper)
10. xShasta

Anything else I'm missing? xShasta last because I continue to have hope

>> No.51195595

I think that I am thankful for your blessing, and bless you as well.

>> No.51195598

Yeah 'm thinking I'm not falling for shit coins again

>> No.51195610

cont. I feel mr pool isn't baba as many people dismiss him as the midget, because a lot of his tweets actually do make accurate representations of events, some of which are very obscure, but once you really get the general feeling of what he's trying to point towards some links can be made. Keeping in mind that the wef/imf/bis have actually laid out in keynotes what their end goals are going back in time and linking some of pool's posts to already happened events I'm getting a feeling for what's actually going on. A lot of the posts link back to 9/11 and other already recorded orchestrated events in history. but i'll go onto from 2017. So a lot of the posts point back via the dates and adding up the dates to 2017 and china.
>2017 and china
new normal/control/limited privacy it relates to digitization, public ledger, cbdcs that give the state control over your money -> XRP
>2019 virus hazmat suits, england, digital filters, vr like pics
>inb4 london is ready
fucking kill yourself. Those lead me to https://www.centerforhealthsecurity.org/our-work/exercises/event201/about - Event 201 johns hopkins in england, pandemic response
>2020 riots, policemen, yellow tape, warnings, masks, CCTV cams, laboratory rooms, hazmatsuits
pretty obviously tying to the pandemic, blm riots, all the surveillence that went into covid control, isolation, quarantine etc. The blm riots I remember there were some posts that tie directly to the months that preceded those events.
it all tied back together to some of the random posts that are seemingly incoherent garbage that he posts where it's supposed to be some conversations in military language or idk how to say it, but you can check it out in the archives.

>> No.51195619 [DELETED] 

XRPL shitcoin extravaganza PART 2 top contenders

1. Greyhound
2. ELS
3. EQ
5. Holdmon
7. xBlades
9. XCO / xOPS (their discord talked about a revised whitepaper)
10. xShasta

Anything else I'm missing? xShasta last because I continue to have hope

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File: 705 KB, 1444x1593, 77AE7F1C-9201-4F25-B928-907A1307FDB9.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I did once. My trip lasted for 2 days lmao.
I legitimately wanted to be a burrito when I wrapped myself in a blanket. Felt good desu, I felt so much love being wrapped in a fucking blanket lmao.
It definitely changed my life and I gained consciousness and self.
It’s a lonely road when everyone else is asleep though. Wish I had more conscious friends.
Ayahausca is on my list fren. I need to look for a reputable retreat or guide.
I want to try that next. Are the machine elves nice or benevolent?

>> No.51195634

Are these ***dr*ps

>> No.51195640

You were probably still shitting your pants when I was doing DMT desu.
I was blasting off through a kaleidoscope worm hole before you could even put a sentence together is my guess.

>> No.51195648

XRPL shitcoin extravaganza PART 2 top contenders

1. Greyhound
2. ELS
3. EQ
5. Holdmon
7. xBlades
9. XCO / xOPS (their discord talked about a revised whitepaper)
10. xShasta

Anything else I'm missing? xShasta last because I continue to have hope

>> No.51195672

I said PROBABLY. Which allows for someone to be more set up than me.
But I look around. I hear around. And it is IMPROBABLE that someone here is more prepped.
Just deal with it and don't get butthurt so easily.
Zoomers...I'm from the 80s where people didn' get butthurt constantly about literally everything.
I'm sorry I hurt your fee fees by making a statement.

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File: 106 KB, 700x633, 1616021816439.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

cont having written all of that and then going back to the 2030 reset, I think all up to now all the events that are happening are being used to set the stage for the following thing.
Which i fell was illustrated by RippleRiddleR's name, but I only realized it few months ago because I couldn't put 2 and 2 togheter. Anyway RRR is the plan in order to meet the 2030 agenda things. All of RRR principles are being used to achieve the 5 goals for 2030
>Redefining the social contract
Restrain -> you can see this going on with all of the ESG crap over at the UN https://www.un.org/sustainabledevelopment/.. The very fabric of today world, the history, meaning of words, live as we know it is being rewritten. We're in the Recover phase. Restrain phase was back in 2020 with covid.
>decarbonize le economy
I think this in only beginning. 2020 was a crash but didn't really restrain the economy it just reacted to the first part of their plan so I think now it will be time for Restrain in economy. That's why I think it will be impossible to buy things.
>digitizing everything
>implementing stakeholder capitalism

i can't cover the last 3 although I feel like it's obvious but i really can't tie them to words
hopefully someone finds whatever I shitup in these posts useful. I'll stick to

from now on thx

>> No.51195778

XRPL shitcoin extravaganza PART 2 top contenders

1. Greyhound
2. ELS
3. EQ
5. Holdmon
7. xBlades
9. XCO / xOPS (their discord talked about a revised whitepaper)
10. xShasta

Anything else I'm missing? xShasta last because I continue to have hope

>> No.51195779

I'm not butthurt. I'm also 80s kid so we have both have broad shoulders and thick skin. I was saying that there's people living in bunkers already.
I hope I can get enough funds to get myself setup before shit hits the fan.

>> No.51195854


my mistake for the duplicate reply, 4chan is not letting me delete my post but no need to thank me for the list. check their respective twitter

>> No.51195963

Thanks for this. The occasional posts like these are why I still come here. WAGMI

>> No.51195997

oh shit i have my very own u.today article, i made it mom :D

>> No.51196009

The shitcoin casino was so over hyped. We relalized it was a scam for the most part. You need to be holding SOLO CORE CSC and possibly ELS, maybe ELS. Wouldn't hurt. Now do your parents a favor and step into traffic fucking nimrod.

>> No.51196018

are you okay?

>> No.51196024

you've been getting a lot of attention recently
good job
you've become a big boy now

whilst you're here, do you think there's any risk of a validator going offline and the count having to start again?

>> No.51196026


>> No.51196049

The world will test your worth first before handing out appropriate rewards.
The world tests you by giving you challenges and hardships.
It is up to you to show your worth overcoming them.
The choice is always in our hands.

>> No.51196107

Look at that face. She was mostly a decent looking girl. A bit too bony for my taste but hardly ugly. Look what she looks like now. I don't even want this file machine she is that hideous. Protect your kids people the Luciferians are trying to brainwash them to sterilize themselves and become faggots. Up has become down. https://media.vanityfair.com/photos/60884831301e0fee4a0c978d/master/w_2560%2Cc_limit/elliot-page-interview-lede.jpg

>> No.51196195

I can't say with any confidence desu, it only takes 1 dUNL validator to go down during a Flag ledger (every 256 ledger) and it'll reset.
It may happen, a likely situation as validators need to update their software. If 1 operator decides to go offline & update during a flag ledger, it's game over and the countdown resets. If a validator's data center goes down for a few good minutes, it's game over.

The dUNL still needs to change, passive operators MUST be kicked out for a proper amendment voting process. This will take some time as the 3 VL publishers (Ripple, XRPLF, Coil) must cooperate and change their VLs at the same time to avoid a fork from occurring since we don't know what VL publisher a validator is listening to.

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File: 86 KB, 600x585, morans.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I personally believe this LARP. I have been doing research on SOLO and it seems like the best asset for the NFT market. Do not buy SOLO. That way I don't have to hear you accuse me of being a shill. Just read for yourself. Most people on this thread and basement dwelling neets.

>> No.51196276

Moon Lambo and Crypto Eri both are saying XRP is not needed for Fed Now.

Since the Token is not Needed then how is Fed Now going to get nearly instant settlement without XRP. Since you know everything why dont you guys tell us how they can still get nearly instant settlement. We are all waiting for your answer.

>> No.51196277

>Do not buy SOLO
Nice try shill, I've already bought some.

>> No.51196280

Forgot the link

Get some SOLO while you can the FOMO will be huge. XRP won't make price change till EOY and only high 20's.

>> No.51196285

Well, lets hope they don't, or another decides to vote for.

>> No.51196319

I hope solo pumps before we get an XRP moon because if it goes over the all time high I will sell my Solo for a big XRP bag.

>> No.51196354

guys.. I only have an xrpl nft and solo but no actual XRP. Like i will cash out those coins into xrp obviously, and I would think the success of xrp would beget success in xrpl, but is there a chance i get wrecked not holding xrp itself?

>> No.51196400

Ayahuasca anon here, phone posting. They can be both. Don't waste your time with the "machine elves" too much and don't listen to their bullshit (I just scorch their asses if they bother me. They avoid me alot). You can have bigger things to do and learn than listening to some low level entities

>> No.51196402

Create fucking wallet before you go begging. Someone will be drunk or roasted and will feel gratuitous and send you some. Just hold your SOLO and you will be swimming in XRP here in 2 months.

>> No.51196419

You dont need to have alot of Solo to make a big bag of XRP. I hope you dont have more than a few thousand.

>> No.51196437

Well, if the economy collapses then i imagine millions of jobs will be wiped out so no one will be making the things no one can afford to buy. Evictions are supposedly set to skyrocket as well likely causing austerity. Two more Rs for you.
Re-imagine and Re-invigorate. Might fall under the reset part though because if the system serves no one then why would anyone care to participate?

>> No.51196452


>> No.51196473

Same but with CSC and OXP, i could sell some OXP for solo but their orders are so boted. Maybe could grab 5k

>> No.51196474

im confused i didnt beg for anything lol. Ya i figured SOLO has been pretty dominant over xrpl and I don't see it changing.

>> No.51196501
File: 649 KB, 1284x2282, whores.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Exactly. No one does research here anymore. I see solo hitting $25. Just a guess but it has the potential. It'll stay up there too. It'll still there like SOLANA. But this is going to be an XRPL asset.

>> No.51196528

I'm more interested in OXP. I honestly don't think SOLO is responsible enough. I think they'll blow their load.

>> No.51196543

Dude XRP will moon late this year or summer next year. The SEC case is holding them back. They want that though. They want regulatory clarity.

See here: >>51196426

>> No.51196561

hows that xlsd14 absolutely no information coming from solo treating you? they literally stopped talking about XRPL many many months ago are only are about Corium, don't fall for the shills. Solo had its run last year with gullible retards, not this time, there's more informed investors.

>> No.51196575

Interesting, the statue represents hope/freedom. Congress is laws/regs. 11th hour means no time left but the lock could mean no do overs as well. Watch the inverse happen, no hope, laws against you and time runs out.

>> No.51196604

So should I stick with oxp? They don't have numbers of solo but i made +33k OXP from only 10k, through their bridge

>> No.51196645

thinking of going half solo half oxp because XPUNK guys have big connections and will ride off the success of xpunk no matter what

>> No.51196654

so, you made it up faggatochi

>> No.51196786

Lambo and Eric are midwits with no scientific or financial skills. They are just fish in an aquarium that get fed by whatever pops up on the internet.

>> No.51196817

I hope I still have time. I used to have way more, but lost/spent most of it. basically starting from nothing again.

>> No.51196824

Solomon is doing a few vid on XRP and fednow. He seems to get to the bottom of things pretty well.

>> No.51196827

OXP does seem to have connections, not just through XPUNK. They have their own game coming out next month, a sort of staking, and betting through their game. As well as their 'curated and responsible' attitude to the projects they 'list'. I like them, they seem genuinely excited to use the XRPL. SOLO was the first, but they're losing their lead and failing to do anything for the ledger itself.

>> No.51196881

Read the fucking news. You don't have to be an "insider"

SOLO is going to rocket here in 2 months. It will reach at the very least $50. Likely $175.

>> No.51196888

I am so tired of these YouTube personalities. Truly the garbage men of the internet.

>> No.51196901

Don't watch them then. Pretty fucking simple.

>> No.51196921

>-read the news!
>reads anonymous twatter posts
>omg its all true!
ok drooler

>> No.51196957

Darren MooreJr is the only reliably good XRPtuber.

>> No.51196963

To all reading here, you deserve to NOT MAKE IT if you listen to this homosexuals's advice. But some SOLO while it is cheap. It is going to burst. >>51196957
I agree.

>> No.51196964

you want financione adviceroni?
get a job
all this gambling the devil got you doing will only lead you to the early grave and eternal loop

>> No.51196966

what news

>> No.51196988

he thinks an anonymous twatter account (black_cock_ingestor) is news

>> No.51197002

I'll have a look. Solomon is pretty much the only one I watch these days. The rest just read Twitter.
Already got some champ.

>> No.51197004
File: 54 KB, 600x600, DB3C403F-F9AF-4BA6-9C1C-74B345245361.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>11 pbtid

>> No.51197037
File: 28 KB, 739x415, C937BAED-26E2-4662-AF7A-DAB7A5608E70.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I don’t care, in ten years I’m cashing out my XRP and buying a luxury villa in Miami.

>> No.51197042
File: 86 KB, 443x455, 1660232345682430.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

The guy gave you some solid advice and you respond like an absolute animal. We must have people like you out of here.

>> No.51197057
File: 105 KB, 400x278, 1655334235385.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.51197060
File: 5 KB, 178x254, Cole.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

DYOR you zoomer fuck. It is not that hard.

>> No.51197068

I work 2 jobs 7 days a week and have 6 figure XRP stack kys

>> No.51197125

Same here. KYS. Only I don't work 2 jobs like an idiot. I have a specialized skill that allows me to work from home over the internet. Get to work zoomer.

>> No.51197188

Have fun in the rice fields when automation and AI makes you obsolete.

>> No.51197263

ppl are going to put everything on the blockchain, and I mean everything, these platforms will skyrocket

>> No.51197292

first thang the robots will replace is the rice field workers
specialized skills and a conscious mind are unreplaceable, you homosec child

>> No.51197333
File: 12 KB, 244x149, EmP0zoUXEAId-31.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.51197395

i searched solo on twitter and have not seen any information thats exactly groundbreaking

>> No.51197410

Once every 7 years, the Jews observe Shmita. The holiday lasts 1 year, as the Jews measure it.

>From Wikipedia:
>The sabbath year (shmita; Hebrew: שמיטה, literally "release"), also called the sabbatical year or shǝvi'it (שביעית, literally "seventh"), or "Sabbath of The Land", isthe seventh year of the seven-year agricultural cycle mandated by the Torah in the Land of Israel and is observed in Judaism.

>During shmita, the land is left to lie fallow and all agricultural activity, including plowing, planting, pruning and harvesting, is forbidden by halakha (Jewish law).

>Other cultivation techniques (such as watering, fertilizing, weeding, spraying, trimming and mowing) may be performed as a preventive measure only, not to improve the growth of trees or other plants."

It's a coincidence that we are talking about global food/fertilizer/energy shortages during a holiday, based on forbidding agriculture and it's also a coincidence that Ukraine, the "bread basket of europe" is invaded during this holiday.

>All debts, except those of foreigners, were to be remitted."

It's just a coincidence they forgave student loans during Shmita, and it's also just a coincidence that the global markets are never allowed to pump during it.

Continued in 2nd post . . .

>> No.51197423

it's always the year after the president gets elected

>> No.51197428

The current Shmita will end on September 25th, at 11:34am ET.
The Jews' days start and end at sundown.
Sunset will be at 6:34pm in Israel, on September 25th.

The broader market will not significantly pump, until after Shmita is over.
I'm also guessing that the jews will want another crash in before then.
I'm currently in the top 2% of XRP holders.
I have a buy order set to purchase 50,000 xrp, once it hits $.20 per xrp.
If it doesn't hit that price, then I'm planning on buying that same amount of XRP on the night of September 24th, regardless of the price.
I figure that should be the absolute bottom.

I don't know when we will pump after that, lawsuit won or settlement date.
But, we should be done with crashes in price, in the broader market, after that.
Plan accordingly.

>> No.51197455

>he thinks people will afford robots in the rice fields during a recession
I work in production of such robots so I’m good, hope you’re not a retarded codenigger bragging about getting paid for scratching your balls all day. When shit hits the fan those uneeded people will but micromanaged to nothing and replaced by jeets kek

>> No.51197462

It would be good if their retard ideas didn't echo back through the internet thus giving them more to discuss... Just saying.

>> No.51197478

I recommend everyone listen to this. It's quite interesting. We're all going to run validators with our gains, right?

>> No.51197510

Yeah. I can see your point.

>> No.51197558

based fellow jew analyst.

>> No.51197581

XLS-20 standard
Flare Launch
ETH Merge

All around the same time ^

>> No.51197633
File: 80 KB, 1280x720, photo_2022-08-31_17-37-00.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.51197643

> XRP still at .33c
> baba still posting 13/22

>> No.51197672

>statue of liberty - september
>capitol hill - october
>11th hour - november

>> No.51197678

Depends on how high this shit goes I would definitely look into ripple related companies and run nodes for both XRP and FLR
I’ve said this many many threads ago probably in 2020: XRP bagholders themselves will fund the global takeover of XRP to pump their bags. It will be us who will continue to shill this shit to 2k, similar to what happened to ETH and BTC, the biggest bags hold the most power and they influence the entire space except we won’t be inflicting shitcoins and exchanges, we’ll be getting into derivatives, loans, real estate, PMs and the stock markets

>> No.51197770

>They will control the NFT market guaranteed.
pretty sure HBAR will take charge of that, honey

>> No.51197875

>except those of foreigners
They're still going to keep the goyim enslaved, they'll only forgive their own debts and cause an economic collapse.

>> No.51197935

>t. just read Outwitting the devil by Napoleon Hill

>> No.51198028
File: 63 KB, 1024x816, 1661665980554038.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Supposedly $170 from one insider

Bro... That sounds so fucking bad. I don't know if I should.

t. Sold SOLO at $6

>> No.51198628

Crypto Eri and Moon Lambo are fud channels and nothing they say should be trusted.

>> No.51198656
File: 617 KB, 1242x1698, 2C348EFD-7F15-4C16-BF93-9FD65CAC8269.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

The market is going to dump again isn’t?

>> No.51198721
File: 33 KB, 303x298, 1621624699116.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

i am sorry but your $500 investment in a crypto that is advertised on every social media 24/7 is not gonna make u an overnight billionaire

>> No.51198790

Millionaire yes. Billionaire no.

>> No.51198946


>> No.51198988

Because Syscon’s merge mining does require extra hardware power, it effectively recycles resources already being dedicated on keeping bitcoin network secure; enduring an environmentally friendly approach to proof of work security.

>> No.51198990

btc will go to 13k or so
you'll wanna slurp by then

>> No.51199008

true, it'll me you an overnight trillionaire

>> No.51199126

xsg is done

>> No.51199163

xsg is on

>> No.51199345

All they say is that the token is not needed. That is the same thing all the trolls here say.

But FedNow is not a Blockchain. They need something like XRP or XLM to do the settlement.

>> No.51199463

Cant see right now, can you give tldr?
I thought there was 0 incentive for running a validator

>> No.51199573

>nb4 reddit fag
It's the only real place SOLO is talked about.

>> No.51200263

It's no cohencidence we've been idling around .33 for such a long time.

>> No.51200408

>buying btc

>> No.51200525

Fuck that jabbering imbecile. Why would you even waste a second of your life on a dufus with no real leads. Have some self respect and use your precious time looking for your own leads instead of giving attention to a homosexual dwarf.

>> No.51200541
File: 12 KB, 782x263, xrpl sneedcoins.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

What are some XRPL sneedcoins you guys are eying? Just bought 1.500 SOLO, 260k CSC, half a PARC, 63b XFLOKI (I'm down 140 XRP on it), Coreum, 1.22 xPossum and some XWWP.

>> No.51200542

September 2022 starts tomorrow.
What are you all expecting?

>> No.51200698

I'd really like a pump even to a dollar just to know it's actually starting to go in the right direction

>> No.51200773

based shitcoin list peddler

thanks for sharing that list

>> No.51200782

I just want ELS to go back above $0.07 USDT so i am back in the black. I wish I sold my stack, it was almost worth 20k XRP at the time

>> No.51200811

To how much (in your humble opinion anon?)

Also what’s the zerp chad consensus on greyhound

>> No.51200837

Solo on the xrpl? I just left ketamine therapy and need specifications bc I can’t focus

>> No.51200881

kek, solo has always been on the xrpl

>> No.51200916

I know that, but what’s leading to a sudden xrpl run again?

>> No.51200960

Dude SOLO is on the XRPL. I can't help you druggie degenerate. Use XUMM with SOLO Dex fuck man. https://sologenic.org/trade?market=534F4C4F00000000000000000000000000000000%2BrsoLo2S1kiGeCcn6hCUXVrCpGMWLrRrLZz%2FXRP&network=mainnet

>> No.51201003

It's called gayhound for a reason you idiot

>> No.51201006

18% this month r we back els bro?!

>> No.51201031

Yes buy more, go all in, and go join the reddit els community

>> No.51201111

What are the new plays on xrpl

>> No.51201221

Checked, stay away from xbussy

Who’s hopeful in 50-200 USD by next summer? With Iso November and all

>> No.51201259


I'm expecting a really big crash in September.
See here:


>> No.51201332

Any idea or thoughts when the SEC case will end? I mean are we talking a year or more or like others that said it has got to end in a few weeks because the SEC's back is against the wall.

>> No.51201333
File: 90 KB, 476x356, scoob.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Gonna buy some greyhound NFTs. Also maybe an xspectar and an ape. Those are the bluechips along with xpunks IMO. Things are about to get tasty, boys...

>> No.51201353

Idiot. Buy SOLO. Stop with the shitcoins.

>> No.51201465

What’s the price prediction

>> No.51201476

Market crash first

>> No.51201511

and why should anybody get those?

>> No.51201515

It is not manipulated trash
Give us one good reason it will pump amidst all of the other shitcoins that are about to bust

>> No.51201542

Everything will tank when it's revealed Sailor has done nothing but lose money the entire time.

>> No.51201548

What do u think we will be at after the case and moving forward?

>> No.51201563

You guys want to stack xrp just buy some lunc, kek. Burn tax on exchanges expected sept 12. CZ is the largest holder. It's going to be the only thing pumping during the coming crash. The gains people make from it will then kick start the next bullrun.

>> No.51201621
File: 325 KB, 648x645, 1656274671935.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Is this guy a sentiment harvesting bot? Past 3 threads and same old "what r moon price". Nobody knows what price anything's going to, throw your money into something and wait, or don't.

>> No.51201739


lunc been going crazy all week and is another schizo coin. Not even really started. going much crazier than xrpl even with xls20 around the corner. i ended up going all in lunc, lets be real xrp not doing shit for another few months at least

>> No.51201883

its literally every thread non stop.

>> No.51201931
File: 243 KB, 577x433, 1661721461941195.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

To try and double their XRP stack? lol I dunno man....

>> No.51201948

It's just the devs talking about the ledger and specifically amendments. And no, there is no incentive--which is good.

>> No.51201965
File: 77 KB, 601x900, mandrill.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I've also bought, my dudes. Micro dick 250k stack and staking. Baboona.


>> No.51201974
File: 707 KB, 1280x720, 56463623645120.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

best reply to he honest with you mi familia

>> No.51202820

Pretty good music you got going there. I'm big sucker for that stoner and psychedelic rock sound

>> No.51203306

Yes. It’s a DARPA bot

>> No.51203318

What are the coordinates

>> No.51203346

Guam, San Juan, Texas, Alberta, Montreal

11 77 55 55 09 1

Japan North Arctic Circle Columbo

66 44 00 00 00 72 Z

>> No.51203410

Texas, Dakota, Montana, Kentucky

72 72 55 02 98 11

Maine Coral Cove East NorthWest

65 89 55 55 22 56 F

>> No.51203547

>Most kids don't have anything but a waging moron for a dad.
My kids don't. But sometimes I wish that were the case. They might have more drive. They don't do anything because they know they don't have to. And it drives me crazy.

>> No.51203560

why is Puerto Rico in the center of fucking everything when it's a literally who island? I don't get it

>> No.51203586

Tax policy.

>> No.51203609

so chances are there's also extraterrestrial live and other bullshit there and that's why it's so hush hush? they even had a radiotelescope sending signals to god knows where the fuck

>> No.51203635
File: 9 KB, 236x175, Sanford-and-son.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.51203652

That, I do not know.

>> No.51203678
File: 17 KB, 694x291, pr.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Isn't the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA supposed to be a corporation registered in Puerto Rico?

>> No.51203683

nobody knows

>> No.51203861

Are we buying Solo bros?
I’m gonna buy a small bag just in case

>> No.51203896

Nope gonna have to go against /xsg/. Everything that seems like an sure thing NEVER works out. Good luck tho anon>>51203861

>> No.51203973
File: 34 KB, 621x420, solousdt.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Had some that I didn't sell when it was $6 and I regretted not doing it. Could have had 10000 XRP if I had. I doubled my stack with the airdrop, and I just bought another 1000. Not a bad decision in hindsight.

>> No.51204012

xr-pay piggies

>> No.51204207

2 more weeks

>> No.51204212

Hell ya we are. It was at $6 before so saying it can go to $10 at least is a no brainer. Just have 1k solo and sell at $10 for a 10k xrp bag. So easy!

>> No.51204595

>xrp also pumps so the xrp-solo ratio isn't changing

>> No.51204653
File: 131 KB, 2763x1296, my.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

We're gonna make it. Before XRP hits. SOLO.

>> No.51204720

where r the greyhound shills

>> No.51204766

I assume those are organic, like the ones that offer a full list, or the ones about xOracle, XCO/xOPS, BAY, kodoku, xshasta, xfloki, etc. But this shit? obvious bad move if they want people to think solo will do anything remotely when they themselves are not even talking about how to turn xls14 to the new one. And what about their network? There are many questions and only silence for answers.

>> No.51204771

Nigger or zoomer whichever you are: Learn proper English. Probably a zoomer. God I hope so bad you don't make it.

>> No.51204788


checked, is the xrpl coins/ trustline coins even doing anything atm? im financially bored

>> No.51204792

You too scum. Stop with the shitcoins. I said it above. SOLO CORE CSC and possibly ELS.

>> No.51204815

truth doesn't need moderation by third parties

>> No.51204847

I hope not. But hey if XRP pumps its certainly not the end of the world.

>> No.51204852

you've been anally annihilated. You have no say.

>> No.51204860

are you okay?

>> No.51204886

Why do you ask?

>> No.51204944

That blackrock whale guy on twitter thinks Solo is gonna do something stupid over $100

>> No.51204956

you know exactly why , are you okay?

>> No.51205076


>> No.51205096

how do u get solo on the xrpl?

>> No.51205115

Kek at all of those. They've all pumped and dumped. The only hope I have is perhaps the greyhound nfts once xls-20 arrives.

>> No.51205272

Shove a bunch of dirty socks down your throat

>> No.51205368
File: 118 KB, 1505x806, 86185CB3-827D-4CE2-88D8-7B82DEA0A75C.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Give it to me straight bros
Would it be able to go above a dollar again??

>> No.51205384

Greyhound doesn't just have nft's though, that's the fucking beauty of it, in fact Greyhound has a number of family projects under their umbrella that will take XRPL by surprise. But that's not what's going to make Hound know, it's the tools they're developing for the WHOLE ledger. only way to know this is if you were reading their general on their Discord server

>> No.51205416
File: 355 KB, 1242x1133, B78669BC-EFB3-4CA8-8D9F-8037AED00E34.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I bought an additional 750 XRP just for the hell of it.
Am I going to make it lads?

>> No.51205419
File: 339 KB, 1920x1080, Screenshot from 2022-08-31 21-14-57.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'm going to leave honest anons some food for thought. The whole 6% error rate in the swift system is cleverly misrepresented by Brad in one of his speeches, sophist bastard. It's refering to the model having a 6% error rate, not the messaging system. Anyhow, I urge you to read this article: https://blogs.lse.ac.uk/businessreview/2019/11/04/do-six-per-cent-of-financial-transactions-sent-via-the-swift-system-really-fail/
>To the retards, no I am not fudding but at the same time I will not exceed my 20,000 stack.

>> No.51205437
File: 61 KB, 400x429, 63214926452.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>that green ID

>> No.51205488

gayhound shills get the rope

>> No.51205554

I use the Sologenic app. Its a DEX and they have a Solo / XRP pair.

>> No.51205583

by the looks of it the rope is going to be made of 21karat gold have you taken a look at their chart? if not you really should and the orderbook

>> No.51205590

Its gonna have another run over its all time high. Way more than $1

>> No.51205681

we're sitting at a comfortable 30 validators now
if one derps out, we have room

>> No.51205682

You think greyhound could reach 1 dollar

>> No.51205710

I’m still lost on the summer scavenger hunt not being completed

>> No.51205811

last I recall if no one found it then devs were going to burn 50b greyhound

>> No.51205825

Checking price and checked cmc listing on this, one comment spoke of exchanges listing this.. how plausible is this? If at all?

>> No.51205837

Was unaware of this. Kek I feel like a tard

>> No.51205845

they're already in some exchanges like bitrue , how long have you been living under a rock?

>> No.51205858

Also checked, how schiz am I for thinking greyhound to .10

>> No.51205878

Ngl.. long. Let’s say the past 7 months have not been kind to this anon. Been MIA and checked out. Side note, you think we could get more prominent ones? Like mainstream shit normies eat up

>> No.51205918

Tell me more anon

>> No.51205954

whoever you are glad you put on the boots again and got back into technosavancy , might even be the right time.

>> No.51206011 [DELETED] 

I want to gloat really hard at the folks who paved the path to hell
Who refused to turn the other cheek out of a false sense of superiority
Left wingers and liberals, I wonder if I should go to small pockets where I was shunned years ago telling them they needed to support Trump and not have them pave the way to hell with their good intentions
Gloat at my close associates that billions would starve because you could not fend off your ego
Because you just had to look down on everyone else due to that fancy liberal degree
You're "better" and took that bait thinking they're on the right side of history betting against tradition
I know the ones who'll survive further events will not survive the blade to the throat they themselves will inflict and I just want to gloat and laugh

But I know silence has its own rewards...they're not as obvious but I'll take them over the little high.

>> No.51206042

Appreciated. Right time for what exactly

>> No.51206069

I’m hoping your talking about Greyhound. I really hope this project gets to .01 even tho that’s meth tier hopium

>> No.51206586

based. /xsg/ revolutionize the luxury buffet space.

maglev buffets. zero g buffets- buffets as a team sport. puzzle buffets. immersive avante garde theatrical buffets. historic reenactment buffets. i could go on

>> No.51206765

there might be multiple systems, see. parallel systems

>> No.51206799

good posts

>> No.51206829

yes, i plan to run a validator or even a full-history node, depending on my level of wealth and involvement in the XRPL community at that point. one thing that occurred to me recently:
>the best incentive is no incentive
no *monetary* incentive. but there might be fringe benefits, prestige etc associated with running a node on the network providing the base layer for the global economy.

>> No.51206834


i can't take it anymore

>> No.51206916
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schizos itt NGMI !!

>> No.51207554

Thats why ripple is considered more centralized than bitcoin or eth.

No one wants to run a node unless your ripple or someone paid by ripple

>> No.51207668

they will, once it becomes obvious that XRP is the standard and the XRPL is the base layer for the global economy

also, imo it's possible that these institutional partners are running some kind of private ledger validator/full history node for their testnets, and maybe when "the switch is flipped" then the number of nodes and validators will increase exponentially. i can't really see any major entity (bank or central bank or whatever) participating in Ripple's network without having their own stake in the network's continued smooth functioning. i could be wrong though, and it's also possible they'll just have a validator devoted to their own private permissioned CBDC network- although, again, their incentive is to participate in the network to keep it strong. by keeping the system strong they ensure their own functioning

incidentally when the elites spring the Great Filter/bluebeam thing on us in 20 years or so it will be this very thing that saves the human race- by contributing to the whole, we ourselves benefit. by helping others, we help ourselves

>> No.51207803

"the best incentive is no incentive" is gibberish gobbledygook at first glance, but in my opinion it's like one of those magic eye puzzles where once you look at it for a second your perspective shifts and you can see all types of stuff in it.

on the surface level, i interpret it as just referring to a way to avoid some of the more obvious pitfalls of a digital currency system like say proof of work networks. if miners get paid to run a network then the game theory zero sum strategy looks different than if they don't, and so all the usual realpolitik grug hit grug with rock to take shiny rock bullshit that's plagued humanity forever becomes the dominant paradigm.

centralization, powerful players create consortiums, shutting out the little guy, whales emerge and fuck with the market and generally the network becomes yet another plaything of global capital which imo is another name for moloch/baal/the adversary.

ETH was comped from the start via Joe Lubin's shadow partners, and BTC was coopted after 2017 with the fork, Blockstream owned by the former president of the NY Fed, etc

so, a different paradigm has to emerge. a network that runs not because people are being paid to run it, but because it's in everyone's collective interest to run it, and to *collaborate* to do it, becomes the more sensible choice. even though they aren't being paid (in money) (directly) to do it, it still becomes the logical decision, to contribute one's efforts to the collective wellbeing/smooth functioning of the system.

this brings into play an entirely different logic, which could potentially/ is going to give rise to a different, better form of society, where people work together for mutual/collective benefit instead of compete for the benefit of a select few.

this way of doing business is the one which could potentially allow humanity to achieve its full potential, build the kingdom of God on earth and fulfill its destiny among the stars.

that's my take on it anyway

>> No.51207907

thanks for the movie rec, i remember reading about this and meaning to see it.

i always have to remind myself that Michael Shannon flipping a table and yelling about "a storm's a comin!!" is how i look if i talk about the CIA and rothschilds and epstein and whatnot in polite company.

i call my rule of thumb the 10% rule, where i consciously stop myself before going on a schizo rant, check to see if my audience is receptive to whatever tinfoil hat topic i'm about to rant about, and then if they are I reveal only 10% of the schizo weirdness i actually believe and see how they react, solicit feedback, etc etc instead of infodumping autistically and overwhelming them

although a good schizo rant every now and then is good for the soul. let some of the steam pressure off the brain, yknow. sometimes the Great Spirit just moves me to rant for 10 minutes straight about CIA involvement in the global drug trade and how P2, the Kuomintang, the Knights of Malta and Permindex were all part of a shadowy cabal that organized responsible for the soft coup of 1963 or whatever (but REALLY it was the masons doing a killing of the king ritual maaan it's all rituals maaan at least since ww1 all major world events have been part of an enormous alchemical ceremonial magic working to transmute our collective consciousness maaan)

>> No.51207920
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tenshi eating a corndog!

>> No.51207953

new thread
new thread
new thread

>> No.51207967

As the song goes, "so be good for goodness sake." Because Santa Clause is coming to town.

>> No.51207998

you are 23 minutes way to fucking early

>> No.51208837



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All pre AD 1 snapshot buyers of xOracle tokens get a free early investor NFT on integration that can be used in-game. Same for Second (now 2k trustlines instead of 20k trustlines) and Third ADs when nearing Alpha release or my discretion.

I'm almost finished sorting the databaste filtering out farming bots and criminal wallets for the airdrop. /g/ helped. I've been busy with my day job. Whole departments have been burning filing cabinets. I laugh, others run.

>> No.51209174

and that's an incorrect line of thinking, and not even true

>> No.51211479
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Why sell when you can accumulate a shit ton of XRP and bail out your country when needed?
become a chad, attain glory and be apart of your country's history.

>> No.51212815

Yes, I can nomad for the rest of my life. But trying to buy real estate, I can't figure it out without selling into fiat and then risking my account being frozen by these cunt banks. I can buy in Dubai with crypto but you can also end up in jail there by looking sideways at some sandnigger.

>> No.51212863
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Reminder for those who forgot

>> No.51213030


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>tfw it's septembear right now

>> No.51213697

two more weeks

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