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Is the merge going to moon mission ETH or is it just going to dump?

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Nothingburger crab

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Smart Contracts coming to XRP

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Priced in

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already priced in

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I mean 3 weeks is kind of far to be priced in, don’t you think? Also no one knows if the sep 6th upgrade will go well.

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sell the news events usual frontrun before the event, expect dumping one to two weeks before LE MERGHE

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The only thing people have been talking about since it's been announced. It was priced in from that moment.

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All im interested is in what the eth/btc ratio will be

so I know which to be holding when the time comes so I can increase my btc holdings

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It's neutral or negative. Either it goes well and it's priced in or it fails and eth dumps

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didn't it just double or triple top in its current range